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  1. kiwi g

    dress code

    Saw something intresting during my round the other day.my home club here in new zealand has a pretty relaxed dress code.and I was in my normal sort of outfit for a warm day.plain shorts,and a plain blue Nike t-shirt with no graphics or logos on it.no knee length white socks thou lol.and saw a visitor to our club dressed in golf pants and a polo. But his polo had a big skull and crossbones on it with the skull smoking.just playing devils advocate here,but it would be intresting to see what happened if he turned up at the only course in our area that stipulates a collar.ild argue that a plain t-
  2. He's still young too thou,is it a case of just needing to mature a bit.and get a bit more experience.(how old is he exactly i know his early 20s?) I know he's not the same type of players but i seem to remember sergio garcia having a lot of blow up holes when he was younger,and losing his temper a lot more over it.and he seems to have matured into a much more composed player these days. That said ild take Jordan's game over mine in a heartbeat
  3. kiwi g

    dress code

    I was just reading the thread on hear about jason days appearance to present the trophy at the players(wearing jeans & a t-shirt),and weather he was being disrespectful or not. Something that hadn't even occurred to me,until i read that thread. As to me i had no problem with it at all.but dress code in golf is something that's a bit of a hot topic here in new zealand at the moment. And im interested to hear other peoples views on it. We're lucky here in New Zealand that we're 2nd in the world in golf course's per capita. Which means we have lots of courses to play which is great. But
  4. smart casual is a phrase i hear a lot,when talking about dress code on the course.Or around it for this matter. that means different things to different people. jason looks fine to me,not smart. but not scruffy. as a newer golfer dress code is something that surprises me at a coulpe of the clubs ive played at,again smart casual is down to how the individual interprets it.
  5. ild be playing the 1st as a 3 shooter too,diver hopefully about 220 and straight followed by a 9 iron,to hopefully leave me a nice full swing with the gap wedge.and 2 putt for a 5,to walk off with a bogy.at least thats how it would go in my head. more likely to miss the fairway,find a bunker with my layup,scramble onto the green in 5.then 2 putt to within 2 feet,to miss the tap in and walk off with a 8
  6. agree with most on here. that as long as you don't take what someone tells you as a 100% truth listening to everybody regardless of handicap doesn't do any harm. if it makes sense to you,or you think it might fit with your swing give it a go during a range session or practice round. if it doesnt then dont,but that doesn't mean it hasn't worked for someone else or the person giving it. a great quote i heard once was "enlightenment often comes out of the mouths of fools" Im not calling high handicappers fools (myself ) we all just want to improve,and to be honest il take all the help i can
  7. agree with a lot of other people here,who say a stroke is a stroke. some peoples strength is there driving,some people there irons,some short game,and others there putting.seems pretty unfair to devalue one part of the game. to be a good golfer you need to play well in all aspects of the game,or good enough at your strengths, to cover your weaknesses. and for me personally putting is probably not just the strongest part of my game.but also the part that i enjoy the most. anytime i sink anything from over 12 feet(thats a long one for me) i get pretty excited. and then realise ive just saved mys
  8. i think the stroke index is a great thing for higher handicaps. with where i am at the moment i give myself 2 shots on the 9 hardest holes,and 1 on the 9 easiest .make a par with that and im happy,birdy and im stoked.bogey or worse and disappointed. can constantly keep evolving it this way too.i try to work it so my "par" is always a few shots lower than my handicap.gives me something to aim at,and try to improve
  9. so i went and brought the fly z 5-7 wood.when i tried it in the shop the first thing i noticed was something that i hadn't even thought to start with.and that was how much heavier it felt than the rbz 3 w. but the extra weight felt good,and i hit a few nice feeling shots with it.so brought it. and then had it out on the course for the first time this weekend,I had it set at 18.5 degrees.my first swing with it was a second shot on a par 5.which much to my surprise,went high and straight and landed in the middle of the fairway. and ild guess i hit some between 185 to 200 yards.had 2
  10. not sure about my swing speed,as im a bit of a newbie to this great game.but i also hit my drives (well the good ones at least )around the 220 to 230 total distance mark.and have been experimenting with lots of different balls over the last few months.for me personally it ended up coming down to a choice between 2 balls.the srixon soft feel,and callaway chrome supersoft,as they had the best results for me out on the course.while the sixon went a little further and seemed to hold its line better thru the wind(a typical new zealand summers day!)plus was cheeper.the callaway chrome supersoft was
  11. oh,and i forgot to say go dodgers i really want to say dodgers vs red sox world series. but my head says nats vs red sox. but red sox will be hard to beat if they get jose bautista or trumbo.
  12. Mets wont even make the playoffs,nats and marlins from a competitive east this year
  13. No but i did hit a friend a few months back. Trying to clear a tree line after hitting a fabulous drive into the middle of the wrong fairway,i then thinned a 6 iron straight into the trees which ricocheted off towards my friend who was standing about 10 meters from them. as he turned his back,it hit him flush on the arse.while he swore profoundly,i couldn't stop myself from giggling like a small child. probably one of my favorite golf memories from 2016
  14. i started going to yoga a few years ago to help with some back problems i was having,but believe that it also helps my golf game a lot since ive started playing. yoga gives you flexibility,functional strength,and great balance.All of which i think are important to me in my golf game,if you dont want to go to any clases,there are plenty of yoga instructors on youtube these days.
  15. interesting that is says "Though McIlroy has not agreed to new endorsements" in the article. If this means hes just playing the clubs that are best for his game,and there is no money involved. Surely this is 100 times better advertising for callaway and titelist than any other player that they pay to play there clubs.
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