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  1. Hi Johnny, I don't think I have any relatives in St Louis but coincidentally I was born in Kansas City.
  2. I'm Bob and live in Charleston SC home of the infamous Ocean Course on Kiawah Island. I started playing when I was 12. I'm a lefty and in the early sixties it was nearly impossible to find lh clubs and most teaching professionals were not at all receptive to teaching a lefty so most of their time was spent trying to convert me to a righty. That almost sealed my fate but I managed to hack out a decent enough lh game to play HS and College golf. Then came Vietnam and I dropped the game altogether only to pick it back up this past September some 45 years later. My tour blades having rusted away many years ago were replaced with a set of used ping G5's I had refitted. So here I am now a senior trying to craft a respectable game. While I can still generate club head speeds in excess of 90 and have started to get my putting stroke under control, everything in between is about as consistent as the weather here. So much for muscle memory. I have been attending some clinics and walking at least 3 rounds a week with some range work on off days but the progress is much slower than I had expected. I am not normally one to join a forum but stumbled on TST while reading equipment reviews and after reading some posts thought I might gain some valuable insight in making some equipment selections and at some point be able to offer something from my own pursuits to play better.
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