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  1. With some exceptions, courses should remain open. Golfers need to respect the rules. But I guess it looks like some kind of favoritism when everything else is in lockdown and the golf courses are open, so it's difficult to pull off. In terms of restrictions in general, they need to fit the threat... and that threat is somewhat different for different populations and for those who are immune system compromised.
  2. They're just not listening. Like kids. Hold a mini walk-thru seminar for each foursome as they are preparing to tee off. Show... don't tell. Put peanut butter or jelly on your hands and show them how it comes off on the card. Shake their hands wishing them good luck as they tee off. (Last line, J/K)
  3. I have a friend I play with on occasion, we call him Larry the Cable Guy, because of his attire and looks. Fun guy, great golfer. Shoots in high 60's and low 70's. But I've never seen him wear a mask. He's jovial, so when we walk down the fairway, Larry telling a story, he gravitates toward me, easily breaking the 6 foot barrier. By the time we reach our shots, because I try to maintain a 6 foot buffer, we end up on one side of the fairway, depending on which side of me he walks. I totally understand Covid Fatigue. But we need to stay vigilant, even though it is not fun and does not come naturally. Your dying body will not understand Covid Fatigue. But then it's too late to say, "Oh I should have just...".
  4. It is likely that a certain percentage of golfers are infected with the virus. So it is a good thing that they are, at least for a few hours per day, removed from the general population inhabiting restaurants, coffee shops, public places. Lucky for us our governor is a golfer and his father-in-law is a golf pro. Thus he has two people in his ear giving him perspective.
  5. Find a soccer field (they play soccer in Ireland, yes?😃) and hit full pitching wedges. That's what I did during our lockdown in April. When I was craving hitting the driver I went to a recently closed driving range, snuck on, and hit old balls. Good thing 'cause the grass had grown to almost 7-8" and I lost almost every ball.
  6. I have a newfound respect for and a heightened likability factor for Mr. Spieth now, for the reserved and mature way he handled this episode. Wonder how Mr. DeChambeau might have fared???
  7. I think in a big match, like an NCAA Championship, the coach might want to roll the dice and go with Mr. Erratic to have a chance of winning. Or of finishing last. The "all-or-nothing approach" .
  8. I was Mr. Consistent in college and now I am Mr. Erratic. I would like to revisit my former self.
  9. Nothing worse than a sausage injury.
  10. 7 golfers ventured onto the course that day. Only one finished. I'll let you guess. Conditions not as bad as you had, but 45 mph winds, rain sideways as well... and my caddie wanted to quit after 16. I made the mistake of wearing corduroys that day. They weighed about 40 pounds when I completed the round. Power went out that night at the inn... generator kicked on to allow for dinner at McKee's Pub.
  11. Did you stick to the ocean 6? Good pic... a lot of wet rain gear there. Reminds me of my Pacific Dunes experience...
  12. Good job... you took the video totally to heart.
  13. This photo speaks of my obstinate persistence. We'd gone over a week with snow covering every course... cabin fever was setting in. Finally, North Bellingham opened their back nine with about 10% snow coverage (though it doesn't look like it from this photo). Local rule was a free drop from any snowbank, no closer to the hole. This particular hole, #16, a par 3, has a deep ravine in front of the green. What you see are snowdrifts from the winds that can howl across the course. So glad they carved a path through this winter wonderland.
  14. That's why I never sign up for anything... free trial, one year subscription, etc.... with a credit card because in the fine print if you don't notify them in writing (or similar) that you want to cancel they can legally charge your card for more of the same. They make it so that the onus is on you to cancel in a timely manner. Sorry, I'm not writing all that stuff down or putting it as a reminder on my phone. That's their scam... you'll forget and they get to charge your card for another cycle.
  15. Poor Charles. I hope they're not playing teams, otherwise Charles would be like the proverbial kid in grade school PE that nobody picks...
  16. I hear Breanna Stewart of the World Champion Seattle Storm can hit a golf ball almost 300 yards. And could block every shot the members of this forum might take in a casual half-court game of one-on-one...
  17. World Series of Stupid Asses = Zinger vs. Collingsworth. (Said somewhat tongue-in-cheek 'cause I wouldn't want to try what they're doing) Faldo... run-on BS about swing mechanics that if he had successfully applied to himself, Jack Nicklaus' record would have already been broken and Tiger Woods would just be a footnote. Oops... just saw Erik's comment after I posted. Guilty as charged. Though I am the king of "off topic". But to repeat myself regarding ball distance and bifurcation: "These guys work really hard to get better and better... let their hard work be rewarded with lower scores, not golf balls that don't go as far."
  18. Sounds like a fun game. I especially like when the announcer tells us what we already see on the screen... golf, baseball, football, curling. "Okay, he's wielding his broom now, lots of sweeping..."
  19. The alternative is to let the scores go lower and keep the courses as they are. These guys work really hard to get better and better... let their hard work be rewarded with lower scores, not golf balls that don't go as far.
  20. They are made by Wilson and you can find them for sale online.
  21. I would be confident to hit a flop shot with that, without even opening the face.
  22. Me... me... me. 45, 48, 54, 56, 60. I could do 6 if I added my 64 degree back in the mix.
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