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  1. Well, aside from the ol' hit it great on the range, terrible on the course dichotomy, I can tell you this: Sometimes I'll hit the range and then head home and decide to go back and play golf a little later. Sometimes I'll hit the range and then decide to travel and play a different course. Sometimes I'll hit the range and then have to wait for the frost delay to end. Never works out. I think it's that "cool down" period.
  2. There was a gentleman I used to play behind in the mornings on the back nine. He was a single and I could barely keep up with him... and I'm a fast golfer. He was 89, carried his own clubs. Sadly, he passed about two weeks ago. We had some fun conversations when I cranked up the afterburners and was lucky enough to play through him.
  3. Hey, I wear corduroy pants in very cold weather! Though never wear them in the rain... they can gain up to 30 pounds! And don't worry about the white belts... they'll be trending back in in 20 years. And I'll be able to wear my double-breasted suit again, too.
  4. And when you win a hole slip that thing out of your belt loops and snap it at the putt you just made... that'll really get into your opponent's head.
  5. There was a protest at my course by some pink-haired ladies and white belt-wearing guys... they wanted the course to offer a special rate for them. Do we see where this is ultimately headed? Yes, being a college student implies lack of cash... or does it, according to several posts above? Maybe better would be to show proof you are funding your own college costs and your parents are not helping out. I had to do that when I was applying for grants, college loans and scholarships.
  6. Yes. And amusingly so they sometimes fade and then draw all in the same flight.
  7. That puppy spun right out of the hole! Or LeBron was in there and rejected it.
  8. I especially like the range balls with the dimples beaten off them. That way I can practice my knuckle ball shots.
  9. The premium would cover the extra labor to separate the balls. I'd go up $3 or $4 from my usual bucket. But I wouldn't use them all the time... just when I want to see true flight, true distance and when gauging club distance.
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