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  1. they are both great clubs... the minor upgrades between the r11 and the r9 arent worth that much to me... i think we would all be suprised with the amount of circulation the r9 still has on tour... its still the best driver i ever hit...
  2. Which irons and driver?

    Welcome to the sand trap! I can say that Knights will get the job done as a beginner set but if you plan on diving into the sport head first, and you have the money, I will always recommend getting fitted. From a driver standpoint, if you hit it long and straight, why change? I wish you the best of luck
  3. Great deal on R7 425 Driver

    I guarantee there are some staff players still gaming the r7...that is still a great stick...
  4. The Currie is a beast!
  5. Camilo and Taylormade?

    Don't be so foolish to believe these guys don't switch endorsements for $$$$. Golf is a business for professionals. I commend Camilo to switch endorsements if he can capitalize on the opportunity. SVTgolfer, you are entitled to your personal opinion, but to dub a manufacturer like Taylor Made to be crap is a pretty lofty statement. TM may not make a product that is conducive to your game, but to say they are crap is unrealistic...
  6. I would hit a bunch of different clubs, but be sure to pay close attention to Adams IdeaTech...
  7. New Driver & Irons ????

    I recently upgraded my driver as well. I was under the guise that I wanted the R11, went and hit every driver off the shelf... I walked away with a R9. I hit it further, and straighter than any other club I hit including the R11. Saved a couple hundred bucks and got the club that works for me. I wouldnt pigeon hole yourself, hit a few drivers than you can make the best decision for your game... good luck!
  8. Rife vs. Scotty

    had an abaco... got an odyssey...
  9. Worst round of my life

    Thanks for the advice! Ive since had a couple decent rounds...
  10. Worst round of my life

    Today was the first 3 digit score I have had in 3.5 years. I shot a 102 at a dog track and am beating myself up... Consistently missed off the tee, iron play fluctuated, and didn't have any 1 putts fall... I am chalking it up as a bad round but it still gets to me.
  11. i dont think your driver has to match your fairway woods, whatever you hit better is what i suggest. i just happen to have two of the same make/model fairway woods because i hit them both well...
  12. Mixed Set Question

    its all about what feels good, and what you can score with...
  13. Cheap starter irons

    they were 99 bucks
  14. Cheap starter irons

    sports authority had 3-pw ram irons...