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  1. Yeeeeeesssss!!!!!!!!!
  2. Sooo, I am not alone in doing that. 😀 But I had to play mine.
  3. I shake hands when playing in a tournament, league or casual play, meeting people for the first time or to give congratulations for good play/score on the first tee before play starts and off the eightenth green when the round is over. The hat stays on my head. Sunglasses stay on also. They're prescription and I want to be sure that what I grab is a hand.
  4. More options down south. I'm looking at Monday through Thursday as golf days. Oh, so many choices!
  5. Aaaahhhhhh! My eyes!!!! Such an obscenity!!!
  6. Give them away to people who want to start playing the game.
  7. Well, I know they can check the lie angle easily. Are the iron shafts steel or graphite? Graphite shafts should be FLO'ed (Flat Line Oscillation). That also can be checked.
  8. When you get your weight shift fixed I'm going demand strokes the next time we play.
  9. Ok, @David L Yskes, There is still the possibility of July 19th and/or the 20th. Thanks for letting me know.
  10. Thinking Leslie Park, Eagle Crest or Washtenaw Country club. Actually, I think I'll try to make a tee time at any one of them for this coming Sunday for four players. Bumping myself to be notified of replies. @dennyjones @David L Yskes @criley4way I have reserved a tee time at Leslie Parks at 9:44am this coming Sunday, July 8th. Let me know if you will be able to make it.
  11. @bkuehn1952 is handling July 19th and 29th. I think 9-10am is the time frame he originally said. I'm handling this Sunday, the 8th, but only you and @criley4way have responded. Which date do you prefer?
  12. @bkuehn1952, I can do July 8th. Talked my wife into leaving Traverse on the 7th after her half marathon run.
  13. Well, we can do all three dates to give opportunity to as many players as possible. We've talked about July 8th (Sunday), 19th (Thursday) and the 28th (Saturday). Changing the 28th to the 29th so Denny can play is good with me. How about Leslie Park on the 8th, Royal Scot or MSU east on the 19th and Huntmore or Whispering Pines on the 28th/29th? @bkuehn1952, I can help you with calling and setting tees times if you like.
  14. Correction to Huntmore prices- M-F: Seniors $30, Regular $42 S-S: $54 for all. These prices and the previous ones posted are for 9:00am to 10:00am tee times. I can make July 19th and/or 29th. Can't do July 8th.
  15. Some info on some of the local courses. Brighton area: M-F S-S Huntmore- Seniors Regular Senior Regular $54(50+) $30 $30 $36 M-T F-S Whispering Pines- $25(50+) $29 $34 $39 M-T FRI S-S Moose Ridge- $36(55+) $52 $36 $52 $68 $68 M-F S-S Rush Lake Hills- $19 $22 $35 (before noon) M-F S-S Mystic Creek- $27(55+) $46 $49 $49 M-F S-S Faulkwood Shores- $19(50+) $24 $24 $34 (7am-12pm) Lansing area: M-F S-S Royal Scot- Senior Regular Senior Regular $25.50 $34.00 $34.00 $39.00 Eldorado $26.00(55+) $35.00 $38.00 $39.00 Forest Akers- M-Thu Fri-Sun West $39.00(55+)* $59.00 $39.00* $69.00 East $26.00** $39.00 $26.00** $39.00 Hawk Hollow- M-Thu Fri-Sun $59.00 $69.00 Timber Ridge- M-Thu Fri-Sun Senior(60+) Regular Senior Regular $43.00 $50.00 $43.00 $60.00 * > West course is $39.00 Mon-Fri for Seniors/Military*** ** > East course is $26.00 every day for Seniors/Military*** *** > Miliatry must show valid Military ID This information is more than 60% accurate but definitely less than 100%.
  16. Welcome to the Sand Trap. There are many people on this forum who can help your improve your swing. I, however, am not one of those people. But I can point you to some places on this forum that may be of help to you. The first is directions on how to record your swing properly- "Home> Forums> The Practice Range> Member Swings> So You Joined TST and Posted a Member Swing Thread…". The second is instructional content- " Home< Forums< The Practice Range< Swing Thoughts< TST Instructional Content". Three things I noticed: When you complete your back swing, your hips are almost parallel to your shoulders. Looks like over swinging too much. From the DTL (down the line) view you seem to be sitting on a short stool. Look in the "TST Instructional Content" section for "Good Golf Posture". Hard to tell from the face on views, but check out "How to Grip a Golf Club" in the "TST Instructional Content" section. Grip and posture are two basic parts of the swing you can improve and then develop your swing from there. Enjoy the journey of improvement.
  17. Any date works for me. If we are playing at @bkuehn1952's home course, he's gotta give some strokes.
  18. Welcome to the Sand Trap. This is quite a place of information and help if you want it. Plus, there are fellow golfers you can meet in the mid-Michigan area if you'd like. P.S. I don't qualify as a great source of information and help about the golf swing.
  19. Many years ago I went to a city owned nine hole course in Lansing in the late fall. Course was closed. While I stood there trying to decide where else to go two teenagers came up to the chain link fence, dropped their bags on the inside and hopped over the fence. I dropped my bag over and climbed/fell to the inside. We played nine together and had a good time. Inner kid took over that time.
  20. Yeah, I watched that, Difference is my weapons kill only me.
  21. I had one set stolen out of the back seat of my car may years ago. Another set was in the back seat with the sun beating down on a hot day. Heads of the irons were hot to touch. Head of the 7 iron came off on its third swing at the range. They stay in the trunk now. They go in at spring when the low temperatures are over 50 deg. and in the house when less than 50 deg. I like good tools and these are my favorites.
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