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  1. Wore my TRUE Tours this last weekend, and was reminded how muck I really like these "duck" foot shoes. Extreme comfort. Hope the later models stay the course. -Marv
  2. Maltby Playability Factor

    Suggest reading about the various measurements and what they represent in deciding the MPF, plus what they say about limitations of use (eg, I think they say shaft will be an important influence). Anyway it was all too technical for my understanding fully. But I too have noticed that my old Cleveland TA 5's and TA 6's (both high MPF) were easier to hit than some later clubs. And my current Mizuno JPX800 HD's are listed as Ultra GI clubs and are very easy to hit. Likewise high MPF Tommy Armour 545U Silverbacks. So I think the MPF can be one of the considerations in club selection for those of us who need very forgiving clubs. -Marv
  3. Take a look at Eagle Eyes. Great UV protection. They have side-eye protection, take out a lot of glare and most of the blue prism light. I see the ball better in the air. Mid-range expensive. They have regular models and models that fit over prescription glasses and are the only ones ever to work for me. -Marv
  4. Practice wedges and short irons

    Good topic. I typically take a wedge or two, two short irons, a mid-iron, a hybrid or DIR hybrid and a fairway. Maybe driver. I begin with wedges and short irons, about 15 shots each. Then 10 or so with the others. The reason is that my distances off the tee on pars 4 and 5 are shorter than they used to be at my age, though generally accurate. I MUST own the 2nd and 3rd shots. So I practice the clubs I will likely use. -Marv
  5. Upgrading clubs

    Hi Dude27...I wanted to add that I didn't mention replacing irons. I think a lot of folks will say the Ping Eye 2's are favorites. But a good suggestion is to get on a launch monitor for swing speed, etc. And find out if the shafts suit you. Meaning please see a professional fitter as WUTiger says before you consider anything I say. Good luck with it! Have fun with it! -Marv
  6. Upgrading clubs

    I am a high handicapper, so FWIW...I would check on whether you need to fill gaps between PW and 56 degree SW; and between 3 or 4 irons and driver. being honest about how well and how accurately you hit 3 and 4 irons. A gap wedge and 1 or more hybrids might be nice? Best to you, -Marv
  7. I bought one used Still had the warranty registration papers. Didn't work. Told Bushnell the full story. They replaced. No questions. GREAT! Then some b*****d stole it. -Marv
  8. Eliminating hands from putting

    I have been experimenting with "left hand low" and searching for comments from teachers on that technique. There is a thread on TST, I believe, and Dave Pelz had some thoughts. -Marv
  9. Poor instruction is very common. Why?

    What we have here is FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE! -Marv
  10. Shaft Flex 101 for Dummies

    I suggest you study various shaft makers' descriptions of their shafts characteristics. Then find a way to check your swing speed, launch angles and the like. I have a slow swing speed at my age. I have so-called senior shafts in some clubs, regular in others and regular with one soft step in others. Some are lightweight steel and some are graphite. (I have multiple iron sets.) All were more or less fitted for me by a professional friend who took into account weight of shaft, clubhead and overall.weight plus my desired torque and launch angles ( I like a higher launching shaft). All are great but only the Project X stands out to my "feel". I think finally it comes down to what feels right when you swing it. Good luck...It took me a long time to work through all this. -Marv
  11. At what point do I realize I'm not good at this game?

    Best advice ever! Thank you sir! -Marv
  12. I have ALL of them. When I gave a friend some nice persimmons for his collection, he gave me the JPX Fli-Hi #3 and #4 that came with his last set. Later, I got the JPX-800 HD set with a 4 and 5 iron. When I was more of a "player", I could hit a 3 and 4 iron well. So I will play the 4 iron from time to time, thinking I can relive some old glory. But the only glory shots I have hit lately are with the Fli-Hi's. So, sadly, the 4 iron must go in storage. I'm fine with the 5 iron, probably because these are MAX GI clubs. -Marv
  13. What have you changed?

    Swing: Ball forward for all shots; adjust width with right foot. Also, a considered pause at the top slows and shortens my backswing. Decision: Read USGA's "play it forward " chart and Barney Adam's writing on the same. Equipment: Mizuno JPX- 800 HD 4-Gap and JPX Hi-Fli 3 and 4 are working great for this old guy. -Marv
  14. 3 Wood Shaft in a Driver

    Recently there was a whole thread on shortening a shaft, I believe, that might be helpful. At one time, "standard" was about 43 in. Then the quest for distance from longer shafts began. Not sure about using a 3-wood shaft, but I like my shortened driver shaft. It was shortened and tested and fitted professionally. Better contact and distance for my slow swing speed. -Marv
  15. Ditching 3w for 5w

    Shot a 92 teeing off with a 5-wood as a test. (My goal in 2017 is to break 90 on a regular basis so 92 is pretty good.) It was long enough and in the center of the fairway all day. I also used the 5FW for several 2nd shots. My 3FW is iffy off the tee and off the fairway. I WOULD like to find and try a 4FW, though. Once had a 5/4 persimmon which was a 4FW head and loft on a 5FW length shaft, and I just wore it out. -Marv