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  1. I've created a way to build a golf swing!!!!!

    I went to Youtube and watched 5 minutes of that Channel Lock swing. Spent the next hour searching with Google for "brain enemas".
  2. Michigan

    @JonMA1 I'll be there. Let us know the tee time you get.
  3. Michigan

    I played Forest Dunes about 3 years after it opened. Very nice course but at $154 then I thought it was over priced. Before I go back there I would play both the Dream and Nightmare in West Branch. I see the rates are more reasonable now. @dmay_golf, if you can get a good deal then it would be worth playing there. @JonMA1 @dennyjones, any course you two would like to play is fine by me, and Tuesday that week is good for me also.
  4. The "friendly wager" dilemma....

    Never been asked to bet by a stranger. The times my friends have suggested a bet when we would play together, they would over indulge and forget to keep track of the scores. What is your home course? I need to check it out before I agree to that bet. Of course, if I lose I pay your round.
  5. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Wait, they each are "the best". Welcome to the Sand Trap.
  6. Michigan

    For those who are planning to arrive early and warm up. The range is at the front entrance but no car parking is allowed there. You have to either walk down there or take a cart. It also has a putting/chipping green with a sand trap by the range. A larger putting green is by the first tee. I'll be there about 8:30am. Takes a long time for me to loosen up enough to take half swings!
  7. In 2009 I was moved up to A flight in the Michigan Amateur Tour. B, C and D flights stopped at triple on a hole; Champion and A flights had to finish each hole or WD. Long par four with long hazard before green, flared tee shot way right, over trees into the adjacent fairway. I get to my ball and see what looks like short grass further up towards that hole's tee that would give me a mid-iron shot to the green. Make a perfect shot to it. When I get there it's not grass, it's thick moss. Shot 3 in the hazard. Drop, shot 5 in the hazard. Drop, shot 7 in the hazard. Drop, shot 9 in the hazard. At this point one of the guys in my foursome says "Hey, there's a drop zone on the other side". Oh, nice to know. Drop in zone, shot 11 on green and one putt for 12. Knowing I was out of the running must have relaxed me. Broke 90 and made two birdies later in round for skins. About a month later I was moved back to B flight where I belonged.

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