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  1. I will choose number one, hitting the ball solidly. At least then I know I am moving in the right direction for future rounds of golf. I'll accept a little good luck but I do not want to score well because I've been getting very lucky. And if I'm allowed a preference for when good luck strikes, I'll take it on the 18th hole after pressing all bets.
  2. Based on the length of the backswing I think John Daly already read it. Only 18 majors to go for him.
  3. Is that umbrella holder removable? After my cart blew over twice in a rain/windstorm with the umbrella up, spilling all my clubs, I removed the holder and never went back. So much easier to wear a beanie, rain jacket, rain pants and a pair of rain gloves. If I want to put up a sail to catch the wind I'll buy a darn sailboat.
  4. If you play golf it's a given that you have a brain injury...
  5. I want his golf shoes... Gotta love WikiHow. "27 Steps for Tieing a Shoelace" and "33 Steps for Opening a Tube of Toothpaste". Oh, and "2 Steps for Solving a Check Engine Light".
  6. ... other than the child support. And the credit card payments for the new Titleist clubs...
  7. Realize some nerd who has never played golf wrote this based on an article he once read about the golf swing.
  8. Very good, very specific checklists... and very honest with yourself. Unless the athleticism simply isn't there you should do well. Talk to us at the end of the season when you're sporting that 7 handicap index. 😊 One of my golfing friends went years without breaking 80, then he did it twice in two weeks! With a 76 each time. So don't aim to break 80... aim to BUST 80.
  9. I am looking at playing up at Whistler next summer, if the elbow is ready. Thanks... I will cull the Nicklaus course from my list.
  10. I have played all 3 nine hole courses at Sahalee but I can't remember many of the holes other than the downhill par 3 over the water. Lots of trees lining the fairways. Stay in the fairway.
  11. And then there's the art museum and Art Hill... perfect for sledding in the winter. And, on the same plot of land as the 4th hole of the old Forest Park Golf Course! When I fled St. Louis as a young man (still am relatively) I ran off to your neck of the palm trees. Well, Miami Beach actually. Then Miami Springs.
  12. That's not why I went on golf courses during the night when I was in college. I had a basement apartment in a house and my landlady insisted I have no girls in the house.
  13. That is a good goal to have... returning to the land where you first played the game. I have thought about returning to St. Louis to play some of the courses I played as a teen. Back then I was short and straight... 115 pounds, 5' 10". Now I hit that spheroid a long distance but sometimes a little crooked. I bet I can remember my driving distance on every hole... thinking I might be 50 yards past those spots today. But then again, it's St. Louis... nobody goes back once they've left...
  14. Get off my lawn! Get off my lawn-like golf course!
  15. Because with your semi-youth and additional years you have newfound wisdom and understanding. Those slow folks ahead of you on the road or the golf course... they are you in 10 years.
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