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  1. I'm headed down to Cocoa beach next Friday. I have a buddy that lives there I was going to visit and get some rounds in. Due a family medical emergency, he will not be in town. Does anyone have any recommendations on municipal courses in the area?
  2. Here is the pic of what I'm playing this year. I posted the detail list earlier in this thread.
  3. Driver callaway xr16 pro 3w Nike vapor fly 5 w. Nike vapor fly 4-pw Titleist 714 ap2 with steelfiber shafts mizuno mpt-5 wedges 50-54-58 edel putter callaway chrome soft ball depending on the course I pull the 5w and put a 2h Nike vapor speed in the bag
  4. Well it seems Im headed to Ft myers next month for a long golfing weekend coutesy of my wife for my big 50 birthday! Does anyone have any suggestions on public/ semi private courses? looking for long, somewhat difficult courses. Also, does anyone have any experience with Shipsticks?
  5. Well I hit these yesterday..... 40 degrees out but wanted to hit them..... these hit great!!!
  6. 20 -30 yard chips are my serious weak spot. That's my focus this season is really work my short game and to use more stategy around the course. I'm also going to continue to keep shot stats to point out weaknesses to improve on. But that's my personality, I'm always very competitive bordering on obsessive. My handicap goal for this year is to be scratch to 5 handicap. Might have to do some on the course lessons with a teaching pro to help with decision making and stategy.
  7. Well here's the deal, I really don't care what you believe. I have a driver sing speed that averages 115 and tend to hit a light draw. Im also not the typical 49 year old. I've wrestled and done martial arts pretty much my whole life. So I'm pretty athletic. in the last three years I play two to three times a week. I spend another three evenings on the range. I do this for me, and not in the hopes some asshat on the Internet approves or believes. The reason it's not lower than a nine is I have a nasty habit of pin hunting when I should play safe. Going for it when I sho
  8. Driver- Callaway xr16 pro Woods- nike vapor fly 2 hybrid - Nike vapor speed (for those windy days off the tee) Irons- titleist 714 with steel fiber 110g stiff shafts Wedges- mizuno mp-t5 Putter- Edel Ball- Callaway chrome soft
  9. Yea I don't hit them too bad for a guy turning 50. I know my days of hitting the long ball are not going to last too much longer
  10. Clean clubs before and after every shot, Good cleaning once a week. And make sure I replace my emergency snacks if I use them since I'm a bad hypoglycemic. Found this out as I collapsed when I collapsed unconscious after a round of golf and ended up in the hospital. When I got to the E.R. And woke up I was told my blood sugar was 45 when THE brought me in!!!
  11. Well third season back playing since I quit playing 30 years ago. This years goals is to continue with lessons on my short game and get my handicap from 9 to a 5.
  12. Don't hate the player hate the game.? Not quite sure what that was but I'm pretty sure it's a wise crack of some sort! ?
  13. I have an edel blade putter with adjustable weights and the pixel insert in the face. Great feel and will never take this putter out of my bag.
  14. Well my wife was taking down all of her Christmas decorations so It was raining off and on and a course near me has covered heated range stalls. I let her know I was going to hit my new clubs! She is a Firey redhead in a bad mood so I had to get out of her way! i got those new Nike woods, titleist 714 ap2 irons with steel fiber 110 gram shafts and mizuno wedges ( she got them all for me for Christmas!) and really wanted to hit them all! Well my wife was taking down all of her Christmas decorations so I was raining off and on and a course near me has covered heated range stalls. I
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