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  1. Never been asked to bet by a stranger. The times my friends have suggested a bet when we would play together, they would over indulge and forget to keep track of the scores. What is your home course? I need to check it out before I agree to that bet. Of course, if I lose I pay your round.
  2. Any updates? Sorry I've been quiet so long. Dog proofing the back yard, which includes making and installing a swing gate across the driveway. Any of the courses or places mentioned sound fine by me. Watch out for Lefty76. He's a young guy with new irons looking to kick his old man's (me) butt.
  3. Wait, they each are "the best". Welcome to the Sand Trap.
  4. I'm in for this. Any day of the week is good. Any course.
  5. Thanks to Brian for making this happen. It was a lot of fun to play with guys who also love this maddening game, especially watching one of us play a tough hole with our best and making a solid par. I'm up for this again, any time or course. Nice finish!!!
  6. For those who are planning to arrive early and warm up. The range is at the front entrance but no car parking is allowed there. You have to either walk down there or take a cart. It also has a putting/chipping green with a sand trap by the range. A larger putting green is by the first tee. I'll be there about 8:30am. Takes a long time for me to loosen up enough to take half swings!
  7. In 2009 I was moved up to A flight in the Michigan Amateur Tour. B, C and D flights stopped at triple on a hole; Champion and A flights had to finish each hole or WD. Long par four with long hazard before green, flared tee shot way right, over trees into the adjacent fairway. I get to my ball and see what looks like short grass further up towards that hole's tee that would give me a mid-iron shot to the green. Make a perfect shot to it. When I get there it's not grass, it's thick moss. Shot 3 in the hazard. Drop, shot 5 in the hazard. Drop, shot 7 in the hazard. Drop, shot 9 in the hazard. At this point one of the guys in my foursome says "Hey, there's a drop zone on the other side". Oh, nice to know. Drop in zone, shot 11 on green and one putt for 12. Knowing I was out of the running must have relaxed me. Broke 90 and made two birdies later in round for skins. About a month later I was moved back to B flight where I belonged.
  8. It's not going to rain. I just bought a new Under Armour Gore-Tex rain suit. But just to be sure I'm not going to wash my car on the 18th.
  9. I play regularly with a friend you would beat like a drum. You are welcome in my foursome. Just don't laugh out loud at my shots.
  10. If you haven't played Arcadia Bluffs yet, Tuesdays are half off for seniors (55 and up), $100.00. Amazing course!
  11. I'm there any tee time!
  12. I'm sure JR was very disappointed in losing this major. At the same time he was happy for a good friend's win. Mixed emotions.
  13. This is why when I say things like that (about Sergio's ball striking) I say them softly, so I don't break a tooth when I have to eat them later.
  14. I'll be happy for any of the players on the first part of the leader board. Each of them would make for a great story.
  15. Yeeeaaaah, I bet that would be well received!