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  1. I think this is a great topic. These are the courses that have availability for us to play at reasonable rates with incredible conditions and difficulty.. Hominney hill.pdf
  2. I grew up in Monmouth County NJ. I think our county courses are in the top 10 of the united states.. What other counties have beautiful courses at such low rates?
  3. Don't forget to take out every one to the bar after you finally get one. Drinks on you all day or night !!
  4. I think its time for a 5th. There has never been so many great competitors. Kids have a golf club in their hands at 5. I never played golf until I was in high school and that was for fun because it interfered with Football in the fall, wrestling in the winter and baseball in the spring.. There is so much money in this sport that parents encourage their kids to play, plus kids can get college scholarships as well. Bottom line ,I think there is at least a 500% increase in players over the last 30 years. I'm not saying over saturate the important tourneys ,just add 1 more..
  5. I would bet over 95% of men golfers could't even name The 4 women's major events and cant even tell you what order they play.. I love watching women's golf as well, but their audience does not come close to the mens. Most golfers know the order of Mens 1. Masters 2. USA open 3. British open 4. PGA championship. The WGC Match Play can become a huge event. Matching the best players in the world heads up will help ratings immediately..
  6. I didn't think it was as as important ,until i repeatedly hear it from numerous PGA professionals that this individual tournament is the by far the most valuable compared to any other event besides the majors.
  7. That is true, the last major added was the PGA Championship and that has been over 100 years.I think its time for one more. Too many great players out there. Match play is great, maybe make the WGC Match Play a 5th major. Make it 2 weeks with double elimination. This way if a golfer has 1 bad round he can still come back and win.
  8. There is not much more we can do legally to make the ball go further without changing the golf ball it self. I think we reached almost maximum distance with the equipment available. I think golfers should focus more on gaining power from their hips and club head speed.
  9. I have hit 2 hole in ones in my 30 years of playing golf. First one was a thin pitching wedge that dropped 30 feet before the hole on the green and had enough spin to slow down and hit the pin and go in. BUT i didn't mean to hit it thin ...lol 2nd one was a perfect 7 iron 165 yards away three feet past the pin and spun back!
  10. One thing i have noticed, a lot of "so called bogey players "a lot don't play by the rules. They take 2 mulligans, move their ball, do not take stroke distance for out of bounds and lost ball. Give them selves a couple of missed 3 footers in a skins game or what ever. If they followed these they would be lucky to break a hundred. Thats something I have noticed, what is your opinion with playing golf for the first time with someone after they state they are a bogey golfer?s
  11. I think winning 4 majors is almost impossible in 1 year, tennis it can be done but golf there is too much parity. If we add the Players championship to another Major this will credit a lot more deserving golfers with more major.s
  12. 2017 goals: Play at least 50-75 rounds. get back to single digits handi-cap Shorten my swing and swing slower Have confidence in every shot, even if the last shot were horrible. Learn to regroup immediately and think positive in next execution. Spend less money on Brand New Pro V's, search better during downtime when walking for my ball. $5 dollars a new ball is insane when I find at least 10 good balls a round!! Wh
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