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  1. changing golf balls

    I mostly play a low to mid-compression ball like Callawaay ChromeSoft or Hex Soft. Got 6 ProVI's in a tournament and finally played them on a trip to South Carolina last month. Very impressive...Long enough and stopped on a dime on the greens. I never gave ProVI's much thought due to price and my tendency to lose balls. So I ordered 24 "refinished mint AAAAA" ProVI's off eBay for $40 total. Haven't hit them yet, but they do look brand new. -Marv
  2. I like this topic. Those of us who started the game before there were such things as launch monitors trackman, Etc went to get advice from a knowledgeable Pro and from a good club Builder. They would watch Us swing. They would watch the ball flight. They would ask us what we perceived and what we felt. And we went with all those things. I don't know that we suffered too terribly. - Marv
  3. Courses without "real" senior tees.

    Yes, this is good. Some of our local courses are doing it complete with slope and course rating. I have founD the course length fits the length the USGA guidelines says I should play based on average drive. I would think we could figure out the right blend to accomplish that, but I don't know about slope etc for HI purposes. -Marv
  4. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I was thnking the same. I would think he would go see the same people who built and tweaked his clubs when he was with Nike, unless TM had a reason to say no. -Marv
  5. Optimize Existing Irons or Buy New?

    @xrayvizhen My old school club tech-builder friend rebuilt two sets of 2009 Mizuno's for me. Fitted, spine-aligned etc. They are GREAT and I did this because I really wanted to keep them. But QUITE EXPENSIVE as others have said. Then, I found and purchased my current set of 2012 Mizuno's. They are GREAT too! So now I have three GREAT sets, but I could have bought two used sets for what I paid to optimize the first tWO. Not sure I'll do that again. So, long story short...Suggest you find a newer used set with shafts that you like. -Marv
  6. Shorter driver question

    I am a senior with a swing speed bout like yours. When I reshafted irons, my very experienced old school club tech shortened my old Callaway driver a little over an inch. When he talked about it, he said he wanted higher MOI for my swing (?). Anyway, I'm sure no weight was added; he would have told me. We did put on a new Winn Dri-Tac which is lighter. I hit the driver farther now and with more accuracy. Good luck! -Marv
  7. I didn't realize how hard the choice is! I picked Sergio even though I don't like the looks of his shoulders "bunched up" at address. But that's just cosmetic. I wonder how long Rahm's body (and JT's body and DJ's) will sustain the violently fast moves through the ball? Maybe not an issue for a guy with large strong legs or a slim guy. But I think of Woods' back problems and my own when I see them attack the ball. -Marv
  8. Mixed bag different style clubs

    Yeah. I should have been clear...I was talking about my iron sets. They have the same shafts tuned to me. My separately-acquired hybrids and DLR's have different shafts from my irons and the driver as well (though my pro club friend did some work to help coordinate it). And my separate wedge set are different shafts from everything, but match among themselves. I suppose so with your caveat about fitting. Thanks, -Marv
  9. Iron Upgrade Advice

    Good lord! Maybe you could come to Texas and hit my drives for me? I have been impressed with what my pro club guy calls the consistency of Nippon shafts, and can recommend them. Also, I have had occasion to hit some Maltby irons. Felt great and I hit them pretty well! They were GI of course, but my buddy said the company did a good job by phone and email in helping him select the right components for his build and swing. -Marv
  10. Mixed bag different style clubs

    Well, Mizuno and others encourage you to mix versions of their clubs...Maybe more forgiving 4-7 and the more traditional 8-PW. But while I might do that, I don't think I would mix shafts. Shafts are so important to the overall playability of a club for me that they are a major factor in my decisions about clubs to try. Anyway, just an old guy's rant. -Marv
  11. Do I need a 60 degree wedge?

    I was taught to pay attention to the bounce...High for soft conditions and bunker shots...Lower for firm tight lies and if you have shallow attack angles through impact. A lot of times, our fairways and even bunkers are pretty firm. In addition to wedges that came with my iron sets, I have a CG10 60* 3-dot that I think has 18* of bounce. I just do not use it because I can't trust myself. (Maybe if I practiced?) I also have a custom wedge set 47*, 50*, 53*, and a 56* with 12* of bounce and a 56* with 15* of bounce. All have beveled leading edges and are weighted for me. The 56*,15 bounce is a little easier, but I still have more luck with the lower bounce in firm conditions. Anyway, long story short, I'm better off without a 60*. -Marv
  12. Which degree loft to play- Driver.

    Once used a 10.5*; now I have an 11.5* and 12*. I read that most high handicappers...indeed, most amateurs...should use higher lofted drivers than they do. My drives are high with little spin. I think I have benefited. But whadda I know? -Marv
  13. Forward shaft lean at setup?

    Yes to this. I first started with the butt end of the grip pointing to my left hip. It's now a little less as I progress. More consistent downward strike. -Marv
  14. which club is more difficult for you?

    I can dig it! But for now it's, in order, any fairway wood, 4I and 3H. -Marv
  15. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    If I can I use my 4 hybrid iron for a low running shot. Works pretty good for me because I have a lot of chances to use it. -Marv