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  1. Oh, and this Frost poem... thinking it touches a nerve within all of us: "My curse words rose with a dinning shout.One chasing another going out.I thought of doing something to the courseThat sickles do to thickest gorse.Clouds hung dark and low in the skies,And echoed my profanities in stark reprise.You could not tell, it seemed as ifMy purpose here was to stage each whiff,Whiff followed by whiff, and more besides.It looked as if my inept bona fidesWere on display, not only for the day, an age.Someone had better be prepared for rage.There will be more than my driver broken,Before my I’m calling it quits was spoken."
  2. Two Glove Gainey. He later became known as Two Prostitute Gainey.
  3. When I was ineptly and mistakenly thinking I could become good enough to make the tour it was my plan to play without logos... on bag, shirt, cap... anywhere. I would have been a pauper on tour. Thank goodness I wasn't good enough.
  4. Nevets... Mr. Frost actually played this frustrating game! Robert Frost Suffers Depression after a Particularly Bad Round of Golf*Scores rising and hopes falling fast oh fast,On a golf course I played this weekend past.My effort, like my game, is out of bounds.My game’s a bag of botches first and last.The trees and ponds have them, they are theirs.My golf balls are smothered in their lairs.And just when I think my game’s come around,A double bogey takes me unawares.And those double bogeys will be more ere they be less.How many would be impossible to guess.My stock and store of curse words are expended;I can express nothing—there’s nothing to express.I am not fooled by talk of golf’s graces,As if it were a promised-land oasis.No Canaan looms to redeem my doffing game.I wander lost in its desert places.
  5. Phil... you are on point on this topic. I own a home that looks out over the bay and the islands beyond... I never take the view for granted. I am blessed. Beautiful sunsets every day of the year... when it's not raining. But Bellingham has no view ordinance. So my neighbor in front of me, who moved into her house without vegetation some years after I bought my place (and view) has decided she wants to live in "The Little House in the Woods" and has planted a forest around her house. Her forest came to fruition last year and now I am losing some of my view. Though reluctantly. I am fighting back. Definitely not a Third World problem. But a big chunk of my property value is wrapped up in the view. Maybe I should put up a 65' net! And start having wild, loud parties every night. You're invited.
  6. Well, if I break 70 he gets $200. If I shoot 80 he gets 5 bucks.
  7. A few years ago, for fun, I bought a used Callaway ERC whatever whatever driver. It had an illegal COR and was defended by Arnold Palmer. I put it into play just for the Spring and notified all my playing partners that I was illegal. Even let them try it out when their curiosity got the best of them. Also, I posted no scores using it. And I didn't wager. Funny thing, it was shorter than my usual driver... it was 15 year old technology... so other aspects were lacking even though the COR was over .90.
  8. I always bring a USGA official with me when I play a solo round. Story: I couldn't play golf last summer because of torn tendons in my elbow. But my golf buddies continued. One day Chad (name changed to protect the guilty) texted me after his round that he had just shot a 72. He averages 78 to 82, had never shot even par, and always rakes away tricky 3 and 4 footers. I wanted to feel good for him but I couldn't, knowing he did not putt out everything. And when you don't have to make the return putt you can safely charge the hole with your first putt. So poor Chad never got the full enthusiasm I could have, and wanted, to give him.
  9. I hear ya. In agreement. In the best of all possible worlds we should be able to walk right onto the golf course. I actually do that but I backtime when groups go off the front (7:30ish) and then I show up 1.5 hours later to play the back 9. Most days they can accommodate me and I zip around in about an hour or so with nobody in front of me. And I get to be on a first name basis with the entire greenskeeping crew since they've already moved over to the back 9 by the time I get there.
  10. Gotta schedule those tee times... 😄
  11. You dredged up my Valentine's Day post. My buddy's about a 13.
  12. And let that wax seep onto the face of the driver and you'll hit the ball straighter. And it'll be illegal.
  13. And if you can hit your 7 iron 185+ you should be on tour or in a side show at the circus...
  14. I think if you have the intention of hitting the 3 wood you can lower it straight down through the blades of grass, not bending the grass further back so you can make a cleaner swing. Practice swing next to your ball and chop up as much grass as you'd like. If your intent is to then actually hit a wedge with an improved lie... well, that's dishonest.
  15. Would you rather...? #19: Be able to play golf as well as you do now BOTH righty and lefty, for the rest of your life… or… Reduce your handicap by 25% relative to +4 (i.e. an 18 is 22 strokes away, so 5.5 strokes) for the rest of your life? I'll go with #1 for those two times a year my ball is up against a tree and I need to swing opposite-handed. Just kidding... #2.
  16. Not sure. Never got to know Darcy, 'cause I never stopped for lunch. Though I did once have breakfast before a scramble tournament. 10... I've only carried those trees once. I'd rather go for the green on 15. (Just checked the website. Looks like Darcy is still there.)
  17. That's why we "speedsters" lap the field because we carry a high protein bar for lunch... to eat on the run. My entire group. We never stop for lunch. Stopping for lunch is a luxury. Do it, enjoy it, chomp on that polish dog, have a beer, but don't expect to retain your spot.
  18. How do you feel about stand-up putters for correct aiming?
  19. That's funny! Actually he was destroying the sandcastles behind his ball. Watch for Reed bringing a trash can onto the golf course. Poor Patrick... he's got to live with this for the rest of his life.
  20. I wore metal spikes in the twilight of their life. The day I switched to soft spikes I slipped on two slopes near the tee box. I learned quickly. Haven't slipped since. Though I have a friend who slips about 4 times a year, especially in the winter. Especially when he's inputting info into his iphone as he leaves the green.
  21. The 10th tee needs to have a sign you can flip: Golfers in grill having lunch (polish dogs)... please go ahead of us.
  22. The course I mostly play has a land-line phone on the 9th tee. (What the hell is a land-line phone???) You can call in your lunch order and pick it up as you turn. You are the exception to the roll... the roll with the bratwurst on it...
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