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  1. No, it's true. You gain an extra 3/4 inch on your drives. 1/2 inch on your 7 iron distance. And they do have cute bottoms.
  2. God bless soft spikes! "But officer, if you write me a ticket I'll stomp you with these sharp, metal spikes." And you'll have to get your shift Sargeant to repair the spike marks.
  3. We mostly have rain and dreary and soggy... well-hit drives plug and back up a foot. But generally, one can play golf through the winter here in the Pacific Northwest. When we get snow it melts within a week. When the temps drop into the high 20"s, f**k it... I still play. 5 layers.
  4. I hear that. Oftentimes I like to go out early, on the back 9, as a single. I'll try to time it so I get on the course before the morning's first group is turning. I'll play a wide open 9 holes in about an hour/hour 15. I know all the greenskeepers by their first name and I pay attention to keep them safe. I'm the hour and 15 minutes if any of them want to chat. But getting to that 10th tee from the parking lot is always nervewracking... sometimes the first group off #1 is super fast and I'm out of luck. So it's fast-motion from trunk to tee. Gotta intentionally slow down the swing a bit...
  5. Jamo... you start the itch early! You do realize Winter doesn't start for 9 more days. ☺️
  6. 2.3 hours without a cart. In the rain and wind at Pacific Dunes. I just wanted to get dry, inside, in front of a fireplace and have a hot toddy.
  7. Under 4 hours. Depends on how long it takes Mark to line up putts... and the groups in front of us...
  8. Dagolfer... you seem to be good foursome material as well. My "speedy" foursome is now up to 5 golfers. I was on the putting green next to the parking lot. I'd make a few, miss a few and then look up again... and he was still fussing at his car.
  9. FlyingAce... you, too, can play in my foursome any day... Mcanadians, you may play in my foursome, too. Just bring your "Worth a Crap" game that day... 😊
  10. You are welcome to play in my foursome any day... I always allow anyone setting up a Clicgear golf cart an extra 5 minutes. 😄 And I get it if you're waiting for a friend or your tee time's not for 30 minutes. Unless you like to warm up first.
  11. That explains the person in the checkout line at the grocery store... looking for change, using coupons in the extreme, chit-chatting (I do that with the checker if nobody is behind me), asking the checker to go back into the store to replace an item, not being ready when payment is due, etc., etc.
  12. I might be onto something. While on the practice putting green I noticed a guy drive up and unpack his clubs in the adjacent parking lot. It took him about 20 minutes to accomplish everything... removing clubs, putting on shoes, fussing, fussing and more fussing. Don't think I would have wanted to play behind that guy. It made me remember I have a golf friend who does the same thing... 10-15 minutes at his car before navigating to the pro shop. And he's slow on the course. (FWIW, I'm about a minute at my car) Does anyone here think there's a correlation between this type of behavior and pace of play? Bigger question: Are some of us just built to be slow?
  13. Maybe similar to what LeBron James did the other night? He was slowly dribbling down court, picked up the ball and continued walking and then began to dribble again. Sort of a brain fart.
  14. ... and that rock wall along the sand trap for the last 150 yards, is totally artificial... and holding up the turf on that side. And the iconic big tree not far from the green was replaced about 10 years ago with another mature one. It took a few days to bring it in on a flatbed... across some of the course, laying sheets of plywood ahead of the truck so the fairway wasn't rutted. Quite the story of how they did that. Golf California: Pebble Beach Golf Links, tree, California Since Pebble Beach Golf Links opened in 1917, the 18th green, one of the greatest finishing holes in all of golf, was protected by...
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