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  1. Shot 73 in the morning round of our county championship. A mix of the top pro's and amateurs. I was leading the field by a shot and considering the lowest handicap amateur was off plus 3 I thought I did quite well. Got to the afternoon round and I got a bit tired shot 79. Tied for 10th overall. Never mind always next year...
  2. I don’t concede birdie putts or putts for the win . halves is ok .
  3. Hi guys i play off two and whilst on the course I don’t say much , I’m calm and polite but like to keep myself to myself. at our club on club champs day the first days format is always a low, medium and high grouping. here is where I then have problems 1. Constant talking , sometimes right up yo when I set up over the ball. 2. Always asking directly after the hole is completed ‘what did you have there’. 3. Walking around the green whilst I’m putting. now these guys aren’t new to the game but I just find that anyone if 12 or more just doesn’t understand or re
  4. Chin ups , dips , deadlifts , front squats and repeat. The body weight exercises are key for overall strength and the weights get real core strength for stability. only need to do about 45 minutes 4 times a week and you will see a huge difference
  5. As great an athlete as Michael is this simply isn't a 2 handicappers swing other than on a home course with a silly standard scratch. i know I haven't played golf in the states so I am not going to label or disrespect the course he plays on but this swing on a links course in the UK doesn't break 80 and I'm being generous , also with the cold over here that club head speed doesn't get past 250. sorry Michael but it's somewhere between 8 - 12 at absolute best.
  6. Clean my clubs after every round , and just to make my wife even happier I do it in the kitchen sink . All club except wedges have covers as I don't like scratches . Then I dry them with a towel , again making my wife very happy. Shoes , clothing , bag ,trolley all perfectly cleaned. Golf balls all marked and I keep in the boxes , 3 , 6 , 9. Even my bag towel is washed after every round. i have to look perfect on the course, maybe it's because I was poor when I was a kid but I have t look immaculate. peace.
  7. Its Seve in about 92 - 95. They were great friends. Seve always used have a lot of movement in the legs which back in the 80's was pretty good, it also worked well for Nicklaus who didn't do too bad :), but Faldo always wanted to move away from this and had a quieter lower body when he was in his prime so I think this is the message in the picture. But great golfers and my favorite 80's / early 90's players.
  8. Do you know who the guy in the shorts is ?? :)
  9. Hi , With wedges do you need a certain shaft type or are they all the same ? Example im looking to move from a 58 degree wedge to a 60 and was fitted for my 58 along with the rest of my clubs last year. But On my shafts the true temper label just says 'wedge'. Now if I buy an off the shelf 60 with 'wedge' on it are they the same? In my Irons I have KBS stiffs so I just want to make sure im not buying the wrong shaft type and then need to reshaft later. Hope this makes sense :) Many thanks
  10. I've just come back from Portugal and shot over 3 days 77 - 72 - 68. Got in some great practice and really started to play well by the end of the trip. Amazing how a bit of hot weather and practice can all come together :)
  11. 77 - 72 - 68. Its amazing how well you can play with a bit of sun on your back. 77 - first day was just a bit difficult to get used to how far the ball flew. Example I had 155 uphill into the 1st, now in the UK I would be hitting a 7 iron at this time of year. So I hit 7 iron and it carried the green. So I had to adjust a little by the end of the 3 days I was 4 Iron was carrying 200 - 205. Driver was getting out to 285 :) with little run. 72 - Just a really solid round but the greens we so much quicker than at home, therefore I just protected the round and played a bit defensively.
  12. For me that is one a month , but I should expand its 40 hours of practice not play as play can be for 6 hours with 70 shots ? , plus a lesson shouldn't last any longer than 30 minutes and should have one back swing focus and one downswing focus. Any longer than this and it's either too complicated or just over delivering the message .
  13. Lesson , 40 hours practice, lesson , 40 hours practice, lesson , so on and so on
  14. Steve is the angriest millionaire bag carrier out there
  15. Maybe because I don't hit it 300 yards , but drivers now are just so big , plus the pro v 1 going 40 yards further than the old ballata ball. Scores have got better but swings haven't
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