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  1. I can relate. I like the Velocity also. However, I loaded up on a dozen Snell Get Sum balls and am looking forward to playing these this year if the weather ever lifts here. I expect good things, based on the reviews. Very similar construction on these two...
  2. Too slow at the start. Haha...interesting, though. We integrate burpees into the workouts at the boxing gym. They are great, and they can get you pretty gassed. I like doing them holding a medicine ball or a couple small dumbells. I few years back I tore the cartilage in my knee pretty bad doing them - and that lead to an extensive surgery. All better now! Need to add: I've found (if you want to try something different) that my pace with small dumbells is 10 burpees per minute. For me, the killer set is 30 of them in a 3-minute round with 8 or 10 pound dumbells. Tough to do. 2 or 3 round of that and you'll be ready for a cold beer!
  3. If you love it, reshaft.
  4. They will email me the numbers and I'll certainly go over that a little here once I get them. I must have hit 400 drives with that thing today. Most drives I've ever hit in a day, for sure. A few interesting details from the session: If I remember correctly, I fly my driver in a range of 210 to 240, this with range balls. I actually didn't have an idea of how far I hit the club as I recently changed my swing and, given our weather out here, I've not been able to play on the course. I've pretty much eliminated the slice that haunted me the first 15 years I played, by my better shots are a high baby slice. My average drive seems to end up about 10 yards left of where I'm aiming - the blob of data is an ellipse that's short center to long-left. I need to continue to work more on my swing. I'm tending to hit down on the ball with some outside-in path. Just recently my coach started having me tee it higher and I need to get more comfortable with that. My driver shots have very low spin, with many under 2000 rpm. So, if I can get the launch up more that will be nice. I don't remember many of the specific numbers but the smash factor, which was up around 1.5. Will go over the numbers here when I get them and I'll welcome suggestions on them. I'm sure the fitter is "encouraged" by management to sell product. And, she did run me through many clubs. The Sub Zero was a little low. The Epic heads looked a little small to my eye. The new Ping was probably the longest club I hit today, and the XR16 performed very well, too. We tried many different shafts. Anything not stiff and/or with stiff tip curved left - and felt a little wobbly. In the end, my choice was to keep my driver, which was in the top couple I hit for me, or spend at least a few hundred $ to gain an average 5 or 6 yards. It's clear the most improvement will come from me improving my swing. My current RBZ driver that's a few years old is a dang good driver.
  5. Had my fitting today. Ended up sticking with my RBZ driver. Very interesting process.
  6. Yeah, that's funny. After my lesson today I sat in the clubhouse with my boy having lunch while flipping through a Golf Digest with that list of top 100 fitters and where I'm going is on the list - Haggin Oaks. Great place to shop. got my putter and bag there over the past year. Their range has the auto-tee-up machines and my boy loves them. The range it lit and open all night in the warmer months - making it a great place to meet fellow beer-drinking golf geeks - haha.
  7. My teacher (different course) today said to get fitted for a driver with the use of trackman is a good idea.
  8. Yeah? Beautiful country up there. I miss it. When we would be out trolling for salmon and the orcas would come through we'd just reel up and head back to shore. The theory (this was 40 years ago) was that the orcas would scatter and frighten the salmon to the point we'd just get skunked for quite some time after they came through. They were fun to watch, though.
  9. I'm curious about something and soliciting opinions here from those who've gotten a club fitting with this technology. I am due to get a fitting for a driver/woods next week. It's at the big golf supershop/course for this region. In getting the fitting I have the option of them using the Trackman for about an extra $100. Seems steep to me. Or, I can just use the fitter's expertise and eyeballs. What are your opinions on this? Thanks...
  10. I've never heard of this problem. In a way, it's a good problem to have....vs. the opposite. Imagine your golf game going to hell because you got too fat. I would think that as long as you get a little coaching on the swing and maintain your flexibility you're golden.
  11. Sorry to ask a dumb question. But, are there politics in this thread? Was something deleted? Thanks.
  12. What courses do you regularly play in the Sacto area? We hit Mather and Ancil mostly. But, I've really enjoyed Morgan Creek. Wildhawk aint bad.

  13. Thanks, will do. Your name says you and I have other common interests too. As the weather starts to warm up here I'll let you know what's up.
  14. I spent much of my youth on Whidbey Island fishing for salmon with my grandpa. Also, had a great time catching salmon off the beach there - those were the days. The orca is a mighty animal, isn't it?