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  1. "So today, what's your lesson schedule?" I have found less is more. Once a month for 45 minutes. Then, practice range twice a week (sometimes three) and Saturday golf round. Plus daily prayer and meditation to help increase patience and humility. -Marv
  2. Yes, as it turned out the coach..highly experienced, etc....was struggling financially and to stay in his position. So he "pushed" a bit. But the fault was all mine, I think. I had unrealistic expectations of what we could achieve and of my own capabilities. I thought I could return quickly to past glory! -Marv
  3. Right...Sorry to be cryptic. Probably my bruised ego talking when I recalled my experience. When I came back to golf after a long time and as an oldster, I paired with a coach for two series of 5-6 lessons. He wanted at least 1 per week, sometimes 2 and I wanted to progress as fast as possible. It was a big mistake. I learned a lot in my head but never internalized more than a few. Plus I found his communication skills lacking, and I was too proud to say "Hey, this isn't working for me." It was an expensive lesson to learn. So now it is my goal to work only with a coach who respects and understands the limitations of the senior golfer...1 lesson at a time, 1 thing at a time to work on. Thanks, Marv
  4. I...WILL...NEVER...EVER...TAKE...WEEKLY...LESSONS...AGAIN! My final word on the matter. -Marv
  5. A friend gave me a Nike Vapor Fly Pro (Tinsei CK 50 shaft, Regular). I am an old guy and a slow swinger. I have only one round in which I hit the club decently. Of course, I haven't practiced with it regularly. But based on my experience, I would suggest the Vapor Fly. Hope this helps. -Marv
  6. I am an old golfer with restricted hip turn. I found that, in trying to swing longer, I was just arm swinging with some shoulder rotation and a little hip turn. The result was...Up out of posture, too much forward weight (or almost a reverse c) and casting or flipping. The pro gave me a drill to "shorten" my swing. First move after setup is wristcock with club parallel to ground. Pause. Then begin shoulder turn and club to about 3/4. Then swing into the ball. I found I got really good solid compression and good distance. Also, it "felt" like a 1/2 or 3/4 swing, but it was actually longer and in balance. Also my hips actually turned to their restriction limit though I wasn't trying. My 2cents. I am going to work the drill for awhile. -Marv
  7. I had my prescription from VA and I wanted prescription sunglasses. Ordered from GlassesUSA. Easy to use, reasonably priced, etc. Thinking I would use them for golf, I stated I wanted the glasses for "distance vision" if I recall. For color of lenses, I ordered black. They were so black I couldn't read the speedometer in my car! Plus, the vision wasn't as good as I wanted. I sent them back. All that was my fault, but though I could have exchanged them for a brownish tint, I was a little concerned whether I was on the right track. -Marv PS: Today, I wear Eagle Eyes sunglasses perfectly tinted. Mine are Fit-Ons...Great! They sell regular as well. High tech. Highly recommended eye protection and vision enhancement on the course!
  8. I second this. I have some nice soft zippered covers I got on eBay. I want to protect the medallions in the cavities of the irons, plus forged clubs get enough dings without adding more. I take them off before play and then put them back on when I leave. I once tried to leave them on during play; too much hassle and I promptly lost one. I ended up sticking them in the bag each time I used one. So, for me, they have a function but not on the course. -Marv
  9. As ad old duffer, I should not even be on the same golf course with you guys, much less putting my 2 cents out there...I was wondering though- How much distance is enough? I would think the optimum would be to hit it as far as possible but in the fairway in position to set up the next shot. I wish I had the problem to work on. - Marv
  10. Yes...Neither is whippy to me, and I have felt some that are. The Aldila DVS seems more flexible in Regular flex, though I like it in a hybrid. Anyway, as was said, you might check out Wishon's writings and others. I like a low or mid-low kick point. As for torque, I am not good enough to comment; I just know what I like when I try it. Wishon said it isn't much of an issue because club manufacturers "build in" the torque according to flex: "And typically for the R, A and certainly L flex shafts, the shaft makers design the shafts with a higher degree of torque. This is because the slower swinger puts less twisting force on the shaft and thus the shaft does not need to have a lower torque." Now, I am WAY beyond my pay grade...What I really know is that you can't trust the shaft label as to flex. Good luck. -Marv
  11. Gary Kay, I meant to add: I have this shaft in a hybrid. It feels stiff and inflexible to me. Adain, this is just my experience. Try to test out several shafts. -Marv
  12. Love my Truetours! But one of my backups is a pair of Adidas. Not spikeless, but my "pro" is they are really comfortable. The "con" is that I have had to take them to the shoe repair at least twice to re-glue the soles. May just be my pair, but I decided that I would not get Adidas again. I CAN recommend the Skechers GoGolf spikeless. Also very comfortable and I have had no issues. My 2pennies. -Marv
  13. Hi, Gary Kay! I'm a senior with a slow swing speed. I don't pretend to know much, but here's my experience. My primary driver has a Project X 4.5 (senior range). I also shortened it 1 in. at the suggestion of a professional fitter. I am a bit longer and certainly accurate. I can recommend the Project X 4.5. Also, I can recommend the Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana 74vSL (or the designation for driver). I have been VERY happy with those two shafts, the weight, controllability, and typical height of the ball when hit. Finally, I discovered that you can get premium "pulls" from new clubs at a great price, if you search eBay. Best of luck with your search. -Marv
  14. I have two very nice golf bags from Goodwill. Most expensive was $11. Plus numerous new/like new golf shirts and underlayer long sleeves. Pants as well. Go about 2 X month because of turnover. -Marv
  15. Gatsby47 speaks pure.truth. -Marv