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  1. The municipal course I play has outfitted their carts with a plastic divider approved by the local health department. Many courses in NE Ohio have adopted something similar so that they are not losing the two player cart fee.
  2. Where I live there is one shop that has stores in three towns (so I guess you could consider it a local mom & pop) but their customer service is so bad I won't shop there. Only other place i Dick's which has surprisingly good customer service. The interent (amazon ebay, etc) has killed local retailers. Also the current obsession with buying everything as cheap as possible keeps small shops from making it. I would willingly pay more for quality products.
  3. Thanks everyone for the responses. I wonder if Kirkland will ever become more widely available.
  4. Have you tried the Kirkland, Vice or Sneed golfballs? If so, what are your opinions?
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