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  1. I'm a very old man. I've learned that most women can whup me at golf. I've also learned to let go of the anxiety of others watching me. Most are not even interested in me...They're just wondering how they look in their new golf sweater. Just stick with it; each of us started by hitting the first ball. So did everyone else. Best, -Marv
  2. You are already a great friend! Welcome! We look forward to your posts. Best, -Marv
  3. @dmcnab My wrists are damaged by RA and not very flexible without pain. I'm right handed. I have started to (1) grip down a little more (oversize arthritic grips); (2) make sure the right hand is really tight against the left in the grip; (3) that my pinky is farther/firmly into the overlap and (4) that the right forefinger is kind of lightly curled down and around the lower grip of the club. #1 probably doesn't have much to do with topic, but all have worked for me to keep the hands working together. Best, -Marv
  4. Yes to this. I rotate 2 pairs of old originals that are in great shape. Most comfort I've ever had in a golf shoe. Best, -Marv
  5. Yeah, my impression (could be wrong) is that's what some people I see are trying for. My own old age and lack of flexibility means a LITTLE lateral motion off the ball creates more windup. My head moves a LITTLE to the right, and I let that happen. BUT that's my situation; not the norm. Great site! Best, -Marv
  6. I wonder if maybe we tend to make this seem more important than it is, and end up causing even more tension . Best, -Marv
  7. Yes...Like some other places, our weather can change several times in the course of an afternoon. Cold, rain, hail, sun, and wind. Not good to be unprepared. I have an old soft-sided shooting bag with a couple of extra zippered partitions. I carry extra socks, 2 sweaters, 2 jackets and my extra shoes (I rotate 2 pairs of TrueLinks originals). Also, some extra tees and a hat. Sounds like a lot but really compact and mashable. Fits in my Versa Hatch with my monster Nike golf umbrella with room to spare for other storage stuff I carry. Rear seat folds down for my clubs. And I'm ready to go. Best, -Marv
  8. Age 72 = Less flexibility = Less distance. Recently I have been taking a couple of loose athletic practice swings with leg drive; then stepping up and hitting with that swing. I discovered better strikes and distance. Also discovered muscles in legs, hips and middle back I had not been using. So it's flexibility exercises 3 times a day. But still recovering from rotator cuff impediments and RA in wrists. So I'll never hit over 200 yards consistently. I accept 185-1`90 plus roll, and practice my 5 and 7 FW and hybrids. Good topic. Best, -Marv
  9. Hogan, Nelson, Trevino, Crenshaw (Plus Spieth, Demaret, Judy Rankin, Babe Didrickson Zaharias, Kathy Whitworth. O'Meara, January....). Sorry, this is Texas. Will need several Rushmores. 😎 Best, -Marv
  10. It's fun taking a used club and making it over for you, isn't it? Can get a bit expensive though for an entire iron set. Best, -Marv
  11. LSW_Hogan, 5 Lessons_Gof Digest, How to Break 100, 90, 80_Shoemaker, Extraordinary Golf. And, of course, Golf in the Kingdom. Yours, -ShivasIrons
  12. Sure agree with this. Also @Nail you asked about your optimum distance. I don't know what optimum means, but the USGA has done studies about how far folks hit vis a vis their club speed. Oddly, it seems pretty close for me. But really the best way is to get on Trackman and get your statistics using your clubs and others. I hope someone more knowledgeable than I am will chime in because this is probably a question many of us ask. Best, -Marv
  13. YAY! Golf will always be unconquered, but brings out the desire to be better no matter the HCI. Best, -Marv
  14. I have had some hand and shoulders problems this year. I quickly learned the truth of the axiom: Self-pity is the most unattractive trait. It is totally self-centered. Moreover, there are SO-O-O-O many people who have much, much greater problems. Best to remain grateful for life and the ability to golf at all. Golf then is a solution. Great topic! Best, -Marv
  15. So how much better must you get before you are satisfied? If ever? I had a friend who was a very low HC and stopped playing because he could not get better. Best, -Marv
  16. Yes that is exactly what I have done with my Mizunos (and the sets before them). I looked at Maltby Playability Factor for the most forgiving Mizunos (I need forgiveness a lot) and hit a couple of others in stores. Found what I wanted on eBay. Then went to my pro club repair/fitter friend. More expensive than used, but satisfactory for me. Best of luck, -Marv
  17. Continues to help me on my road back from injuries. Gives me focus. Have read it and continue to read it. Always open on my desk for the evening perusal. Best, -Marv
  18. Yes, thank you. Best, -Marv
  19. Inserts might help as it sounds like a misfit shoe. Suggest TrueLinks, Ecco's or if needed get New Balance walking shoes with aggressive sole. Good luck! Best , Marv
  20. Agree with this, at least it is my experience. I can hit it in practice but results are not as consistent as my 56. I followed my pro's advice and left it at home. Best, -Marv
  21. Callaway Diablo. Also a newer Nike as my secondary. Interesting topic. Best, -Marv
  22. Number 11 is debatable but I think it is important to recognize that we focus both on the feels and the facts of the Swing as shown by such things as video, instructors, Etc. I'm a person who likes to see an image rather than being told to put my hands in a certain position. Just a thought. Best, -Marv
  23. I really don't think your age has much weight in your decision. Suggest you go swing your driver and a couple of irons using Trackman and then compare different clubs with graphite shafts. Weight, desired launch angles, feel , dispersion, all that with different flexes do matter. I'm 72 and have several physical issues. I like my graphite, regular with one soft step, recommended by my friend who works at a golf shop. Best, -Marv
  24. Oh yes! @MrGolfguy67 nailed it with the history! I guess I was thinking of my little tiny circle of budding golfers. Good find. Best, -Marv
  25. yes, had an Otey with a wood shaft. Popular in late 70's along with Acushnet Bullseye. Have fun with it! Best, -Marv
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