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  1. Opie turned out to be a better film director than a singer.
  2. Seems like it might not be the shaft flex but the swing. Is everything turning too early or too dramatically? Hips, chest, shoulders going way left? Over-the-top can do it as well, by shifting your downswing plane. Try finishing your swing higher. Others on here might have better answers. Welcome to the site!
  3. You and your passport will vaporize. Because of the chip that was installed.
  4. Out here in WA state I don't know that feeling anymore. All the barstools have been hidden away for over a year...
  5. There is diversity there... but it correlates to talent. Remember, the best golfers earn their way onto the tour. You just can't say Jamaicans are under-represented and put a couple of them on tour. By the same token nobody in my neighborhood is on tour. It's a travesty. I'll volunteer. And you mentioned you like golf over sports like gymnastics, diving, and figure skating, not some subjective aesthetic or style points. If the PGA Tour was the latter then Adam Scott would win every tournament.
  6. I want Pfizer to make my flu vaccine!
  7. I'd rather a good Salvadore Dali in my sand traps. Monet for bridges over water hazards. (I mean penalty areas)
  8. I tried this for about two weeks. Was great on the range. Not so much on the course. And I couldn't hit it quite as long as Kyle.
  9. Does that mean the user has to re-rake the same pattern? I was kinda liking no raking during the pandemic. Now I have to work on my Kandinsky technique???
  10. Why does it have to be "kids or golf"? Why not both? Once a week Mom (or Dad) gets time off to do their hobby and then you get time off to do yours. Or it could even be twice a week. Makes for better, happier parents. The kids win, too.
  11. Ahh, the ol' quilt pattern. I'll take that over the giant genitalia someone drew in a bunker on my course a few weeks ago. Apparently the juvenile-minded golfer didn't have enough sandbox time as a kid.
  12. Dang! I thought you used a long carpenter's tape measure... which, as an aid, is probably illegal. 😁 Just kidding. "Hey Bill, will you hold this end at the hole while I stretch the tape out to 30 feet?"
  13. I assume you do this during "downtime" on the green, when nobody is putting and not waiting until your turn to putt. Trust me, pacing off a 30 footer, both ways for 60 feet, is time consuming. But not if you do it while someone else is lining up a putt.
  14. Yes, it's okay. Jack did it. Many others. I can see the value if you are no longer as flexible as you were in your youth. Personally, I believe it requires more timing.
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