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  1. Santa Arrives by Chopper

    Wonderful! I have been looking for some good news out there. Good news is made by good men. Merry Christmas to you and your buddy, -Marv
  2. Golf apps

    My app is GolfLogix, but instructions should read the same on this. Turn off blue tooth and wifi before downloading the course or using on the course. That lessens battery drain. Your brightness setting is adjustable. My only sight problem is with sunglasses. Best, -Marv
  3. Ha! And a partridge in a pear tree! -Marv
  4. Impatient or just slow learner

    Yay! Good on you! Best, -Marv
  5. Grades for Tiger's Performance

    B+. He is a remarkable golfer. I'm sure he will work on the approach and short game. Plus, I felt, on the third day, he really went after a little too hard which might have affected tempo he had first two days. All in all, though, much better than I anticipated. -Marv
  6. Impatient or just slow learner

    I was running through this thread and your statement caught my eye. I am of the belief that we need to manage the idea, pervasive among golfers, that "there is something wrong" (with me, my swing, my clubs, etc.). You are probably much better than you think. You might consider improving the mental aspects of the game, along with coaching, practice and play. Also sometimes the right words or pictures can open vistas. As an old guy returning to golf, I really like the book "Breaking 100, 90, 80" published by Golf Digest. I too am having to take an enforced break due to injury. That little book and some others have helped keep my golf imagination alive. Best wishes, -Marv
  7. Is My Improvement Proceeding at a Reasonable Rate?

    I came back to golf after some years away and thought I would quickly be in the mid-80's again. Ego! Getting down on yourself is just the reverse side of that. What I have discovered when I got down on myself, is that way too many people think there is something wrong when the truth is that they (like you) are better than they think they are. Be happy and play golf as joyfully as you can, -Marv
  8. Are Rangefinders contributing to slow play?

    Maybe this is a key thought. Do "novice" golfers or maybe HHC like me really need the most accurate distance reading? My GPS phone app gives me what I need at a glance. I tried a good rangefinder when I returned to golf an year and more ago, and I was slow in mastering it. My more masterful friends, all mid to low-HC, don't take long with it at all. The rangefinder became helpful on the range to establish my average distances for clubs. Anyway, I think all this was discussed before...Rangefinder users love them and don't slow play when they use them. Regards, -Marv
  9. Dri-Tac Winn wraps.

    They have held up on one of my sets. However, I read the instructions about cleaning at Winn's site; that seems to be a primary cause of deterioration. Also, I must note that I have not played that set as often as others so maybe you could say how often you play and someoneelse could chime in. Best wishes, -Marv
  10. Yardages Throughout the Bag

    Right. Understood. My carry is about 200 yards. My accuracy with driver is good. I guess I had long hitters mixed up or equating to low handicaps and vice versa. Regards, - Marv
  11. Yardages Throughout the Bag

    @David in FL and @iacas ,I am a HHC at 25. My yardages are fairly close to those recorded for my average drive but inconsistent...chart yardages are a little long on most but moreso on short irons. I'm wondering: Do you think the chart is most accurate for the low HC like you and some others? Would it make sense that you are more consistently within the norm for your HC? These chart topics are really interesting. Thanks, -Marv
  12. No Yardage Markers

    You are right of course. Not sure why I was critical; not my usual style. Regards, -Marv
  13. No Yardage Markers

    @Ron , you asked, nice people gave you ideas. For the most part, you have been negative in response. No-good-o, as we say in Texas. But just my perspective. Best wishes, -Marv
  14. UBS Hong Kong Open Finishing Hole

    Yeah, looks like trees infringe at 150-170, but plenty of room beyond, even in rough left or right. I can't figure it from the picture. Maybe something more in topography. Interesting! Regards, -Marv
  15. UBS Hong Kong Open Finishing Hole

    @phillyk , did they hit irons about 250? How long were 2nd shots? Trying to picture strategy here. Regards, -Marv

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