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  1. Including a basket of fries at the clubhouse grille after each session is a good idea, too.
  2. Iron covers are for people who shield their truck tires from the sun with a plywood board, or keep their couches covered in plastic... My dad kept a tv remote in a plastic bag (including while it was in use). He's not right in the head...
  3. The shaft says "RBZ Tour S". I really am enjoying this club. I wanted a 3-wood that is fairly "driver-like" in appearance and performance. The black (vs white) finish is very nice, too.
  4. Yeah...that's nice. I eliminated my facebook (obviously similar "social media") page a couple months ago? Found myself saddened when I got a glimpse into the minds of some I've known for many years and seeing how screwed up they really are.
  5. It's complicated, huh? So much of it is age-dependent. At 50 now I'm in pain every day. That's a factor, too. How much tread is left in your joints? That varies for all of us based on what we did earlier in life, and should be considered when selecting an activity now.
  6. There was a huge golf expo out at our local focal - Haggin Oaks, this weekend. I found on clearance a club I really like the look and feel of. It's probably last years Ping Tour S 54/12. Really what I was looking for. $60. May not have been a steal but I'll be able to rob my buddies with this one.
  7. The statement accompanying the vote gets back to something I mentioned. The leaders are subject to different scrutiny than those further down the leaderboard the way things could be enforced before this change. Honestly...I'm on the fence. She, at best, did a piss-poor job of placing her ball...
  8. My pro, in trying to teach me the short game, insisted that I acquire a 54. I have a 60, then PW so I have been operating in denial on this for a while - haha. I don't want to break the bank. Was looking online at a couple Tour Edge models that looked good. Went to the local supershop today and they had only a few wedges in my price range, and none at 54. Plenty of $140 big name brand models. But, I feel unusually tight-wad-like on this. Any suggestions? I did the math and this will be my 14th club in my bag...that's a relief...for my wallet.
  9. Hmmmmm(me thinking...). That's a tough one. Years ago, when I knew nothing about The Donald, I started watching that show he had on Golf Channel. He came across ok in that show. Not great, but ok. The Beibs...not sure. Haha...
  10. LOL Great question. I see way too many guys using the blue tees who shouldn't. Usually they're large, athletic types. I was once large and athletic and, fortunately, knew better not to dupe myself into thinking that made me a big hitter. I still play the whites and enjoying the game. My distance is improving and I'd put myself at about a 12 or 13. I could play the blues if my group was playing them. I haven't made the change yet, though. I love that Geico ad where the caveman crashes the cart then asks if they're "playing the tips today". Makes me laugh every time.
  11. I recently ordered the RBZ Speed Fairway 3-Wood. This is the black one with the speed slot on the bottom. I only got to hit a few balls with it on the range before taking it out on the course. So far, I really like this club. It seems very hot and is really long off the fairway. I haven't tried it from the rough yet. My first impression when I handled it is that it felt a little heavy. But, so far it seems to do exactly what I wanted in a 3-wood. Anybody else hit this one? Just thought I'd report here in case others are interested.
  12. That's how we describe driving without insurance here in California... I've been mulling over this glove thing recently. My son, who's a lefty, just started playing golf with me and doesn't wear a glove. Hogan didn't wear a glove (right?). I am hard on gloves and would like to not have to buy them anymore. May just start "going bareback" soon, myself. Heck...I've even thought about going commando...
  13. I tee'd up the Snell MTB for the first time a couple days ago and really enjoyed it. First off - for a long time I've been a hack. Recently decided to reapply myself to improving my game so there's a lot of transition going on. In that change I found myself waffling around about what ball I'd want to play. Do I stick with the rocks I've always played? Can I drive a tour-type ball? In my transition phase I've gotten different kinds of balls to do all kinds of crazy stuff on the course: ballooning waaaay up in the sky, curving from one side of the fairway to the other (either way), etc. Anyway,
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