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  1. @kpaulhus The way you describe your buddy's game it seems to me he'd have a hard time breaking the mark. I think you made a good bet. Something that I think about, is he's a 20 index, which of course means that is based on his best 10 scores of the last 20 rounds. His average score would be much worse. And as someone mentioned above, that also takes into account ESC. He doesn't get to take any strokes off for ESC in this case. Also, it sounds like he's a 20 because his game is all over the place, and not because of one or two limitations. I'm guessing he only gets one shot, for the bet. If he had 20 attempts, he'd likely pull it off at least a couple times. But only one shot, with the bet riding on it, the odds are in your favor.
  2. Bumping this thread... The new Ping Traverse (2016/2017) has a very nice cooler. I'm eyeing it. It could easily fit a 6 pack plus some food. I have an older Traverse (2012) that I like, but the cooler is much smaller (It's OK, fits two small beverages and a snack bar or two). Beer company logo bags... every bag I've seen with a beer logo on it, has a huge cooler. My friend has a Coors Light bag he won at a tournament... huge cooler. He can easily fit an 18 pack with ice (says he's packed it with more than that before). We saw a Mich. Ultra bag this weekend, same set up as my friends. Anyone else have any suggestions on more current bags with nice coolers?
  3. Snell Get Sum $14 a dozen Snell MTB $27 a dozen Best bang for the buck out there...
  4. I agree, crossfit can be very effective, like many other types of training. Good form is important, as well as cycling the sessions appropriately, regardless of the type of training. As a former college football player I spent a bit of time in the gym, and never once injured myself (in the gym). I'm not saying people can't get injured, but it typically has more to do with improper form, and not conditioning the body properly to start handling the heavier loads. Being a better overall athlete will help in any sport, golf included. If you want to be a better athlete, train like one. Ground based, multi-plane movements are the best. And add in the additional rotational work for sports such as golf.
  5. This picture makes me miss home (Upstate NY), you jerk :)
  6. Yea, I think it was in the 70s or 80s. The WHO and some senator were trying to publish some health recommendations, one that suggested limiting sugar intake to 10% of daily calories. The food industry threw out a ton of money to have several of the recommendations deleted (including the sugar intake).
  7. @JonMA1 Nice! Yea, it's not always the best shot, but will come in handy quite often (more times than not). And as you discovered, easier to keep shots on target. The more you get used to it, you might naturally start to develop a little check up which will of course help reduce the roll out.
  8. It's at elevation, so not as beastly as it seems. However, still long (maybe 6,900-ish, relative to sea level). @Pretzel Best of luck on the qualifier!
  9. Did your lawn mower retire?
  10. I will sometimes choke down or up to control distance as well (it used to be the only way I controlled distance), but in conjunction with also using different clubs and flighted shots. Maybe don't worry about getting spin as much, for now. Just spend the time grooving those 1/2 and 3/4 swings and writing the distances down for each club. Remember the tempo should be similar to a full swing (I.e. don't swing slower), it's just a shorter swing. Once you're consistent with the distances (which should happen pretty quickly, within a few range sessions) then you can adjust the grip up or down to further control distances (if you find you need to). I'm sure others on this site could probably provide better instruction or a better way to go about getting this skill down, but just sharing what worked for me. I figured it out at the range, and now it's just something I make sure to practice. It's been very helpful to have in the bag
  11. What type of shots are you hitting under 100 yards? If you don't already... maybe work on flighted shots with 9i through the wedges, and figuring out those distances. I personally find it very helpful (and much more accurate) from 120 yards and in.
  12. Being healthy, and weight loss, are not always one in the same. Eating too many processed foods, is not good for ones overall health. Overly processed foods (most of which have way too much sugar... or food crack) are also a reason why over 70% of us are overweight. So when it comes to health and weight loss, there is a strong correlation when it comes to the impact of overly processed foods. But what do I know, I'm not ACSM certified, anymore.
  13. Well Gents, I'm going to have to take my hat out of the ring. Unfortunately, I have a priority at work which is highly unlikely to be wrapped up by mid-Oct. I wish you all the best in NC, and hope I will be able join you in 2019! @mvmac I appreciate the consideration.
  14. I only use them when I travel. Other than that, it's never seemed necessary to me. And, it's just one more (or 10 more) thing to keep track of, or lose.
  15. @lenman73 Driveway stake, selfie stick, duct tape. That's what I use