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  1. No...But just had to say: Good on you! Continue to be strong and of good courage! Best, -Marv
  2. Agree..."assuming no continuing physical limitations". We spend way too much time worrying about the distance thing. Am 73 and in the same boat as @kmgreensman except I don't remember coming that close in a club championship! Anyway I just decided the joy of golf was worth what I had to do to get back to some measure of good play. I addition to what theses others have said, I moved to lighter clubs...light senior-flex shafts including (recently) a lightweight Cleveland driver. I practice setting up in my practice sessions so my overall swing is somewhat normal. AND I bought a recumbent exercise bike with arm exerciser pedals and am on it 2Xday, not necessarily for strength but flexibility; plus resistance bands 2Xday for my rotator cuff muscles. Works for me! It has taken some time, but I am hitting the ball pretty consistently again. I may take a longer club than my partners but who cares if the results are the same? Best wishes to all who struggle a bit in lifetime golf, -Marv
  3. @MallardDrakeI hope a podiatrist will answer your question because it may be helpful to many. But some may find the solution in paying a bit more for quality shoes like TrueLinks or ECCO. I had similar issues to yours and tried various insoles, both very supportive in the arch and the flat kind that have little nubbies to massage your feet. Then I discovered TrueLinks shoes that may be what @iacas was referring to; my two pairs are a little older but extremely durable and comfortable with no need for inserts. Best, -Marv
  4. After I warm up, if I feel a little tense, I try to hit a few big hooks and slices just to feel the shot and the clubhead and just for fun. Stops me from looking at myself and what others are doing. But truthfully...Unless I'm there wearing a Speedo, no one cares about what I'm doing; they are only interested in what they are doing. Best, -Marv
  5. Yes to this...I wear two because of RA in hands. I first tried the Bionics that are specifically for arthritics, but they seemed too bulky. Anyway the relaxed grip Bionics are just right. Also, the MG gloves seem to last a bit longer than regular gloves and are VERY inexpensive. Best, -Marv
  6. Same in North Texas. Only a few playable Saturdays. -Marv
  7. @GeorgeHiggins congratulations! That is a great achievement! Others will tell you about technical golf swing stuff, but don't forget to have a pro take you out on the course for course management lessons to lay a foundation. That was all part of the deal when I started years ago. And maybe learn how not to think of yourself when playing. Best wishes from an old duffer, -Marv
  8. Just an opinion based on experience...Rotator cuff impingement will repeat without some form of non-invasive medical intervention and/or intensive phys therapy and proper light exercises. You Tube has some good info. Best of luck, ...Marv
  9. Yes...Probably won't get better on its own or will repeat. An orthopedic surgeon (you might need injections to relieve painful inflammation) and good PT. That's my story. My home exercises now include resistance bands an recumbent bike with arm exerciser. Much better flexibility. Best of luck, -Marv
  10. That is what this thread is about, I think. Golf can bring a player to heights of joy. Reminds me that in life there are struggles but there also are transcendent moments where I rise outside of myself. Best, -Marv (aka Shivas)
  11. I'm 73, have RA, and right knee and on-and-off rotator cuff problems. Had phys therapy that included a recumbent exercise bike with arm rotation and it was great. So, recently got one (an inexpensive one after searching for about a month). I am on it first thing on wake up and before evening meal. It has been about 12 days, and the difference in flexibility is remarkable! Much less tightness in knee and hamstrings. Shoulders are very good. Golf swing is improved. Highly recommended! Best, -Marv
  12. You might try to find a used very shallow face 4 or 5 hybrid with a small head. I have older ones that I recently put back in my bag. Changed my ability to use hybrids and my second shot game. Best, -Marv
  13. A big "WOW!" to @Club Rat ! I tried paper once...that was too much for me! Best, -Marv
  14. If too soft, maybe go up a step to the Superhot 55 or Hex Soft. I have Superhots in colors. Got on eBay. I use Spersoft myself (slow swing speed; great distance). Best, -Marv
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