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  1. Gosh, I love having a doctor on the forum. About my golfer's elbow...
  2. I tried to look up Koepka's record at Pebble Beach at the AT&T tournaments. Apparently he doesn't play in those. Maybe he doesn't like pro/ams with the likes of Bill Murray. Yes, that pond barely comes into play. You'd have to hit a fat shot like the rest of us to plink one in the water.
  3. And there's water, more or less, on 9 of the holes. Water on only one hole at Bethpage Black.
  4. I look at it this way: How many holes-in-one will you have in your lifetime? One, if you're lucky. $300-$400 on good drinks (plus tips) for everyone, amortized over your golf career, comes to about $6 per year. You can afford it. Hell, it's less than one new driver! And you'll enjoy the adulation and good cheer of your buddies in the grill room far more than that rare 295 yard launching of the ball off that new driver.
  5. I was a young pup at 21 years of age when I logged my first and only hole-in-one. It was the final hole on my course and the head pro was on the adjacent practice range and witnessed it. At dusk. Well, he was more excited than I was and he ushered me into the clubhouse grill room where there were about 20 golfers sitting at the bar. At the time I was a non-drinker. Everyone started shouting that I needed to buy them a round of drinks. Young and innocent I thought I was being scammed. I didn't know the protocol. I did not buy the drinks and headed home. Now I realize my faux pas. So, all my friends know, when I get that next hole-in-one, I'm buying drinks for all, including anyone nearby, on the range, in the parking lot, mowing the practice putting green, in the bathroom, driving by. I have to make up for my original sin. I may also get out the credit card, call up my old course (it was in Hawaii) and buy drinks for anyone at the bar.
  6. Phil... you could have used that device in the U.S. Open Local Qualifier at Gold Mountain :)
  7. TV hype, but nobody can will a putt to go in. If the pros could really do this then they'd will a lot more putts to go in during their early rounds. I once "willed" a 2 footer to go in but it wouldn't even start rolling. Afterwards my brain hurt.
  8. If he was perfect he would have won every tournament he entered. Unless someone else was even more perfect that week. Perfection does not exist in golf.
  9. WARNING - FamousDavis Is An Extremely Difficult Poster Which We Recommend Only For Highly Patient Posters. (Just having a little fun with you Davis)
  10. Welcome! Look out for FamousDavis! Baseball mechanics? Hit to right field.
  11. This William Tornquist keeps turning up in your dialogues. Would you be so kind to supply his email address and/or telephone number so we can verify your veracity?
  12. And to think he started off with a birdie to gain 2 strokes on Koepka.
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