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  1. Yes. Too much lateral movement and not enough hip rotation will leave the club face open. So slices and probably shanks as well are common.
  2. That move is right. That is what I recently found out I was doing wrong. I had been keeping so much flex that I was dipping down and moving to much laterally towards the target, which prevented my hips from turning through.
  3. Today I was on a par 3 that was exactly 195 to the pin (I shot it with my RF). I played this hole twice today and hit 2 the second time around. The first time I hit a 7 iron and it landed on the back fringe and spun back 2 feet and was still on the fringe at about 205 yards. The second time I played the hole I decided to hit an 8 iron. I mishit it and came up 10 yards short of the pin. I hit another with the 8 iron and hit that one into the back left trap at around 205 yards. So I guess I hit my 7 205yards and my 8 also 205, but only when struck well....
  4. I hit mine at around 95 yards and hit it high. "de-lofting" is naturally occurring in a good golf swing. The degrees of loft is measured when the shaft is straight up and down, while you are supposed to make contact with the ball with your hands out in front of the club head.
  5. I have had the same problem. I do it/did it because I did down on my downswing. The reason I have been dipping down is because I have had too much lateral movement towards the target and my left leg is staying flexed and moving out instead of straightening up.
  6. As golf is a gentleman's game, you should have brought it up to him. Never go tell behind their back. That is cowardly and ungentlemanly IMO. If he didn't give a proper response, ect... then tell him you are going to report him. It is kind of like if someone were teeing off on a hole and teed up in front of the marker. Tell him before he hits it that he should move it back because he doesn't want and penalties. If you can't tell him in time, keep your mouth shut. Calling a penalty on that is dirty.
  7. Keep a soft left elbow in your follow through. It should stay pretty close to your side and you shouldn't have a problem getting in that position. Your follow through should almost mimic your back swing (straight left, bent right on back swing, and straight right and bent left on follow through.)
  8. Do you draw your irons like that? You might be losing a little yardage by not hitting it straight.
  9. Lee Trevino gave a lesson about this. Hinge your wrist a lot and very early and then just accelerate through the ball.
  10. I have a couple. On Saturday in a 4 man scramble I drove a par 4 and then made the 40 footer for eagle. I couldn't get a read to the pin through the trees with my rangefinder, but google earth says it was 270 and it was into the wind some. Today on #18 (my 9th), after a mis hit slice I found myself 180 yards to a pin behind a pot bunker and the green is slightly elevated. I hit a great 7i to about 4 ft and made birdie. Yay... It's a good finishing hole. Also Today on #9 (my 18th), I had another mishit slice on a touch 455 yard par 4 with big hazard in front of the green. I had 220 to the
  11. 77. And that is with 3 birds
  12. Man, your such a bad ass. Maybe physically harming you isn't such a great idea, but I'd have no problem dishing it back at you and messing your equipment up.
  13. If I was the third guy, you would have your driver wrapped around your head and your putter up your ass...
  14. I drove a par 4 today for the first time in a long time. I play from the tips and there really isn't any chance for me to put it on it one at the course I play on. I made the 35-40 footer for eagle too
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