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  1. Quoted this to say "is this Matt Fitzpatrick?" then saw the note underneath it that says "Fitzpatrick?" - so I'm going to say yes that's him.
  2. I was walking by the practice ground and stopped to see who was there. Then tiger showed up 30 seconds later. We stayed and watched him hit short wedges for about 5 minutes. Then my chaperone had to leave. Mom super pleased with how my son did today. We are having dinner now and he just asked me if we could play golf after dinner. Success!
  3. Rahm is coming up on 5. DJ on 10 or 11. Waiting for him in the stand behind the green on 12 with an impatient four year old...
  4. This is fascinating. I feel like catching one thin out of a bunker with an open faced sand wedge was the way to expose the rubber. Did that more than a few times. I remember reading an article in a golf magazine about Ian Woosnam. He’d go through a whole dozen golf balls in one round. I want to say he played maxflis. Seve said he tried never to play with a brand new ball. He felt like he always made bogey with a new ball. I’d be very interested to see what his balls looked like when he was done playing.
  5. You’re gonna have to give me some tips on how to get that out of the house without my wife realizing. That and I'll need to smuggle it in through security. Hmm.
  6. Ack! Tommy Fleetwood is one of my faves. And I know Dan Carraher (Julian Suri’s coach). I’m going tomorrow with my 4 year old. Super excited. Will be keeping an eye out for both of these. I’m going Friday too on my own. Likely spend a little more time in the beer tent on Friday. Need to stay warm tomorrow!
  7. I think there are some aspects of natural ability that will impact your level of play. Things like hand-eye coordination and your body make up - stuff like your natural proportion of fast twitch fibers in your muscles. But I think everyone puts in the work. There is a guy I know who could come out having not played in three months and shoot 67. One year he played 11 rounds of golf, seven of those in one week. The other four rounds were in the major events at our club. The club championship and the spring and autumn gold medals. His four rounds were 66, 67, 71 and 69. He swept comfortably
  8. Saw this on Instagram. You can use this link: http://bit.ly/2WK3Xec . It gives me a few more entries if you do and you get some extra ones too. It’s for charity and will involve giving some money to his foundation, but the prize is pretty sweet. Trip to the Bahamas and a putting lesson for you and a guest at the hero world challenge. You also get a day inside the ropes with tiger in the competition
  9. The big picture is they’re not going to be out anything. They’ll make a profit win or lose. The size of what it costs them and how big the insurance cost is is irrelevant so long as they get back more than they spent. In any case it’s a function of how many clubs they sell. If it’s 40,000 clubs instead of 10,000 then maybe the $5.9 million is right. Again it doesn’t matter. It matters to TaylorMade because they need to figure out exactly the exposure. We are not privy to any of those numbers so we make them up and they tell the story. You’re buried in the weeds.
  10. Aka not very long at all. Out of curiosity do you know if that is the same with all shots or is driver faster than a putter say? Or slower? Or a wedge perhaps?
  11. Indeed. I want to say it’s 1 or 2 thousandths of a second.
  12. I assume you mean the ball here, but I was also under the impression that this had been disproven via high speed film. I don't think the ball rolls up the face.
  13. Is there a little red number in the bottom right?
  14. Yes. The blurb re the no purchase necessary says you need a numbered form. I don't have a numbered form because they didn't have any at either of the two stores I tried, but they gave me a non-numbered one and swore blind it would work. YMMV. I'm tempted to go buy one anyway and just keep it in the wrap too.
  15. Those goofy details don’t change the big picture. I wonder what would happen if you got your check for $582 and returned the club. You may well get the cash. I think you can choose the cash if you do the no purchase necessary thing, but not sure about that.
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