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  1. tlazzol

    Just some guy

    Welcome to the Sand Trap. This is quite a place of information and help if you want it. Plus, there are fellow golfers you can meet in the mid-Michigan area if you'd like. P.S. I don't qualify as a great source of information and help about the golf swing.
  2. tlazzol

    Y’all ever sneak on to a course?

    Many years ago I went to a city owned nine hole course in Lansing in the late fall. Course was closed. While I stood there trying to decide where else to go two teenagers came up to the chain link fence, dropped their bags on the inside and hopped over the fence. I dropped my bag over and climbed/fell to the inside. We played nine together and had a good time. Inner kid took over that time.
  3. tlazzol

    2018 TST Michigan Outing - Interested?

    Yeah, I watched that, Difference is my weapons kill only me.
  4. I had one set stolen out of the back seat of my car may years ago. Another set was in the back seat with the sun beating down on a hot day. Heads of the irons were hot to touch. Head of the 7 iron came off on its third swing at the range. They stay in the trunk now. They go in at spring when the low temperatures are over 50 deg. and in the house when less than 50 deg. I like good tools and these are my favorites.
  5. tlazzol

    2018 TST Michigan Outing - Interested?

    Count me in. Have clubs, will travel.
  6. tlazzol


    @criley4way, @Braivo, @dennyjonesI would also be interested in getting together. I played Eagle Crest last December. Like to see it in warmer conditions! Any day but Tuesdays.
  7. tlazzol

    One Word Answer - Standing on the Tee

    Line, but at Arcadia Bluffs' 16th tee it is view.
  8. tlazzol

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    Guess that not all the pressure was on Reed!
  9. tlazzol

    Old Dude On The Bench

    The first time I was called "sir" I laughed to myself because it was true. When a young waitress called me "hon" I realized I was harmless!
  10. tlazzol

    2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational

    Tiger should start tossing a little sand on the tee box when he's going to use the driver!
  11. tlazzol

    Last and Predictions for First

    I'm looking forward to having them done. Glad I live at a time when I have a very good chance for good results. Really! If weather permits before we go to Jamaica I'm going to check this out.
  12. tlazzol

    Last and Predictions for First

    Eagle Crest Resort and Golf Course, sometime after Dec.4th. A friend who's as crazy as I am joined me in finding new (to us) courses near Lansing. We also found Whispering Pines and Pierce Lake in November. Will not be starting early this year. When my wife and I get back from Jamaica in March I have to get my left shoulder repaired, again. Then I'll see about getting my left hip joint replaced. Both are making golf difficult*. Hopefully the knees can wait a couple more years. *That being said, still managed a 76 at Eagle Eye on Dec.4.
  13. tlazzol


    I was told this many years ago. I try to reserve those special words so people really understand when I'm feeling very strong, and not happy, emotion.
  14. tlazzol


  15. tlazzol


    I live in Mason, south of Lansing. Retired and don't mind driving up to 3 hours to play. If I'm able to play next year we can get together. But looking at your index I don't think we'll be playing the same tees.

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