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  1. Have you ever lost a ball in the fairway?

    It has been pretty wet here for the last 3 months. I was on the driving range the other day and noticed a couple of range balls 30 feet forward of the mats that were about 98% underground... could only see a dime-sized area of yellow on top. Guessing someone was popping up drivers with a high tee.
  2. Golf Carts With GPS

    Did it record how many beers you'd had? :) Those GPS carts are worthless, especially if it's "cart path only". They are now a relic with the multitude of GPS apps for our phones and laser scopes.
  3. Winter Depression Thread

    ... and Mt. Baker has no golf courses, for obvious reasons. A few years ago, in Spring, I skied up there in the morning and early afternoon. Came home, went to my favorite watering hole, then decided to play nine holes of golf. Golf, skiing and drinking, all in the same day... life is good. I feel for you guys. Snow is wonderful and beautiful, but after awhile it becomes oppressive and prolongs the time you can get back on the course.
  4. Winter Depression Thread

    138 inches... pfffft. 45 miles east of me they average 663 inches a year. In 1999 they set a record for 1,140 inches! The catch is it's the Mt. Baker Ski Area. I don't try to play golf up there. Though they did once have a miniature golf course at a hotel there.
  5. Winter Depression Thread

    but low score is back on the golf course sooner.
  6. When is it too cold to golf?

    Guys have gotta play golf when guys have gotta play golf. No way around it. I hope your foursome went to the nearest swanky bar for warm brandies.
  7. When is it too cold to golf?

    I will have to try your spit trick. I use an adjustable rubber tee, which when struck, ends up down the fairway somewhere, left or right on its own accord. Or sometimes behind me.
  8. Winter Depression Thread

    I've been hitting the range every day for the last 3 weeks, puring my swing. I did play one day last week when things thawed out from the usual 28 degrees. Shot even par. I figure I'm getting way ahead of my golfing buddies... the usual foursome. One won't play unless it's 45 degrees, another won't set foot on the course unless it's 47 degrees. And the 3rd guy isn't showing his face around the course until it's 60. And they wonder why I always win the matches... silly little thing called practice and refinement.
  9. Would you play a non-conforming (illegal) driver?

    Pablo, I have heard that as well. That the more times you hit a ball off the face of your driver the springier and more trampoline-like it gets. But there's a limit, eventually you will crack the face... I have done it on two drivers in the last couple years.
  10. Would you play a non-conforming (illegal) driver?

    I just bought one used and it arrived a few days ago... the ERC II with ramped up COR. Got it for giggles. $23.00 including shipping. I would never use it in a tournament and I would never count scores for handicap purposes. And I've already texted all my foursome buddies to let them know I might use it for fun and that I'd tell them if I was playing with it. Also offered to let them try it out during a round for giggles, too. Well, I took it to the range, took it to the course. It is about 10-15 yards shorter on carry (balls are plugging in the fairways this time of year) than my "daily driver", but man oh man is it accurate! An unexpected surprise. However, this may be from a 2 inch shorter shaft that is a regular flex compared to my usual stiff flex. Now I just need to discover how to get that accuracy to go with my longer-hitting driver, without losing any distance. It's an interesting and informative experiment.
  11. Winter Depression Thread

    The city will put it on its golf course.
  12. Winter Depression Thread

    No winter depression for the moment. Warming up here. Saturday/Sunday should be great days to play... albeit with drives that plug in the fairway. I have a new driver being delivered today, and a bottle of Ardbeg single-malt scotch sent from Blackwell's in San Francisco... golf life is good.
  13. Winter Depression Thread

    Compressed snow is good for practicing sand trap shots. If you're handed lemons turn them into lemonade. If you're handed snow turn it into a greenside bunker.
  14. Winter Depression Thread

    A twist on the old line: I shoot in the 30's (for 9 holes). If it's any colder I won't play.
  15. Would you play a non-conforming (illegal) driver?

    I can't answer two of your questions. But I did read that when new the ERC II sold for $625.

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