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  1. MarvChamp

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    2019 GOAL IS JUST TO MAINTAIN AND BE GRATEFUL. After coming back to golf, taking instruction, practice and play, 2017 was shaping up. Then Sept. 2017 after two great rounds in S Carolina, RA attacked with a vengeance...knee, both hands/wrists, both rotator cuffs. After two minor hand surgeries, various injections and much physical therapy, I began to play again in mid-March 2018 and had some good rounds breaking 90 but I had lost strength. As I exercised and some strength returned, I was very hopeful all had stabilized. But yesterday, Friday, it hit my left hip...apparently bone on bone. So here we go again! I'm 73 and love the golf game. It is my motivation to wellness and exercise. I feel I'm running out of time sometimes, but I have learned some endurance and patience. So I will try to maintain what I have and be grateful for it. Best wishes to all true golfers out there, -Marv
  2. @Duffythis is correct. I'm 73 and I do play senior or soft-stepped regular. But more due to the effects of the onset of RA than age. A friend plays stiff and does well...says he doesn't have to worry so much with tempo. Best, -Marv
  3. MarvChamp

    Prescription Sunglasses

    @yankee777 if you wear glasses take a look at Eagle Eyes Fit-On on Google and Amazon. I have those and another pair for glare-free night driving. They work! Best, -Marv
  4. MarvChamp

    Closed Courses You Formerly Played

    Wonderful old course! Glad you reminded me. Best, -Marv
  5. MarvChamp

    Happy Thanksgiving 2018

    We had a family dinner at my sister's farm...my wounded warrior nephew cooked. Several varieties of German sausage, three different sauerkraut's, two different German potato salads, 3 different country pies and one pound cake of unknown make and origin. Yeah, very "whatever" and very, very goooooood! Best, -Marv
  6. MarvChamp

    Who has two sets of irons?

    REAL golfers have now, have had or will have multiple sets of clubs because we obsessively believe that surely we can find the perfect clubs with which to hit the perfect shots with an imperfect swing. Just a theory, of course. Best and Happy Thanksgiving to all, -Marv 😎
  7. MarvChamp

    Which clubs to choose for best progress

    @chessnotchekcersreally pay attention to this. No one need listen to a high HCP like me, but research shafts. Flex, weight, torque, flex points, launch angles are all terms we need to understand. For example, before I stopped playing golf a few years ago, I played my best using 2004 Cleveland TA6 irons with their proprietary light graphite shafts. Recently I got the same clubs but in a senior "A" flex. In general, I can hit them better than my much newer Mizuno's though the lofts are weaker as was the norm then ; the weight and flex allows me to "feel" the loading of the clubhead in my old man slow swing. Anyway, shafts matter a lot. Finally, yes to this. Check out sources like the Maltby Playability Factor and others for information on the highest MOI/forgiveness clubs. Hint...Newer is not always better. Some old Callaways are the most forgiving ever. Not everyone wants a forgiving club, but I don't want to make a hard game harder. Best of luck in your quest, -Marv
  8. MarvChamp

    USGA Seeking Feedback on Distance "Issue"

    Yes, yes, yes! I keep on saying this. And most people of my acquaintance don't hit the ball as far as they think. Best, -Marv
  9. MarvChamp

    Will Golf Be the Next Sport to Require Helmets?

    GOOD GRIEF, GOOD GRAVY! NO! It's still a free country!. -Marv
  10. MarvChamp

    Hi, I'm Clay Ballard, Instructor

    My gullibility knows no bounds!🙄 -Marv
  11. MarvChamp

    Thank You Veterans!

    To the brave men and women who have served, We thank you for your service, sacrifices and dedication to our country. We honor you today and remain forever grateful for the opportunities and freedom your service provides. Very best, -Marv D Co., 2nd Bn 16th Inf Reg, Ist Inf Div "No Mission Too Difficult. No Sacrifice Too Great. Duty First"
  12. MarvChamp

    Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    @RWCgo ahead and play! I'll come up and thaw out your ice statue next spring and all will be OK! The Swedes say, No bad golf weather; just bad golf clothes! Best, -Marv😎 I'd like to hear about that! Best, -Marv
  13. MarvChamp

    Hi, I'm Clay Ballard, Instructor

    Welcome Clay Ballard! I am a senior golfer, age 73, and I have suffered through a year of RA and joint issues in shoulders, wrists and hands. Much better now, thankfully, but still there esp. hands and wrists. We seniors are a bit neglected in instruction. I have found several of your YouTube videos helpful as I have worked within restrictions in my swing and made needed equipment changes for the enjoyment of golf. Very good to have you here! Best, -Marv
  14. MarvChamp

    Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain - undiagnosed

    @Vinsk and @RyW a recent MRI on my right wrist was interpreted as a POSSIBLE scapholunate ligament tear but hand surgeon, a really good diagnostician, thinks other things are going on due to rheum arthritis and the contractures in my palm (one of which has been clipped). I had EMG's on both wrists and carpal tunnel on the right wrist last November plus various x-rays. So, yeah, best to proceed with all diagnostic tests before deciding on a "cure". Good luck with this painful problem, -Marv
  15. MarvChamp

    Favorite Thing About Golf

    Shivas Irons also says he likes the cart girls in the summertime. 😎 Best, -Marv

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