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  1. Is this a reversal by the Provincial Health Minister for all of B.C.? I wish they would do that down here in Washington State. I'm for all restrictions that need to apply, no problem. I'd even add a few of my own.
  2. I love the kid behind the pastor whose hand has turned into a cell phone...
  3. No. 5: The Stand-Up Putter Right behind fire, the wheel and the steam engine on the list of innovations that have changed the course of history is the Stand-Up Putter. The moment when the putter is first shown standing alone and upright on the green is too sublime for words. Surely, man walking upright for the first time could not have been so majestic. The Stand-Up Putter would have revolutionized the pre-putt routine. After picking a line and making practice strokes, the golfer would simply step back from the putter at address to double-check the alignment of the putter. The putter, for its part, would simply stand there waiting for your return like an adoring dog. Of course, as we all know, if your putter is square to your target, then you’ll necessarily hole your putt. Silly things like body alignment, putter path, acceleration and deceleration, putt speed and, silliest of all, reading the putt correctly, matter little when you have a putter that’s a marvelous freestanding structure.
  4. Top 10 Worst Golf Infomercial Products of All Time You know them, you hate them, and if you watch Golf Channel, you’ve seen plenty of them. Golf infomercials present the...
  5. The Square Strike wedge with the green plastic insert is still running around under my skin. No offense to anyone here who owns one.
  6. When you say "only members can walk the course" do you mean that they can play?
  7. Understood. Unless your only problem is alignment.
  8. Love it! I go to the ScriptLab to write TV commercial scripts... it's an early departure with laptop to my favorite lounge with just the right gin & tonic to kickstart the creative portions of my brain. Unfortunately, all my cohorts at work are onto it. They think I'm going out drinking... they just don't understand. I'm writing with brain lubrication.
  9. Nobody wants to accept the real reason their boyfriend left...
  10. You have cabin fever. A stand up putter, when you stand behind it, shows you precisely where it's lined up. Being human we can still do misreads of the break, fail to hit the putt along the intended line... and at the wrong speed. But the stand up putter does remove one variable... moments before we screw up all the other variables...
  11. Interesting. I think my friend has more performance issues himself than the golf balls he uses. Doesn't play in tournaments.
  12. I have a frugal friend in LA who buys Titleist X- out practice balls and uses them on the course.
  13. Sheesh... I just bought new driver online and when it arrives I'll have no place to try it out. Ugggh... Unless I want to hit balls into the bay and perhaps end up pulling a "Kramer" when I plug the blowhole of a whale.
  14. I'm still using my old gutta perchas until they're gone...
  15. The MTB Black is on par (or on birdie) with the Pro V1.
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