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  1. Towels, ice cubes, umbrella (looks lame but better than heat stroke), those little portable fans that can spray a mist. Feels like it's more about survival than looking cool.
  2. I don't see a problem with you swinging X flex with 105+ swing speed. I am about that, although on the course I'm swinging about 100. Maybe I'm just used to it, but I load those shafts better. S flex just feels whippier, not to mention R flex. I think people can adjust their swings to get used to them though, it might take a while for some. 115 SS is very fast. Tour average is 115, and I'm surprised you have multiple friends who swing that fast and all were fitted into S flex shafts. Maybe all have very smooth transitions?
  3. Yeah I usually to be safe calculate carry distance with my slight mishit carry distances as I definitely don't sweet spot it every time LOL. Only way I would go for this is if it's downwind and super down hill. Interesting on the tour stats from 50-75. Indoor on a sim I can get tour average numbers, and I'm pretty surprised that it doesn't really correlate to winning. So since it doesn't correlate to scoring (winning), there's really no purpose to hit it to there versus 110. Basically from there I'm missing by 5 yards, and from 110 I'm missing by 10-15 yards. Could be a difference between 1-2 putts versus 2-3 putts for me, so there's a stroke difference. The bunker could negate the stroke, probably adding one stroke. However there is only a 30 pct chance i hit the bunker, so I'm still net up 0.7 strokes. Is that right? So after further review I'm taking a driver and going for it.
  4. I'd hit it at the right bunker, and fade it to the right if I'm feeling good. Otherwise just take a hybrid and lay it up to about 120-150 distance and have an OK shot at the green. Drivers into a bunker could be good or bad. If it gets plugged close to a lip then it's over. I'd stay away from that scenario especially since it's a shorter hole. I don't think the hole gets easier when it gets longer obviously, just there are other holes that probably have even more difficult tee box placements when it jumps back a couple tees so this drops in difficulty. Just relative not absolute. It's a really big bunker though. About 30% of the fairway. Can't carry it 270 to clear it, so I'd avoid it if possible. So option 3 if you want to play smart.
  5. This is a great topic. I think many people get worked up about words when discussing this because they are taking different perspectives. Some choose to understand the situation and describe things a certain way. Some choose to take action and thus don't have issues with the "understanding" camp's words. I don't think it's really people seeing things differently. Mostly people who are choosing to deal with this issue (hypothetically and also in their lives) in different ways. As much as we would like to police the bullying, it's not something that can be fully policed due to the current makeup /setup of the internet. You have very little consequences on what perhaps in the future would be considered cyber crimes. The problem is that it takes a lot of time and laws etc to make this change. And even then, like for example racial discrimination will still happen just because, well, people. But there can be things that can be done, although I think it's way outside the scope of this forum. Good to bring awareness to it though, and should help the community stay healthy.
  6. I think the cheapest home option that is still accurate is probably flightscope xi which is 2500. They have a indoor mode so if you have enough space (see their site for details) then the setup would work. Plus side is you can play all you want and if u get sim software then u can also play simulated 18 holes too.
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