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  1. It's a Florida golf course... of course there's lots of water. In Florida if you dig a 6" deep hole you've got yourself a small pond.
  2. Living in Ireland and Florida doesn't lend itself to knowing much about pizza.
  3. ... better than getting a DRE by a forklift. (Okay, I'll be serious the remainder of the day maybe)
  4. There can be other things that are relatable than just skill set. I have a friend who relates to Rory because they both like Domino's pizza, loaded.
  5. What were you juggling? Medicine balls or affairs?
  6. If you figure that out it could be worth a lot of money.
  7. Oh brother! He's a North Carolinian... you play in the heat. I grew up in St. Louis. If you want to play golf you've got to play in the heat and, in the Spring, you've got to play in the wind.
  8. IDK. How can one overlook 18 majors? Do you have Hogan in 2nd place? 😃
  9. How about a 1A and a 1B? For different reasons they both qualify as GOATs...
  10. ... so by the time you're 90 you won't be shooting your age? Well, there's always 100.
  11. Tee ball doesn't count. 😀 So you are an outlier to my theory (duly noted) that if you play multiple sports in your kid-hood you will be a better golfer as an adult. By adulthood you're achieved the hand/eye coordination thing and you've got part of the touch/feel/timing/sports strength equation down.
  12. Sounds like your friend has a good attitude but he's likely never broken 90. Guessing he's a lot of fun at the 19th hole.
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