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  1. Let's hear it for cheese curds! A few years ago I took my son to the Tillamook Cheese factory in Oregon. After tasting some cheese curds for the first time we bought some and entered nirvana... We also played a little 9 hole course across the street from the cheese factory. Minus curds.
  2. I just asked two colonists what "F Why Eye" means and they didn't know... 😁
  3. I think Morikawa's too small to intimidate Koepka. We'll leave the intimidation to Bryson. And dude, what's with all the egg yolks in your personal icon photo?! (Though the dish looks delicious) Has your heart doctor approved of the photo? Check with Vinsk...
  4. I can just see him and Erik going at it... Or maybe they would bond over the science commonality.
  5. Would you bring that up early or later in your conversation? And would you let him know we discuss him on TST? And invite him to join the forum...
  6. Well, I think I'd rather sit down and have a glass of wine with BDC than BK. The former being a much more interesting person. Though I'd like to get into BK's head from a psychological standpoint to see what is really there.
  7. That's what BK should have said to BDC, instead of going all bombastic. Now that would have been funny! Perhaps BK needs Zippo as his on-course manager???
  8. But Koepka was at work... 😁
  9. Eh, not so fast. Not everything on TV is delayed. Think of all the things we've heard over the years that didn't get bleeped. I was speaking more to Koepka's character or lack thereof.
  10. I wonder if Koepka thought the interview was live and on-air when he dropped his nasty string of f-bombs for the dainty of heart and children to hear? Or did he know it was a recorded interview for usage later?
  11. Brooks doesn't seem like a guy to banter...
  12. Not a fan of Jack at all. But, to his credit, he was selective in the tournaments he played. All majors and regular tournaments on the tougher courses. No easy tracks to improve his scoring average.
  13. Some network should create and televise the Rumble at Rancho (Park). BK vs. BDC, golf gloves off...
  14. Picture that being Phil and Rickie. Wholly different.
  15. Bryson was needling Brooks in good fun. Not sure why Brooks had such a nasty response. Probably means he's not smart enough to dredge up a good comeback.
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