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  1. I'd say it's a pretty pertinent conversation piece of this tournament right now. Haha. The law speaks. a completely pertinent topic given what is going on with the tournament, but if you don't agree, you start to threaten people to shut them down. The only thing that stinks about this site.
  2. None of the drama matters for me, knowing I won't be able to see it finish live.
  3. Exactly[quote name="ChrisP" url="/t/76282/2014-pga-championship-discussion-thread/1320#post_1038000"] Sunset is 8:42. [/quote] Exactly. No way.
  4. Flirting? ?[quote name="ChrisP" url="/t/76282/2014-pga-championship-discussion-thread/1320#post_1037986"]2:20 to play the front nine. These guys are going to be flirting with daylight. Not sure the last group's gonna make it. May not matter anyways for them. Rory's one bogey away from being left out of the party. [/quote] Flirting? No. No possible way this tournament finishes today.
  5. So stupid that they don't plan better when weather is predicted. No reason they couldnt have made this work.
  6. No way. Even without playoff, there's no way. I haven't even heard the commentators mention that fact yet, though.
  7. So pissed this isn't going to finish today. Such a great leaderboard.
  8. They should have bumped times up. It was obvious it was going to storm there today.
  9. Going to be zero time for a playoff. Hope it finishes today, but very possible it doesn't.
  10. The whole part with him using the pen is hilarious, IMO.
  11. Here's an article and clip of it: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/everyone-cares-golf-watch-golf-130435905.html
  12. Yea, I caught that, too. Pretty funny. How did I miss what happened with Bubba? Can someone give me a quick summary? I can't dig back through 20 pages of posts.
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