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  1. Yeah, AND I drop my right foot back a bit as well as flare. Helps this old guy. Best, -Marv
  2. MarvChamp

    Golf Saved My Life!

    As an old man, I know each of us is running out of time. Turning to or returning to or staying the course to spiritual aspects of life is a necessity, Golf is a natural in this, as it is IMHO the most spiritual of all games. It just can't help but show a way to acceptance, gratitude and peace. Ask Alice Cooper. Best to all on the journey, -Marv aka Shivas Irons
  3. MarvChamp

    Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    I understand this. We have had high temps and high dew points (high humidity) lately. About 4 weeks ago, we played early in the morning and even then, I was out of gas for the last 6 and suffered heat exhaustion. We had a little respite yesterday, but it still was too hot the last few holes and took awhile to cool down. Like you, I love golf. But I'm pretty old now and have recent physical issues. Golf has been kind to remind me of this and to slow down. It said, "Hey, old man, we can play 9, you know, when you're ready!" Golf, being the most spiritual of all games, can help me remember such things. Best, -Marv
  4. MarvChamp

    Sub Par Round?

    I applaud your humility. And your candor. Yes, it is a legitimate score. If you think it necessary to explain it, that's fine too. All are within the best of golf tradition, IMO. For example, I played the red/white tees yesterday (5600 yards). That is what the "play it forward" program says is appropriate for my drive distances. I shot a high score, but if I had broken 90, I would be proud. You are my kind of guy. Best wishes, -Marv
  5. I'm an old guy with too many physical limitations to list. I played golf a long time, fell away for a time and then picked it up again. Yet, I easily understand what you say. Very uplifting! Golf is hard, frustrating, lovely and spiritual, all at the same time. Stay excited! Best, -Marv
  6. MarvChamp

    1st Set of Irons

    You will love those clubs. Best wishes, -Marv
  7. I haven't even been able to be a weekend warrior with all this heat. Hopefully I will pick it up each weekend again soon. Best, -Marv
  8. MarvChamp

    Big courses

    Well spoken @Patch . I remember shooting those high scores when starting out. I remember being intimidated. I remember feeling like people were laughing at me. I think what happens is that golf teaches us that most everyone doesn't care about us at all. They're more worried about how they look in their new golf outfit. I hope you will go ahead and just keep playing. You'll soon learn that each good shot will come and eat good shot will build confidence. Best wishes and best of luck, -Marv
  9. I would get fitted if I was buying NEW clubs. My clubs right now were used when bought. But I researched and tested them heavily beforehand. I have a old professional fitter friend who makes sure the shafts, lies, etc are right for me; we have changed shafts for better ones in clubs I otherwise liked. Good topic. Best, -Marv
  10. MarvChamp

    Lose Weight

    Eat for what you have DONE, not what you are going TO DO. Good breakfast, medium lunch and small dinner. Add fruit. Best wishes, -Marv
  11. MarvChamp

    Womens British Open 2018

    Absolutely! I was mesmerized watching Hall march on and grind it out. Hers is a fantastic golf story too. Best, -Marv
  12. MarvChamp

    Light Leg Exercises for Balance?

    Of course! Sorry to be dense. I have some New Balance higher top (not high top) walking shoes I wear sometimes in practice for comfort. I have noticed some help. Thanks much! Best, -Marv
  13. MarvChamp

    Finding a home course

    I tend to agree for the most part. I have belonged to two private clubs - The first was as described; the second was great fun all because of the people. That club is gone now. My golf buddies and I now enjoy setting up and scheduling and playing at numerous different courses. I might add that alternatives to private clubs in our area include the memberships at privately owned courses that have member structures. That might be great for golf, but if a family wanted more (restaurant/dining room, tennis, swimming), I don't think it works. Best to all, -Marv
  14. MarvChamp

    Light Leg Exercises for Balance?

    All the replies have been helpful to the max. But Patch how will high tops help? Thanks, -Marv
  15. I'm old(er) and have lost strength generally especially in my legs. I have difficulty staying in good balance in my golf swing, Any tips for exercises that will help? Thanks, -Marv

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