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  1. My swing does not look like Tiger Wood's swing. But my girlfriends look like his girlfriends.
  2. Be careful about those spoiler reports for people on the West coast. Be careful about those spoiler reports for people on the West coast.
  3. Is that why John Daly didn't get to use a cart?
  4. I'm going through a kind of "Golfer's Elbow" issue right now. The UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) is either strained, sprained or torn. The latter is what leads major league pitchers to get Tommy John surgery. Hopefully that's not my case. I am seeing a sports doctor tomorrow morning. Two months of only chipping and putting. Done the cortisone shot, x-ray, creams, braces, compression sleeves, ultrasound, physical therapy. I may be looking at prolotherapy which is very expensive.
  5. You are welcome. Your Dad sounds like a guy who took things into his own hands. One of my favorite courses in college was Climatology.
  6. Vinsk... I knew you would appreciate that comment. You can ask your patients to do the same.
  7. Dear Meteorologist Buckeye... love those ping pong range balls. They fly like a pitcher's knuckleball... giving you no feedback for improvement. The range owner should be ashamed of him/herself. At my local course there's a bin of range balls... you fill your own basket. I handpick balls with dimples. Dimples are necessary for lift and practicing left or right curvature.
  8. So it's to his advantage that there are slow groups. The more slow groups the more holes that are open.
  9. Most course monitors are retired and over 60. This guy has dreads?! I already like him. Maybe he'll slip you a joint.
  10. Hell, tip everybody! You can't take it with you. When I fly I always tip the pilot. At a classical concert I tip the bass player. I tip my doctor after a DRE. When I spent a few days at Pebble Beach I tipped everyone in the lodge even though tipping wasn't required and tips were factored into your room rate. Tell ya what, I was the most popular guy there that week... and they all called me by name. Even took my caddie out for a drink in addition to his tip. Tipping can be fun and liberating. Most of the foregoing is true.
  11. Looks like my front lawn. Thinking I need to get out the mower.
  12. Zippo, today's a good day to get out and practice with your putter. Blue skies. Just don't take the Hannegan road.
  13. Just be careful none of those become the "perfect" ball for you. Might be difficult finding any more of them.
  14. Tiga Tiga plays golf in his speedo. Good for you not to ask.
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