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  1. Yes, you probably should have posted this in the clubs section, but I'm sure one of the mods will move it if they see it. Curious what you mean when you say you're growing out of your old irons. Do you mean you're taller, and the shafts are too short? My perspective is the MP 54 and AP2 are in the same category, so the AP2 is not necessarily a better club (although some could make arguments one way or the other). If it's the length of the shaft that is now the issue, you could save some money and just have the MP 54 re-shafted. As far as the shaft, it can be a big deal. Personally, I prefer the S300. I tried the KBS Tour Stiff and didn't like them. It could just be that I'm used to S300 after all these years, although my club fitter stated it probably matches my swing better (he said golfers with a "smoother" swing (I assume he was referring to tempo) typically prefer S300... his words, not mine). As you're used to the KBS, you may or may not like the S300... only one way to find that out. So be careful buying online, unless you know if you're going to like it or not. Maybe find a local shop and demo the KBS vs S300
  2. Nice, let us know if they do the trick. I feel for you man. My cousin lives in N. Cal as well, so I've been staying updated. Hope things start to clear up!
  3. I have a Samsonite hard cover case that has so far been great for travel. It is big, but it has wheels and we're renting a larger vehicle when going on golf trips (4 guys, their bags, luggage, and usually a little driving... get the Tahoe)
  4. I will plan both We-Ko-Pa courses then. I appreciate the advice, and will plan to shoot you a note when the details are set in stone.
  5. For sure. Snell has a sample pack as well, 2 sleeves Get Sum, 2 sleeves MTB. It's nice they do that, so people can check them both out.
  6. Nor a push up. Probably the best way to describe a burpee is, a squat thrust, adding a push up and a jump.
  7. @MichaelViolence I'm going to be in the Phoenix area for work in May, and thinking of heading in a couple days early to get a couple rounds in (have not played in AZ before). I've been looking at the We-Ko-Pa courses, looks like just north of $100 a round, which I'm fine with. Troon North looks quite a bit more expensive, and I'm curious if it's that much better than We-Ko-Pa? I'm not necessarily concerned about paying $200+, just not interested in paying twice as much if the courses between the two resorts are on the same level.
  8. They are actually two different exercises, although very similar
  9. Get Sum are $13 a dozen (actually $14, I was off) if you buy them in bulk (6 dozen). Just like the MTB are $27 a dozen (vs. $32) if you buy them in bulk.
  10. @Wanzo Good video. Based on the swing you shared in this video, I can def better understand why @iacas isn't at all concerned about the takeaway!
  11. Check out the Snell Get Sum, just as good (if not better), and half the price
  12. I wear a glove most of the time, but not around the green.
  13. @coachjimsc There goes my montage idea haha. Nice video
  14. I would just ask the old woman at the range to take a video for me, and after she says Of Course, I'd say, "Thanks. Hey, I guess they're right. Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose. I'll be right back. Don't you go dying on me!" For real though, seems a little pricey for a plastic clip. I don't imagine it would be too difficult to rig something up for couple $ and some good old duct tape.
  15. I chose other. I'm recovering from a knee injury at the moment, so I can't really attempt a full swing with confidence at the moment (I'm babying the knee). Played Sunday and shot 16 over, not a difficult course (although it was 38 degrees and wet as well). I'm sure everything will be good in another month or two, but it could be a frustrating month or two.