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  1. I've had girls say, "I don't think my boyfriend/husband would like that." My follow-up line is usually something along the lines of, "Oh, no problem, bring him along."
  2. At one of the courses I play a lot of the greens keepers have never played golf. There is some very creative placing of the tee markers. Oftentimes they would make Salvador Dali proud.
  3. If you used Pay Pal the money might be credited to your account. Then you have to go through all the back alleyways of Pay Pal to get your money sent to you.
  4. Eh Fonzie, I'll always chuckle...
  5. Generally I proofread my posts before pushing "send". I think someone was getting a little tired of hearing about the public schools of Chicago.
  6. Good to hear you are making a comeback. When God designed us she should have issued a warranty on faulty bodies. We should be able to go into her dealership and get replacement parts.
  7. Or, of course, Chicago Public schools.
  8. It was a claw hammer, but he definitely was not using a claw grip.
  9. Love the sound! Just resonates sharp.
  10. Obviously, it puts more of the right hand on the club, and less of the left. (If you're a right-handed golfer)
  11. What is a reverse overlap putting grip (and how can it help your game)? A surprising amount of golfers don't know what a reverse overlap putting grip is. Here's the rundown on the grip that Tiger and Rory use.
  12. That's even better! At first I thought you said Johnny Goofball.
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