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  1. MarvChamp

    Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain - undiagnosed

    @Vinsk and @RyW a recent MRI on my right wrist was interpreted as a POSSIBLE scapholunate ligament tear but hand surgeon, a really good diagnostician, thinks other things are going on due to rheum arthritis and the contractures in my palm (one of which has been clipped). I had EMG's on both wrists and carpal tunnel on the right wrist last November plus various x-rays. So, yeah, best to proceed with all diagnostic tests before deciding on a "cure". Good luck with this painful problem, -Marv
  2. MarvChamp

    Favorite Thing About Golf

    Shivas Irons also says he likes the cart girls in the summertime. 😎 Best, -Marv
  3. MarvChamp

    Playing Golf With Fewer Clubs?

    This is something I am getting ready to do, now that stronger after year-long physical problems. Best, -Marv
  4. MarvChamp

    Favorite Thing About Golf

    Yay! My main man speaks truth! Best, -Marv
  5. MarvChamp

    British Masters Comparisons

    Yeah...I was also thinking of Monty's remarks about the Ryder Cup players. Best, -Marv
  6. MarvChamp

    British Masters Comparisons

    Watching the British Masters, I was struck by (1) the course conditions...The PGA Tour does not play such tournament courses with gorse, bare ground, thinning grass off the fairway; (2) the weather...The pros were ready with the right clothes and just played in cold rain and wind; No bad golf weather, just bad golf clothes. How do you think pro's in the US would have done? Best, -Marv
  7. MarvChamp

    Is a lower body swing key essential

    Yeah...The word "push" may just be describing a feel. If I pause in the backswing, the push/squat is ONE of the things I feel as ALL things begin to unwind for the downswing. For me, an old baseball player, it's kind of like the beginning of the step into the swing. There isn't any for me. I have developed a loose grip and (at least in practice) a swing that throws the clubhead toward the target in right field. Good posts all the way around. I'm still learning in my advanced age. Best, -Marv
  8. MarvChamp

    Is a lower body swing key essential

    Yes. This from Golf Digest in my journal: Pound for pound, Fowler is one of the longest hitters in golf. He gets those extra yards by pushing off the ground. "Look at that squat position in his lower body," Harmon says. "When you go from the ground up, your hands and arms naturally drop into what I call the delivery position."
  9. MarvChamp

    Is a lower body swing key essential

    Rickie Fowler is an example of beginning the downswing pushing his feet down and everything following. That's the way I was taught, but of course it did no good in my case. Best, -Marv
  10. MarvChamp

    Anyone Know If This Guy Eventually Hits the Ball?

    It's all in the twitches, isn't it?
  11. MarvChamp

    Mental Game Practice?

    Back in the younger days, I played a couple of courses and clubs where there were gangsome money games 2-3 days a week open to all. There team scores, individual scores, greenies, low putts...so much trash only the eldest members could explain it. You learned to get good, defined by getting the ball in the hole anyway you could, REAL fast! Lots of fun when you won! When you lost your pot money, not so much. Best, -Masrv
  12. MarvChamp

    Ball Striking Is Improving, but Scores Are Not

    I will second what everyone else has said about LSW. I want to add what I have said in another post: I had to learn to hit the ball with my irons (instruction). Then I had to learn the distance on average that I hit each iron, under what conditions (eg, 10 mph wind at me, behind me, etc.), and whether the distances were efficiently hit to my target or inefficient (offline, etc.) And I had to learn how to manage myself on the course. All that takes much more instruction and practice and play. It is a lifetime job. You can only focus on what TSW teaches...What will pay me the greatest benefits to work on? What can I realistically do on course to avoid penalizing myself or at least put the odds in my favor? Tough game, good game. Best, -Marv
  13. MarvChamp

    New guy from Fort Worth

    Oh, one or two, and a lurker somewhere> Best, -Marv
  14. MarvChamp

    Long par 3's and trouble with hybrids

    Yes, I had to learn to hit each club. Then I had to learn what distances I hit which club under what conditions and whether those were efficient distances or inefficient distances. [A STORY ABOUT DISTANCES, APROPOS TO NOTHING. I have a friend who works with/for a club builder. They make elite clubs for elite athletes, including college players. I overheard the conversation while visiting: "How far do you hit your pitching wedge, Kid?" Kid (proudly), "I hit my wedge 150 yards!" "So, on a 450 yard par 4, you want to carry one or two clubs to go 150 yards, and 11 to go 300? What are the gaps?" ] Yes, THAT is golf! Best, -Marv
  15. MarvChamp

    Srixon Golf Balls

    Srixon Trispeed. Best, -Marv

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