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  1. I've been using the 330 RXS since the weather has been cooler. I tried the 330S last summer liked it a lot. I hit the 330 a little straighter and a little further than the 330S.
  2. Proto, Thanks for taking the time to respond. I was out my home course recently after the round there was a Bridgestone live fitting event at the range. It free so I did it, it's the first time I've ever hit with a launch monitor. I got done good info, I found out my swing speed is between 118-113 for 10 recorded swings. Maybe more importantly I found that my back and side spin numbers are higher than I would like as well. It was suggested that I hit the 330 or the RX. I bought a 3 pack of all four of the 330 series. I found the RXS and 330-S to be a little too high spin for me, similar to the ProV. The RX was a good ball for me, although shorter off the T than my new go to the 330. For me the 330 is longer and easier to control than the others works well for my short games and even had the feel that I like off the putter. Thanks again for tip.
  3. As a relative beginner and high handicapper at 18, I can say the type of ball makes a big difference in my game. Hitting the wrong type of ball has proven disastrous for me. I have pretty good athletic ability which translates to a fairly high swing speed measured at 115mph. I also generate higher than optimal side and backspin. For me hitting a softer or high spin ball is difficult for me to keep in play. The Titliset velocity, Topflite D2, work well for me. The Nike One RZN Black is my favorite ball with the Bridgestone 330 being a very close second. I've tried the Pro-V and can not hit it too much action for a hacker like me.
  4. J M Brown, You are the man! I found that deal online at Academy. I'm stocked up for quite awhile. Thanks!
  5. I'm relatively new to golf and hoped someone out there could save me some time and effort. I've been playing for 2 yrs and after some trial and error I finally found a ball that love. The Nike One Rzn Black. I heard that they are not being made anymore. Has anyone that has played this ball , played anything else that is similar? Thanks in advance.
  6. Fire Captain at a Municipal Fire Department, 17 yrs of service. I also teach Aikijujitsu.
  7. Yes I am better this year. This is my third year playing the game. I took my first series of lessons early this year. A month after the lessons I went from playing around 105 , averaging the low 90's with an occasional round in the high 80's. My goal for 2017 is to consistently play in the 80's I'm going to continue to work with the local pro and actually practice something besides hitting my driver.
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