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  1. Last and Predictions for First

    I'm looking forward to having them done. Glad I live at a time when I have a very good chance for good results. Really! If weather permits before we go to Jamaica I'm going to check this out.
  2. Last and Predictions for First

    Eagle Crest Resort and Golf Course, sometime after Dec.4th. A friend who's as crazy as I am joined me in finding new (to us) courses near Lansing. We also found Whispering Pines and Pierce Lake in November. Will not be starting early this year. When my wife and I get back from Jamaica in March I have to get my left shoulder repaired, again. Then I'll see about getting my left hip joint replaced. Both are making golf difficult*. Hopefully the knees can wait a couple more years. *That being said, still managed a 76 at Eagle Eye on Dec.4.
  3. Etiquette

    I was told this many years ago. I try to reserve those special words so people really understand when I'm feeling very strong, and not happy, emotion.
  4. tlazzol

  5. Michigan

    I live in Mason, south of Lansing. Retired and don't mind driving up to 3 hours to play. If I'm able to play next year we can get together. But looking at your index I don't think we'll be playing the same tees.
  6. Do You Play the Correct Tees?

    I'm playing tees from 5800 to 6200 yards depending on how I feel that day. Some days I can swing aggressively. Other days it feels like the femur wants to pull out of the pelvis socket. I voted 71-85% because I have seen so many people play and rarely come close to a green in regulation. But they are getting their money's worth in strokes per round.
  7. I've created a way to build a golf swing!!!!!

    I went to Youtube and watched 5 minutes of that Channel Lock swing. Spent the next hour searching with Google for "brain enemas".
  8. Michigan

    @JonMA1 I'll be there. Let us know the tee time you get.
  9. Michigan

    I played Forest Dunes about 3 years after it opened. Very nice course but at $154 then I thought it was over priced. Before I go back there I would play both the Dream and Nightmare in West Branch. I see the rates are more reasonable now. @dmay_golf, if you can get a good deal then it would be worth playing there. @JonMA1 @dennyjones, any course you two would like to play is fine by me, and Tuesday that week is good for me also.
  10. Michigan

    What range for tee time do you want?
  11. Michigan

    The first full week?
  12. The "friendly wager" dilemma....

    Never been asked to bet by a stranger. The times my friends have suggested a bet when we would play together, they would over indulge and forget to keep track of the scores. What is your home course? I need to check it out before I agree to that bet. Of course, if I lose I pay your round.
  13. Michigan

    Any updates? Sorry I've been quiet so long. Dog proofing the back yard, which includes making and installing a swing gate across the driveway. Any of the courses or places mentioned sound fine by me. Watch out for Lefty76. He's a young guy with new irons looking to kick his old man's (me) butt.
  14. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Wait, they each are "the best". Welcome to the Sand Trap.
  15. Michigan

    I'm in for this. Any day of the week is good. Any course.

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