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  1. Received my sample pack of the Red & Black in the mail today. It may be a couple weeks before I can review... but I’ll follow up once I have the chance to give them a go. I’ll compare them to the prior MTB, ProV-1, and ProV-1x
  2. I think @WUTiger’s comment was good too... maybe check out the Ping i200 (if you’re set on a Ping product)
  3. I have a pair of Smith sun glasses (I think they’re called Parallel) that I use for everything sports related (golf, fishing, running, mtn biking, etc.). They seem to work fine for tracking the ball to me. I would think most polarized sunglasses would work well (surprised the Maui Jim’s aren’t doing the trick).
  4. @fishgolf only you can really answer the question, by trying out some hybrids and seeing how they marry up with your irons. In general, hybrids are typically more forgiving, but allow less control (mostly trajectory). Personally, I like having both a hybrid (3h) and a long iron (4i) in the bag, as it gives me the best of both worlds in the long iron/hybrid end of the bag. ps - that profile pic is great... change the pipe to a cigar and that’s me haha
  5. Agreed, highly likely it’s a different ball. Although I don’t imagine Costco would risk putting out a crap ball either, based on the positive results of the first one. The new Kirkland ball states the manufacturer is SMG Global (which has manufacturing facilities in South Korea). The first Kirkland ball was a Nassau overrun (which are also manufactured in South Korea... along with many brands). Those comparisons are for the “original” Kirkland ball, not the new version. So I wouldn’t rely on those for the new version. Why wait around for them, they’re nothing special c
  6. I consider myself a “good” golfer, and my eagles are typically more due to luck. You are better than “good”, so lucky for you is possibly more along the lines of a hole in one. It’s relative, is what I’m getting at
  7. A hole in one, or sinking an eagle from 50+ out, is lucky whether one is a good golfer or a bad golfer. Based on that, I can’t fully agree with Trevino. But luck may be relative in the sense that... good luck for bad golfers is more likely bouncing off a tree back into play... where good luck for a good golfer is more along the lines of an eagle.
  8. @The Shankster in addition, there are quite a few golfers that pretty much fall into an off the rack standard fit. So it’s not surprising to see unless someone is pretty tall or pretty short (or specifically wants a different shaft or something). I found myself over analyzing whether I had a good enough fitting or not, and turns out after going to a highly respected fitter last year, the fitting outcome didn’t change as compared to the shop I purchased my irons from. Other than a small lie adjustment (which really doesn’t make much of a difference in my game), I’m an off the rack standa
  9. @onthehunt526 echo... if you want them, get them
  10. @xrayvizhen I have a Ping Traverse bag that I use with my Sun Mountain push cart. The combo has worked well for me
  11. He asked which is worth trying... both new balls are worth trying (irregardless if he currently plays an e6). Curious to hear your thoughts on the MTB Red once you have the chance to try them out.
  12. You can try both if you pick up the sample pack
  13. Posted the details in the wrong topic by accident... but here are the details on the new MTB balls. Fans of yellow will be happy!
  14. I think the best odds are for “someone else”, vs. only 4 golfers. However, I voted Hideki... I’d like to see him and Ricky both do it
  15. @NM Golf I get what you’re saying (I think). Seems the group you’re referring to cares more about how fast they play vs the game itself. I think people have things they like to identify themselves with, for whatever reason (ego related reasons usually). We don’t always understand why (nor do they). Maybe in this case they just really want to be identified with not being a part of the slow pace problem. Personally, my goal is to enjoy the round and play well... (and of course, I don’t enjoy the 5 1/2 rounds either)
  16. That’s accurate. Focus on ground based, multi plane movements (e.g. hang cleans, jump squats, etc.). You can accomplish that with variations for dumbbells and kettle bells
  17. After hitting the weights twice a week consistently for the past two months, I’m feeling pretty good (I have no worries if I don’t push reps at heavy weights anymore, but finally at least stronger again than I was in high school haha). Today, did 3 sets 8 reps of hang cleans at 205, with ease. Also got 9 reps at 225 on the bench press.
  18. @Ty_Webb I’ll second the Bosu, they’re great for core and balance and don’t take up much space. Also, if you have a tablet or smart tv in the basement, check out Fitness Blender on YouTube. Lots of great, free workouts. As far as the free weights, I have a half rack in my home gym and when I don’t have a spotter (which is half the time) I set the safety bars at a height just where I won’t be stuck in case I fail on a lift (e.g. on bench presses, I set the safety bars just barely above my chest). If you’re comfortable with that, barbells might not be out of the picture for you. The
  19. Received an email this afternoon... the two new MTB models coming out soon, MTB Red and MTB Black. Details will be coming out 1/15, I’ll try to share. @Hardspoon I’m guessing a yellow MTB won’t be the case (of course I don’t know for sure), as they’ve mentioned before the process to color urethane is difficult and expensive
  20. @HJJ003 You can definitely hit those goals, just have to be able/willing to put the effort in. Good luck, and keep us all posted throughout the year on your progress!
  21. @Ron something for thought... why not play multiple sets of tees? Myself, I generally play the tees that match my distance (and depending on the course, my ability). But on occasion, I’ll play something longer and/or more difficult to really test myself... or something shorter and/or less difficult depending on the group/situation.
  22. I will showcase this major award in my front window, right next to my lamp! It’s been fun sharing thoughts, questions, experiences, etc. with the SandTrap community. Hope everyone has a great 2018!
  23. Yea, he’s in his 80s I think. At that age, he’s very functional... I hope I’m able to attempt flips off a boat when I’m that old (or at least be capable, I have no desire to do that even today haha) Of course he’s not impressive compared to a 30 year old
  24. I don’t always eat toast, but when I do I prefer #1
  25. @Yukari I’m with you, the iPhones started getting annoyingly large, and I’d been hanging onto my old 5c with the hopes for a smaller option. I picked up the SE a couple months ago and it’s been nice. I hope they continue to keep a smaller option around in the future, for fellas such as ourselves.
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