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  1. I usually practice with the first thought of building back a little strength lost over the last year. Then, after warming up, I try to send the ball specific distances toward specific targets. I am practicing "setup routine" which, for me, usually translates to a solid shot. All this is relaxing. Best, -Marv
  2. Just an opinion here. I watched it all and tried it a little. I think it shows the importance of finding ways to reduce or eliminate tension in hands, arms, lower body. I noted the instructions to "hold and breathe". Also reduces tension. I just couldn't do everything he recommends. Best, Marv
  3. Also check MyGolfSpy for some older unbiased reviews as well as Maltby's Playability Index for clubs that may be easier to hit based on technical data. Then, you can check a local shop or eBay to see if you like them. Best, -Marv
  4. I'm about to turn 73. I dropped further in distance when RA and shoulder problems hit this year. I try to play 1xweek when not too hot. I play it forward to fit my driver distance per USGA guides and try to make the course I play 5600-5800 yards. Easy to get a scorecard online and figure it out if the forward tees don't match that goal. All should do it. Golf is more enjoyable when I'm not killing myself from pro tees. Best, -Marv
  5. Yes...When I returned to golf, the instructor had me work on side bend going back and thru and staying in posture. He said a common fault. When I am able to practice now, I remember this; I also try to be aware of shaft position as relates to my right shoulder. Best,-Marv
  6. We are getting much needed rain so no golf today except TV. It's great! Best, -Marv
  7. Yes but (trust me) it can be expensive to have a knowledgeable person help with analyzing your current swing and clubs. loft and lie, new shafts if needed, then to pure them, grips of proper size etc. I almost could have bought a new fitted set. Check out Butch Harmon instruction, Jack Nicklaus, etc. Takes some getting used to and time to select the spot. But works for me and my instructor. Best, -Marv
  8. Good to know...I am getting stronger after a year of injury recovery and I'm thinking of walking a short 9 this fall. Will need to get a 3-wheel push cart. Best, -Marv
  9. I'm not being rude when I say I really don't care about the look. The "feel", flight, distance and score matter more. I have two game improvement sets. I have concluded the older set, with graphite shafts I had installed one-soft step from regular, spine aligned, etc., feel better to me than the newer despite looking clunkier. And this does work. I have the ball in the same spot off my left heel regardless of the club; just adjust the width of my stance. But then, I am a 25 HC. I know little. Best of luck, -Marv
  10. Yes, it is a Wilson 5-wood, probably laminated maple instead of persimmon. Google vintage fairway woods and you are bound to find more info. Also check eBay vintage clubs. In addition, there are groups who play old clubs such as hickory shafts and later clubs like yours. You might search for them. Good luck, -Marv (PS It isn't valuable; just fun.)
  11. How about a small stand bag? The legs add stability on a pull cart. Best, -Marv
  12. Right...Compression numbers are primarily given in very low compression balls (Wilson Duo 29, 35, 55). Google golf ball compression chart. There are a couple that helpfully rank balls as high, mid, low compression PLUS show recommended users' swing speed PLUS show actual compression. For example, golf-info-guide.com shows Bridgestone Tour B330 to be 100 compression for pro-type swing speeds. One of my faves, Srixon Trispeed, is a 64 compression ball for about 80 mph swingers. Hope that helps. Best, -Marv
  13. I would imagine that after 10 years of technological Advance, redesign, Etc, what little information you had 10 years ago is virtually worthless today. Like a dead cat corpse. Best regards, - Marv Sorry, I meant to say 20 years ago. -Marv
  14. My condolences on your loss, but it won't take that long for a guy with your attitude. I have RA in my right hand and have difficulty gripping at all. I'm finding my right index finger more or less kind of looks like a loose trigger finger. A little more grip in my left hand helps. Anyway, you are receiving good advice from better players than me. Best, -Marv
  15. Absolutely! We have our libraries. Some of mine are pretty old, but all are solid. Best to you, -Marv
  16. I voted better though close to being undecided. But that is because it's hard to open my mind to the unknown, untried. Once I tried to think of reasons why 18 would be better than 12, though, I couldn't. The arguments for 12 are convincing. Plus I remember reading that fewer holes, basically whatever your group wanted to play or whatever was available, were more the norm in the origins of the game. Finally though only slightly related, one of our renovated courses has a short walking course that you can play for 6 or for 9. I'm going to see if my old legs will be up to that. As I play more 9 h
  17. The chart posted by @dennyjones has been fairly representative for me as well as my golf buddies. Best, -Marv
  18. I think both help. I have RA. Also have Tacki-Mac arthritic grips (oversize between mid and jumbo) AND graphite AND wrist braces AND Bionic gloves on both hands. I have found I can do without the gloves now that I have the grips, but I like them. My doc also prescribed a new pain mgt med, not opiate, that really works. Good luck; this arthritis stuff doesn't have to ruin your life. Best, -Marv
  19. Yeah, just put the club head behind the ball as per usual. Good luck, -Marv
  20. BABY BALL BUMP? Best, -Marv
  21. On Or maybe just arrogant. Kinda. Maybe. Best, -Marv
  22. Golf Pride MCC standard on one set. BUT due to RA in hands and wrists, I have TackMac oversize arthritis grips in my main set. Absolutely no way my grip can slip regardless of a very light grip pressure. Great for me. Best, -Marv
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