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  1. Actually. Both.... I was really effed off when I raised the question. when I realised what a bunch of old battle axes were responding I changed my view to one that is truly not arsed. What I am sorry about is that I've wasted time liaising with childish schoolyard bullies who can't accept someone having a differing point of view on summot. Don't think I've seen anything quite as pathetic for quite a while. Any more questions Carl?
  2. Wasn't mocking you pal, if it comes across in that fashion then apologies. Was merely reiterating the already expressed emotion that this isn't really the type of affair that folk in the main would want to be in the same bracket as a major. The event seems great in a rock concert/festival style fashion but again, it's all about opinions. Again, if I wound you up then sorry. Let's not abandon the foursome just yet Don, we can make a go of it
  3. You recall incorrectly then sir, I believe what you are recalling is me asking if I was being an SJW? Anyway, getting really boring now, it's obvious that this is one of them clickety type discussions where you are free to agree with whoever is sat in the hot chair and if you don't then you are inciting folk. Bit sad really but never mind.
  4. Forget Phil Mickleson, you, my dear Cromulent, are my golfing idol now.......
  5. Did someone put(t) this forward as the 5th major earlier as well?
  6. Pretty sure I was called a SJW fella but anyway, all the way through I've said not really bothered and have been what I'd class as polite and jovial. I'm Mr Cucumber old chap, cool as f**k. Cheers
  7. A typical strategy of what exactly Bucky? Of posting on a forum on the internet, yep I'll say it isn't serious old bean. Jeeeeeeezzzuuuuuus. Some clowns ARE too serious. Get a grip sonshine, grab a can and chill out. i truly am not arsed, only been interested proper in the game for a few month so hardly running around whipping up a posse and posting a petition against club throwing pros!!!!! hahaaaaa. Peace bruvva, hope all turns out well for ya!
  8. as I've said a couple of times, not gonna change my way of life one way or the other, different strokes for different folks, I simply view this type of situation ever so slightly differently, if the caddie is replacing your divot, to save precious time as you've already pointed out, why wouldn't the player when walking past the bag simply place it in leaving raised instead of just chucking on floor and marching off. I reiterate, in all honesty couldn't give a shiney shite, was more for conversational purposes
  9. Seems a bit of a daft/childish response to be honest, but anyway, what was a light hearted view/opinion/query on the actions of some players on tour appears to have raised the hackles of some of the more sensitive (although that would be me based on this thread??) of the community so I'll bow out of this particular kerfuffle and bid everyone a beautiful day.
  10. I didn't did I, I spoke about statistical probabilities?
  11. Ahhhh well. The world needs different opinions just to keep on turning dude. However I would question your authority on speaking on behalf of the entire population of every person who has ever caddied, you reckon not a single one thinks player who just chuck the stick on the deck has been a bit of a prick? I'd be very surprised if this were true chief.
  12. Yeah I knew that when typing but the argument about pace of play was weak anyway so figured I'd chuck in some "alternative facts" like El presidente. ? To make the argument that chucking a club on the floor and leaving it for someone to pick up, could be practiced to help aid time efficiencies is weak in my, unwanted, opinion. I acknowledged this years ago chief no biggie though. I sort of thought, maybe in a daft way, that's what a discussion forum was about. That someone would express an opinion or ask a question and out of that discussion would arise? Forgive me if that i
  13. Not really an "issue" BirdieLife, just a bloke having a moan about summot on the internet. I'll probably not, now I've thought on, commit any serious harm to myself or anyone else due to this. I'll get over it I suppose, I think I'm working through these deep feelings of hurt and torment and thank all who have helped me over this chaotic period in my life due to the perceived slight potentially felt by caddies all over the globe who may have been treated in a less than equal manner by their masters. Thanks all, appreciate the help and assistance. ;)
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