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  1. Recently bought LSW. Still reading it, but I'm using the practice section on making my practice plan for what I want to improve most.. What keeps going through my mind is "Small Successes". And on the course, it is my only swing thought now. It allows focus without tension or fear and helps me to achieve a greater measure of success, so I enjoy each shot and the game more. Sounds silly, but that's my experience. Best to all, -Marv.
  2. MarvChamp

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Yeah, age, injuries, old bones have cost me distance, though I am good about keeping it in the fairway.. So I work on driver, long second shots (have 3,4,5 DIR hybrids) and approach shots with irons. Chipping and putting are pretty good. LSW helps me develop an effective practice routine using what I have. Good topic. Thanks, -Marv
  3. MarvChamp

    The Art of Golf by Sir Walter Grindlay Simpson

    I think the answer is found in the Book of Daniel.😎 Best of luck in your search, -Marv
  4. Congrats on your b-day, @Maj Mike Jones! Best, -Marv

  5. MarvChamp

    Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions. See you at the Open in a few weeks. Edited 3 hours ago by Shorty Now, now... @iacas created this to be an "UPLIFTING" topic, things that are great, beautiful in golf, your game, and your golf.experiences. I'm sorry to interfere but I'd like to read about that sort of thing, please? Best, -Marv
  6. EEK! What a picture! @PeterB, take the rest, do the necessary phys therapy, etc. At some point, you can putt, then chip, and on. Last week, I was able to play for the 5th time since different injuries plus onset of severe rheum arthritis. It WILL come! During the layoff, I read up on golf...old (like me) instruction books, fiction and nonfiction. I finally got Lowest Score Wins. Something completely different. Anyway, take care. Lots to do in golf outside of play and practice. Best wishes for speedy healing, -Marv
  7. I believe They have stones in the bunkers that can impede a stroke. Mickelson was in contention when he hit a stone that affected his shot. Did not recover. -Marv
  8. MarvChamp

    Claim Your Achievements Here!

    Hello! Broke 100 June 8 at Pine Springs, Tyler, TX. Score was 90, playing in a tournament with the rotator cuff/RA issues. (Day before, shot 95.) Could have been lower both days, I know, but pretty good for an old ma with a 25 GHIN. Thanks, -Marv PS Have not finished LSW yet, but my course management thought was "Small Successes".
  9. MarvChamp

    New 850 Nippon iron shafts.

    You're welcome. My fitter who installed them for me said Nippon makes the most consistent steel shafts and that they are easier to fine tune, spine align, frequency tune, etc. than others. Good luck! Best, -Marv
  10. MarvChamp

    New 850 Nippon iron shafts.

    I am MUCH older and fighting weakness due to RA and rotator cuff problems Anyway, I put the Nippon shafts in my forged MX-200 irons. The lighter shafts gave me a little speed that helped. Can't tell you WHICH set to re-shaft (I'm now using graphite), but you will be pleased with the shaft. I would suggest however you put them in the iron you feel most confident with. Best wishes, -Marv
  11. I changed my mind from a preconceived negative notion about the Texas Tech Ralls Course in Lubbock. It was basically dug out of West Texas mesquite-filled flat pasture land. How could this be even a mediocre course? As I played it, I began to pay attention to the beauty of the design and how much work the students from disciplines like botany, horticulture, forestry, landscape architecture, agriculture, etc. put into it. It's a lab in some ways, and beautifully maintained. Golf there is challenging and superb. I did not want it to end. Same impression each time I've had opportunity to play it. There are others but that one sticks in my mind. Good topic, -Marv
  12. MarvChamp

    Finding your scoring zone

    This. I just received LSW this week. I want to practice (1) completing my swing facing the target and (2) some specific approach shots I can execute while dealing with injured hand/rotator cuff issues. I read Separation Values first, then the chapter "Small Successes" that begins practice methodologies. (Totally out of order, but I have been called into a 2-day tournament despite my difficulties.) My thoughts in practice today were "Simple, Specific, Slow and Short, Small Successes". I wasn't trying for perfection as usual; just "Small Successes." And they were there. So, onward, upward. Best, -Marv

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