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  1. Novice t-shirt designer

    @nevets88, I really like the "no tweets" shirt. Would you send me a PM how I can buy one and cost? Thanks, -Marv
  2. Poll: Definition of GOAT

    I have asked my associate Guido to pay you a visit. -Marv
  3. Senior Golfers Fading Away

    Yay! to this. I haven't been able to golf since 9/28/2017 injuries. Will probably get to it in June. I'm 72, and when I get down about these aches and pains, I remember Don. He had cancer. We had to help him to the tee in his last days. Sometimes we had to stop him from falling. It was his pure love of the game and his friends that kept him going. It's not about my age and aches. It's not really about me. It's the game and the friends. Thanks to all on TST, -Marv
  4. Iron Fitting or Lesson

    Ditto to this and what everyone else has said...I can have $1000 clubs and not know how to use them, as was said. Best, -Marv
  5. What’s the best forgiving irons

    @Adams7955, I say "Yes" to what all have said. Also go look at the Maltby Playability Factor. It is in essence a ranking of MOI/forgiveness in irons. Even they say it isn't perfect, but I have found it to be spot on. Also check out "My Golf Spy" on the Web. Best wishes, -Marv PS The current Miz irons I play are classed as ULTRA forgiving on MPF.
  6. Well, I forgot something important...The position is constant but the stance width gets narrower progressing from driver to short iron. To make sure I compress the ball , I begin my back swing with a slight forward press, and I come back straight with the club while making my turn. It's just me doing what I need to do with the old body I have. Nicklaus also adopted a turn of the head that I like. Best, -Marv
  7. Yes. Great thoughts. Your body mostly will determine the bottom of the arc. And there are many ways to get the job done...Some dictated by lie, terrain, target, my aching old body, etc. @Djamhour, I am assuming you aren't slicing your shots. If not, may I suggest that you do some Internet research regarding playing the ball forward in your stance with irons. I think you will find that Nicklaus and others played the ball in a constant, same forward position for all shots. I believe Harmon teaches this; could be wrong. My instructor suggested this ball position. It helped me (1) stay behind the ball, (2) with a proper side bend and (3) drive into the ball with my legs. Finally, remember that your visual perception may make you think that you are playing the ball more forward than you really are. You can take what I say with a grain of salt; I'm old and have no qualms about going against the "traditional" in order to keep playing. But what you see as a "problem" helped me. Keep searching and work with an instructor. Best wishes, -Marv
  8. EZee Golf

  9. Concur with @1badbadger. I played the course about 3 times before the redesign. One was a tournament and the guests hated it. Same on the redesign though better. On top of that, there was a time it wasn't well-maintained. Anyway, it might be worth the trip now, but I can't even get there because of I-35 construction. Best, Marv
  10. EZee Golf

  11. For positive thinking and review, I started carrying an extra card and putting a dot or other reminder of a very good shot/putt. I have the cards of the rounds I played 9/27-9/28/17 before injury. Man, I especially savor four 125 -135 yd. approach shots that stuck within 3 feet of the pin. I heard and can hear the spin of the ball. Those positive thoughts I will carry with me when I return, not over expectation, but knowing what I will be able to do again. Great topic. Thanks, -Marv
  12. Absolutely! I have been in physical therapy for 2 months for rotator cuff impingment caused by compensating for injuries to hands and knee (in Sept 2017; both now doing quite well thank you after 2 surgeries, 5 injections and much physical therapy). My routine is stretching exercises and using medium-weight yoga bands...Not to build muscle but to add flexibility and a little strength to the joints. If I reach a point of pain, I have gone too far. @Elmerdo NOT "play through the pain"! Get professional help! Thanks for listening to my rant; I have not been able to swing a club since 9/28/2017. -Marv
  13. PGA To Move to Frisco, TX?

    North Texas has had 95 to 100* plus temps from about mid-June to mid-September for a long time. The hottest months have increased in intensity. But for those not from here, 95 with a breeze is pretty pleasant when the humidity is low. Also, I thought PGA said the decision had not been made? Maybe I missed a final word? -Thanks, -Marv
  14. Golf balls for my dad!

    OHNONONONONO! $20 a dozen. See @dennyjones earlier email. Good luck! -Marv
  15. Handicap

    What are handicap categories? Golf handicaps are split into five categories: Category 1 – Handicaps of 5 or less (0.1) Category 2 – Handicaps of 5.5 to 12.4 (0.2) Category 3 – Handicaps of 12.5 to 20.4 (0.3) Category 4 – Handicaps of 20.5 to 28 (0.4) Category 5 – Handicaps of 28.1 to 36 (ladies only) (0.5) @PizI found this on Internet. I THINK it has to do with competition pairings. @JOSE ANTONIO DEL ROSAL What do you say? Thanks, -Marv

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