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  1. Winter Depression Thread

    That ain't nuthin'! This is the driveway up to my local course that they were clearing yesterday. :)
  2. Winter Depression Thread

    For all the Sandtrappers who have been beleaguered by the winter weather I have set up a 10:48AM tee time for this Saturday for a four-hundredsome at Pebble Beach. See you there.
  3. Winter Depression Thread

    Some of us can do that without the wind...
  4. Winter Depression Thread

    Just buy a golf simulator and a wife simulator at the same time...
  5. Winter Depression Thread

    Yes, but aren't you in Orlando right now, playing a sunny, warm 18 holes with gin & tonics in the grill afterwards? Oops. Wrong guy.
  6. Winter Depression Thread

    Looks like golfing weather to me.
  7. Winter Depression Thread

    So glad fricken' February is over tonight at midnight! I think I have played once this month... though lots of days on the range. But the thing that has me pissed off the most is that I spent $300 on a new putter and got to use it once, two weeks ago. Can't even use it on the practice putting green... it is frozen and closed.
  8. Winter Depression Thread

    I love the huge tires...
  9. Winter Depression Thread

    I stay in shape by going to the bar a lot. Plus I hit the range a lot and hit off of semi-frozen mats, but it keeps the swing in shape for that first day when the sun is shining and the course thaws out. If I sip my cocktail with my right hand I make sure to keep my right elbow tucked... no flying elbows. Can get you into a fight if you're sitting at the bar next to others. If I sip with my left hand I try to keep the left arm straight... though I need to use a looooong straw.
  10. Winter Depression Thread

    I have the same problem here. But I just put on the mud pants, mud-caked shoes and rain gear and go out and slog around the course. Gotta pick those wedges pretty clean. If the sun breaks out for 30 seconds it's a major bonus!
  11. Have you ever lost a ball in the fairway?

    Years ago I played in a regular Sunday foursome. One guy, JB, was Irish, had red hair, a hot temper and was built like a wrestler. On #16 JB smacked a long drive down the middle after the group in front of us had cleared. We walked up and his drive was nowhere to be found. JB suspected one of the guys in front of us had taken it... so he walked all the way up to the green to inquire. Everyone claimed they didn't touch it. So JB being JB walked over to their greenside bags and proceeded to turn each upside down and shake it. On the 3rd bag out came his marked Titleist! None of the thieving SOB's said a word. JB had a few choice words. And that was it.
  12. Have you ever lost a ball in the fairway?

    Did a sneaky looking dude wander over from the adjacent fairway in search of his big slice?
  13. Have you ever lost a ball in the fairway?

    Finding the single leaf in the center of the fairway is like finding the single divot beyond 280 yards.
  14. Winter Depression Thread

    That's why there are so many ski areas in Colorado. Take a pair of those old 2-irons you don't use anymore to Breckenridge and use 'em as ski poles. :)
  15. Have you ever lost a ball in the fairway?

    It has been pretty wet here for the last 3 months. I was on the driving range the other day and noticed a couple of range balls 30 feet forward of the mats that were about 98% underground... could only see a dime-sized area of yellow on top. Guessing someone was popping up drivers with a high tee.

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