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  1. @iacas I booked a package through MBGolf last March, and was happy with it. We paid about $550 per man for 3 nights/3 rounds (Caledonia, TPC, Long Bay). The people at MBGolf were easy to work through things with, and they had a lot of options (lodging & golf).
  2. Jogging

    If you can finish a 5K, you should be able to walk most courses. Maybe consider a couch to 5K program? Another option, start with walking 9 holes and build up from there?
  3. Lost the love

    @Davie81 You mentioned a slump. Is that you're frustration with the game vs. not enjoying the game itself? We "play" this game for enjoyment. "Play" should be fun. Maybe focus on the enjoyment of the game for a bit (if you are able to) vs. where your scores wind up. A refreshed perspective can sometimes do wonders (and inadvertently result in some better scores as well).
  4. Home Practice Nets

    @Effington I have had the Callaway 8' Quad net for about 6 years now. It's worked out great. Just another option to consider.
  5. Do you play a "winter ball"?

    I use the same ball and rotate them in my pocket each hole to keep them warm. Dean Snell answered a similar question to this on his website as well. He also stated a multi layer ball will perform better in the cold. I guess it depends on the color of the leaves haha
  6. Mizuno MP 18 Irons

    @taxgolf Just an example to @billchao's point... Titleist and Mizuno are typically 1 degree different on the lie
  7. Newbie injuries - help!

    Glad to hear you're recovering, best of luck making a full comeback!
  8. Pawn shop Mizuno MP33

    Glad to hear you are happy with them. You made a nice find!
  9. Pawn shop Mizuno MP33

    Yea, more likely non-conforming grooves if produced before 2010, but not in all cases. Is that until 2024, or is that in general?
  10. Newbie injuries - help!

    @RJN12 although it sounds likely related to overuse (and maybe those dang range mats) @RandallT's comment on the importance of a proper grip made me also think of one more thing that you might consider... the grips you use on your clubs. I know several people who use Winn Dri Tac grips, and state it helps with their arthritis or fatigue in their hands. Again, it sounds like overuse, but just another consideration. As far as exercises or stretching for the forearms/wrists/hands, check out YouTube. There will likely be a lot of golf specific videos as well (search for Claudine Foong, she has some good stretching/warm up videos, and maybe has something that addresses the wrists/hands)
  11. Taylormade P790 vs M CGB

    @Rsuslow Are they upgrading you for free? If so, they probably just earned themselves a customer for life haha As far as your decision, will they allow you to hold out until the MCGB irons are available for you to check out in person? If so, I'd hold out a couple weeks and make the decision after seeing them both. Keep us posted which you go with, and what you think of them!
  12. Define The Bad Golfer

    A bad golfer is anyone I can't stand playing a round with haha
  13. Pawn shop Mizuno MP33

    Yea, I implied without being as specific... "(assuming you're not playing in any official games, where conformity matters)" To further your FYI statement with specifics, the groove conformity is based on the grooves themselves, and not the year the clubs were manufactured. Clubs produced before 2010 just happen to be much more likely to be produced with non-conforming grooves. And I believe there also exceptions (didn't Ping sue to have some of their old legacy irons (maybe the Eye) to be accepted as conforming?).
  14. Pawn shop Mizuno MP33

    I should have also stated, the MP-33 may not even be conforming (grooves) anymore considering they are over 15 years old Yea, if they are clubs you want to play, then play them (assuming you're not playing in any official games, where conformity matters). I didn't mean to imply otherwise. Was just sharing that the feel/feedback, ball flight, etc. also exists with the newer irons as well (within the same category anyway), along with a tad more forgiveness. I agree, terrible swings result in terrible shots (usually) regardless of the club
  15. The game will be no fun if you're always injured, so maybe take it easy on the full swing (which it seems like you're doing more recently). Good idea to put a little more of your time into the pitching, chipping and putting, it will help you take strokes off your score in the meantime. Of course, the full swing is very important to being a good player, so still practice it, without overdoing it. Question... do you hit of a mat, or grass? Grass is typically a little less stressful on the wrists and hands. As for your original question, I seem to remember my scores were down into the mid-low 90s pretty quickly, but it has taken years to get to where I am now from that point. It's a tough game to become really good at!