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  1. My Swing (Blackjack Don)

    in order to touch the wall you have to turn your hips and shoulders - so wall drill solves that -imo
  2. My Swing (Blackjack Don)

    Your left wrist is breaking down compared to zach- knuckles down and hold that follow through --it's a good start Zach has a very straight left arm through impact
  3. My Swing (Blackjack Don)

    Looking good -might film from behind to get a better view of swing plane
  4. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    @Blackjack Don Got it. I I would look at the shaft and also the club head speed is way to slow, compared to the driver. I would speed up your swing as fast as your driver. The gx-7 will shine off the tee when you swing it like a driver. A slower swing speed off of the turf will forsure go lower, because there is not enough speed to get the ball in the air. Keep at it
  5. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    @BradL Its hard to tell what the issue is w/out seeing your swing- What is the ball doing? @Blackjack Don is hitting it perfect off the turf, maybe he can weigh-in. I also think you need to speed up your swing the loft is lower than a hybrid and it will take more speed to get it in the air.
  6. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    @Phil McGleno Full disclosure: I actually helped design and test the GX-7 W/Jeff Halstead a former Engineer at Adams that works w/us ( he's designed clubs that have made the Golf Digest hot list). It's a 14 degree- 43' driver w/a slighter smaller head and its built to find a lot more fairways (eliminate the big misses) w/very solid driver distance off the tee, Its designed for the amateur golfer, not a pro and its not for everyone- its for golfers that struggle off the tee-- The golfers we tested, hit it right out there with and sometimes past, their traditional big-headed lower lofted drivers, esp when you average/include their big misses---Don't compare your best drive vs best drive, as this is not a long drive contest, the key its the average of all drives (your going to get a lot more roll in the fairway compared to rough/trees) Trackman results ( w/test golfers) showed the GX-7 had a much smaller dispersion pattern when compared to their traditional drivers. A 45 inch- 10 degree driver will have much larger dispersion patterns, esp in the misses and we proved this out w/trackman. We did extensive testing w/ Rob Rashell at TPC Scottsdale. Most of the golfers ( not everyone) tested hit it very very straight and long w/great results overall. Several golfers commented on how the slightly shorter driver felt more natural to them and easier to control. I recently joined the forum to answer questions on the club- I love the game as much as anyone and its fun to be apart of this forum. I would encourage anyone to give it a test drive and it you are having issues hitting it, reach out, because theres a good chance the shaft is not fitting you properly, but the overall amateur-friendly design is something we are really excited about it.
  7. My Swing (Low Fades)

    been working with Mike Bender on my swing for 3 years- its quite the process to actually dial in the technique. It took me 2 years to get the backswing even close- we are finally working on impact. took be 2 years to finally get the club deeper in the backswing, so I can shallow the club coming down- I was steep and laid off before
  8. My Swing (Blackjack Don)

    I would check out Mike Benders wall drill as well- very good drill to do indoors.
  9. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    Great Feedback-- Every 1 mph of clubhead speed gives you 2.5 yards- Swing the gx-7 faster (equal to current driver) and you should equal the distance and be a LOT straighter- esp with slightly more loft. not to mention the lower scores from hitting more fairways keep in mind the overall avg distance should include roll-out, plus all of the big misses with the callaway Fairways