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  1. Whose signature is this?

    Found it!! Fuzzy Zoeller! It was the 2014 3M Greats of Golf. Sorry to have spammed the group, I got a PM from a member who told me. I have a frame with 10 sigs: JOhnny Miller, Steve Lowry, Pat Bradley, David Graham, Fuzzy Zoeller, Annika SOrenstam, Lee Trevino, Bob Toski, Don January, and Dave Stockton.
  2. Whose signature is this?

    Newbie, admittedly signing up just for this. I have a 3M Tour picture signed by some folks, and I cannot figure out one of the signatures. Could be a woman, since 1 of the 9 signatures is a woman. Most of the names on the picture are from the 80s. Can anyone tell me whose signature this is?