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  1. Yeah...I played like a rotten tomato at two VG Michigan courses last week with my Cleveland SGI irons. Probably going to return to my SGI Mizunos to score better. I hit them very well yesterday, including the Fli-Hi hybrid-irons. May need to get them adjusted for a little more upright though B/C I like to stand a bit closer to the ball. Thanks to all for understanding that a Very Senior high GHIN golfer may need to get help in the form of SGI clubs as well as instruction. Best, -Marv
  2. Maybe when I get to a 3.6 HCP...In the next life. Best, Marv 😎
  3. My friend felt the need to change from his beloved Mizunos to Titleist AP? (the GI one). He's happy. Also I think the number of pros who include some GI irons in their bag is growing. But what do I know? I'm interested in following your post to learn more. Best, -Marv
  4. Welcome! You will find info here! And comradeship in golf. Just browse the topics and see. Welcome! Best, -Marv
  5. IT'S NOT AND YOU CAN! Some training and practice plus the right driver and shaft...You're on your way. That's what I wanted to impart to you on my post. Now into a wind and into an uphill fairway? Who knows? Conditions are conditions. Keep at it! Best, -Marv
  6. Well, I'm 73 and I hit driver between 180-200 plus roll; sometimes more. I was hitting less until I got a 12* driver with a senior (more flexible) and lighter graphite shaft that was cut and balanced to suit me. (I went to a fitter/club builder who worked on my own driver. I found the shaft was too long.) Second, I worked on speed and tempo. Third, I have built a little strength in my legs with a recumbent exercise bike 2Xday; and in my shoulders with resistance bands. I hope my experience gives you ideas. The other idea is what people think about you is none of your business; in fact, they are more concerned about how they look than about you. Best, -Marv
  7. @RussUK, an off-topic PS: Do you ever watch the GolfVlogsUK - The People's Golfer on YouTube? Looks like lots of fun to be a #Golfmate! Best, -Marv
  8. Mizuno JPX800 HD irons and FLI-HI's that I may re-shaft. But I currently play the the TA6's and other clubs below except I only play one of the wedges. Also have 2 other driver (3 total), 2 other hybrids (3 and 2), a set of Adams 5 and 7 FW, and my deceased father-in-law's pristine Acushnet Bullseye putter. GOOD GRIEF! I'm a pack rat! Best, -Marv
  9. @RussUK, so sorry to learn of your diagnosis. I played my best golf when younger using lightweight graphite stiff shafts (Cleveland ActionLite TA5's). Now at 73 I have the same shafts but in senior flex TA6's. I have another set of irons (Mizuno JPX 800HD) in regular flex that feel heavy to me. So my point: Check BOTH flex and weight of clubs as you go on your journey. Best, -Marv
  10. Right! That's the point...I lost speed and distance so I play a course length right for me. I'm 73 but age doesn't matter. Thanks, -Marv
  11. Yes...Please study the USGA play it forward chart. Also I remember @iacasposting charts on this forum that are helpful in choosing correct tees to match a player's distance. And I've found some courses that accommodate this by recommending a "mix" of tees throughout the 18. All very helpful to those of us who have lost speed and distance. Best, -Marv
  12. I am currently playing a KZG 26*U (5H) and a Callaway Heavenwood 4H. These help me maximize my second shots. But I've been leaving the Callaway Heavenwood 3H at home for the past several months, though it is good off the tee. Best, -Marv
  13. Yay! We've found another one! Many here have similar stories. Use the resistance bands, get a recumbent exercise bike, and go get 'em! Keep us posted...We need to know how you are doing and what got you there. Best, -Marv
  14. A common theme and my story too. @Patch said it: Play on, and have fun. God gave us the game of golf that is different from all other sports and allows everyone to get out there because he loves to see His children at play! Welcome and best to all, -Marv
  15. Yes...LSW taught me this and how to clean up my short game first and work on distance (I work on speed but I won't get off topic). The distance and accuracy of tour players absolutely amazes me. How can Rory hit a 6 iron so far? They are elite athletes who train, train, train. The short hitters also elite athletes can have great success, like Zach Johnson, but it seems to fade (no pun) as more of the young long hitters come on tour. I wish the graphs could show that progression. Best, -Marv
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