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  1. Hey! I used to live in Breck! As a ski bum, of course. Now I'm a golf bum.
  2. I just chatted with the other Phil yesterday. Phil G., formerly of Shuksan Golf Course, now at Lake Padden Golf Course. He says you are very long off the tee.
  3. Good point. Would you be so kind to send me a box full of those clubs, I will try them out.
  4. It was my word against his word. EBay is not going to put together a team and visit this guy's house to see if the shirt is actually still there.
  5. I keep a Bullseye (with flange) in the study and putt with it every once in awhile. I was deadly with it in college. Now I wonder how that ever happened.
  6. I'm a freakin' mudder. I don't care... I like to play all winter. Yes, my drives plug. But it gives me a new perception of the course, different than August, when everything is artificially longer. The good of it is that errant shots don't roll off the fairway or into the bordering creek. And shots into the green stop immediately. I dress for it and adapt. And it's fast... very few others on the course. And there's always the hot toddy afterwards. Life is good. Go life go.
  7. Last week I won a bid on a Lacoste golf shirt (think crocodile) and nobody else bid. $85 shirt for 8 bucks. After I won the seller cancelled the sale. Fishy as hell. Contacted the seller and he said he lost the shirt. BS! Had to wait a week but I posted a really negative review for him.
  8. Look at it in a positive way. Your back can go hang out with Tiger Wood's neck.
  9. Just giving you a hard time. You won't know if that putter is any good until you try it out in a real life situation, on the course. Good luck to you.
  10. It looks like a hammer with a target on the face for hitting the nail on the head.
  11. A double whammy. The first course I ever played as a kid has been turned into a mall. And the course in Hawaii where I scored my only hole-in-one is now condominiums.
  12. Uh, that would be a Sear's Craftsman.
  13. Guessing the ex-governor was of a different political party, to make matters worse.
  14. Good story, funny and well-timed. You need to write for Golf Digest. Ya know, John Updike did that.
  15. Summer in St. Louis. Hot. Hanging out with some friends in the street... talkin'. One guy says he and his dad played golf the day before. Boredom sets in. The guy says he can heist his dad's clubs and we could go to a nearby par 3 golf course and all three of us could play out of the same bag. The catch was that one of the moms needed to drive us there. Game on! That was the beginning. Played 1st man on my high school team, 4th man on my college team (full athletic scholarship), two NCAA Tournaments. Played in Miami and Hawaii for 2 years refining my game. Now I'm lucky to be playing to a 2.9 handicap. Life is good. Golf has been good to me.
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