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  1. Yeeeeeesssss!!!!!!!!!
  2. Sooo, I am not alone in doing that. 😀 But I had to play mine.
  3. I shake hands when playing in a tournament, league or casual play, meeting people for the first time or to give congratulations for good play/score on the first tee before play starts and off the eightenth green when the round is over. The hat stays on my head. Sunglasses stay on also. They're prescription and I want to be sure that what I grab is a hand.
  4. More options down south. I'm looking at Monday through Thursday as golf days. Oh, so many choices!
  5. Aaaahhhhhh! My eyes!!!! Such an obscenity!!!
  6. Give them away to people who want to start playing the game.
  7. Well, I know they can check the lie angle easily. Are the iron shafts steel or graphite? Graphite shafts should be FLO'ed (Flat Line Oscillation). That also can be checked.
  8. When you get your weight shift fixed I'm going demand strokes the next time we play.
  9. Ok, @David L Yskes, There is still the possibility of July 19th and/or the 20th. Thanks for letting me know.
  10. Thinking Leslie Park, Eagle Crest or Washtenaw Country club. Actually, I think I'll try to make a tee time at any one of them for this coming Sunday for four players. Bumping myself to be notified of replies. @dennyjones @David L Yskes @criley4way I have reserved a tee time at Leslie Parks at 9:44am this coming Sunday, July 8th. Let me know if you will be able to make it.
  11. @bkuehn1952 is handling July 19th and 29th. I think 9-10am is the time frame he originally said. I'm handling this Sunday, the 8th, but only you and @criley4way have responded. Which date do you prefer?
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