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  1. I play project a's exclusively now. I have tried several other balls, none give me the feel when putting or swinging my irons. Short game they are great too. However, I don't notice a knock on my distance like you, though. I love their durability as well. I can get them on Amazon for about $30/dozen so not the most costly, I am willing to pay that for a really good ball. Casey
  2. There is nothing like a screwdriver for breakfast on the golf course for me. SVEDKA Citron (double) orange juice and ice in a to go cup. Loosens me up for the game ahead. Casey
  3. Played 18 at my home course yesterday. Decent weather, almost 50 degrees with no rain. I played the best front 9 ever, was even par going into 9. Hit my 3 hybrid onto the green, then 3 putted from 30' for bogey and a 36. Went double , bogey, double, bogey on back 9 but then dropped birdie putt of my life. From the fringe over a hump then it broke way right into the center of the cup, about 35' feet. Not the longest putt I have ever made but the difficulty and the situation made it the best. Then I went bogey, bogey, 3 putt bogey! and a double. I really had a hard time with the pressure (i forgot to enjoy it!) and blew my great chance to break 80. I was pretty disappointed even though an 82 is only 2 shots off my best score. 2 3 putts and 3 doubles on the back ruined my score. good news it is only january. Can't wait to get back out there... Casey 5
  4. Bright sun! And above freezing temps for only 4 hours a day...So the greens probably won't thaw until we can get a few days in a row over 40. I want to keep playing and it's so close to be able to just makes it frustrating. By the way, 3 hours down I5 in portland they have tons of snow. If it's gonna be cold, snow! If not just let me play. I guess I will spend the weekend making some built in bookshelves around the fireplace... and then remind my wife about that all summer long Casey in frozen (and snowless) Western Washington
  5. I played a cold and a little wet 9 holes yesterday at my home course. The ground was pretty hard as evidence by my first drive getting 40 yards of roll... and when I hit the green then ping! the ball would not stay on and into the sand. Took a bogey there, and bogeyed 2, 4, 5. Had par on number 3. Then comes hole 6. Short par 4 dogleg left, 310 yards as the crow flies. Off the tee there are woods right and left. Normally I hit 3hybrid off the tee and could probably get away with 5 iron but I try to balance safe with distance. So what do I do? I hit 3 wood because I'm telling myself it's cold and I want to practice this shot (high draw,good shot gets me to about 100 yards out) I hit the 3 wood hard into the woods on the right. Lost ball. triple bogey! I guess I learned I won't be hitting 3 wood on that hole during rounds I post...( I'm actually thinking now I might experiment with iron off the tee there) Then I doubled the par 5 7th hole then a 3 on par 3 8th, and a bogey on 9. 46 was my score. So how to get rid of bad holes? obviously club down when the risk is not worth the reward. Overall good to get out, I'm really trying to learn something with every round. Casey
  6. Saturday I played my home course. Shot 86. Did not feel comfortable over driver, but managed to scramble a bit. Hit all par 3 greens, 1 for a kp. Played the 3 par 5's in 4 over, yuck. Cold day we teed off at 8:45 am. I played with 3 men's club members who are all single digit handicaps. Definitely helps my game playing with better players.
  7. I just finished reading this thread. A lot of great info, thanks everyone. I am going to start working on these shots immediately. I think flighting my wedges will help me immensely in an area I have trouble with. How do these shots work on wetter days/courses? Living in the PNW I play a good amount of wet golf. Casey
  8. I believe I will break 80 in 2017. After reading this thread I feel I can get there by improving my GIR&nGIR percentage. I have shot 80 twice on my home course (par 71). Most important thing to improve on is shots 100 yards and in. Casey
  9. Yesterday I played my home course 67.7/115 (Meadowpark Golf Course). Shot 44/41. Played the the three par 5's in 1 under. (par,par, chip-in birdie). Don't have all my stats but I know I need to improve 100 yards and in. Drove the ball pretty well, two hooks that hurt my score. But overall very comfortable over the ball with the driver. Thursday 12.22.16 I played Madrona Golf Links 66.8/116 for the first time. 46/40. Somewhat of a tight course, glad I was able to salvage my day with a decent back 9. It was a very cold round, but good to get out.
  10. Which watch do you have? I am looking at getting one, seems very convenient as opposed to pulling out a tool every shot.
  11. Hey there, sorry you are stuck without playing. I think I'm going out on Thursday in 42 degree weather with some rain. Will you be doing any golf activities this winter to keep your game up, or do you take these months off?
  12. Glad to know you, Gaetano. I am looking forward to hearing about your progress.
  13. I hope the player is ok. I also hope i never see this player on the course.
  14. Hello, My name is Casey Fivecoat and I live in University Place, Washington. I have golfed off an on throughout my life, but never took it seriously until 2 years ago. In 2015 I posted a whopping 20 rounds, establishing my high handicap. In 2016 I joined the men's club at my local muni and posted 60 rounds (including a couple of golf-weekends) and knocked 3 strokes off my handicap. I also won low net for my division in one tourney, played a few others. My two goals for last year were to get to a 15 handicap and break 80. My handicap is 14.4, (CH 15). I shot 80 twice in the summer. I am also trying to get my 8 year old son into golf, I have taken him to the executive course at my course, and enrolled him in golf camp last summer. He seemed to enjoy it. I am seriously addicted to golf, I was jones-ing last week so I went and played in 32 degree weather on sunday. I hope to play more than 70 rounds this year. My other goals are to break 80, get my handicap down to 11, and win 2 men's club tournaments. Also I "need" to buy a new driver, thinking about M2. I have browsed this site a little, look forward to talking about golf! I am very interested in clubs and balls and all other gear. My setup right now is Taylormade Burner+ Driver 9.5, Taylormade Jetspeed 3W 13.5 3H 19, TAYLORMADE R9 4-PW, AW, SW, Cleveland 60 wedge, Ping Anser II putter. Project A balls are my preference.
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