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  1. Very good! You will have a lot of info and fun here. My wife and I plan to start playing 9's together again when cooler weather. She has a certain joy in just being there. I battle age, old bones, RA and rotator cuff injuries, so I play it forward anyway. Very best to you, -Marv
  2. RA in my hands and rotator cuff problems make me fearful to take a swing and hit the ground. TENSION sets in. I MUST do the following to produce a decent contact: slow loose practice swing letting my heel lift and BRUSHING the grass to find my low point; immediately stepping into position and HOVERING the clubhead above/behind the ball, glance at the target and repeat the practice swing, this time hitting the ball. I practice this in every practice session. As an old golfer with older bones, I find this intentional, continuous loose movement helps get rid of a lot of tension. Thanks for all yo
  3. Take heart, ye older wounded golfers! Once the heat wave dies down to Saharan levels, I plan to take back (at least some of) my game with Bionic gloves on both hands, new Tacki-Mac oversize arthritic grips and the forward tees! Along with various doses of anti-inflammatory pain relievers and hydrating liquids. We shall never, never, never, never surrender! That's my uplifting thought for today. Best of scores to you and yours, -Marv
  4. All good advice. As you narrow your likes in irons, I suggest that you check unbiased reviews like MyGolfSpy and check Maltby Playability Factor. Some clubs are difficult to hit. I would want a forgiving, used set for my first clubs. (Of course, I play them today.) Best, -Marv
  5. A sign of major mental depression, perhaps? She's 23, her mother has cancer, plus the "ruling thing". Plus she has had to play adult on the tour and in the public eye for a long time (since age 13 I recall?). I'm for cutting her some slack. Best ,-Marv
  6. If I do go for a Hybrid, am i better going for the same shaft as my irons, or could i go for a graphite for this? Personally, I would try to find a 4 and 5 hybrid with graphite regular shafts. The 20 degree is about a 3 Plus iron or 5 wood for me Maybe you could close the gaps with a 5 hybrid; and the 4 hybrid will fly nearly as far as the 20 degree. Graphite shaft with a low kick point may help with launching these longer clubs. Just a thought. Best, -Marv
  7. This is me at 72 and with RA thrown in. I tried the shorter club off the tee and it didn't help. My drives are pretty good, given physical limitations. Using LSW as an eye-opener, I identified my 2nd shots and my wedge approaches as having highest value for me. That's what I have worked on. My scores have improved slowly. But not able to get out to the range or course lately due to extreme temps even early. Hope everyone will consult LSW. Best, -Marv
  8. My question has always been: HOW? -Marv
  9. That's what Nicklaus said I believe...Deliver the center of the club face to the ball. -Marv
  10. According to the study, my average drives despite RA, etc, are the same distance as average drives of UK amateur golfers. As the USGA says, SOMETHING MUST BE DONE AND QUICK! 😡 Best, -Marv
  11. Yeah. No rain. I watched a YouTube video of Fleetwood's course record in the 2017 Albert Dunhill. Most everything was greenery. That was natural too, I think. Love The Open! Best, -Marv
  12. 11.5 in Callaway, Nike set to 12. Yeah, most of us need a bit more loft, I think. Best, -Marv
  13. @Snazzy93 , Lots of good advice here, especially by @Piz, but really by all. My right knee is bone on bone arthritic. Much better after a series of 5 injections by the ortho surgeon. Nevertheless, I wear a top line DonJoy brace when I golf. Good luck in solving your frustrating problem, -Marv
  14. Hmm...Any way to go question the fitter? Best, -Marv
  15. Welcome! I think you will enjoy TST...A lot of knowledge and fun here! Best wishes, -Marv
  16. Thanks for this Badger. Glen Garden holds many memories. My first and only hole in one. Played money games with The Dozen where I learned to get the ball in the hole fast or lose all my $$$; and the Shambley Group where I learned to respect the older golfers" games. The movie of Dan Jenkins' "Dead Solid Perfect" opens with scenes of Glen Garden before the clubhouse burned. The course was one of the oldest in Fort Worth. It was designed by John Bredemus who originally designed Colonial. RIP, old friend. -Marv
  17. I would not go to the gym until I have seen a medical doctor; give it a rest. Also a chiropractor can offer adjustments and spinal decompression therapy and it can help. All this is based on my experience. Best wishes, -Marv
  18. I have JPX 800 HD's with JPX Fli-Hi 3, 4,5. There also are MX Fli-Hi's and other Direct Iron Replacement clubs. All have a 3 DIR. Check online sellers and research the right club for you. Best, -Marv
  19. Exactly what everyone has said. I have RA in both hands and wrists, where Bionic gloves on both hands and will probably move to soft Winn midsize grips soon. Keep letting us know what you do that helps you, and we will do the same. Best regards,-Marv
  20. @Bungiex88, why don't you research and look for a Mizuno driving iron? Best, -Marv
  21. Yes. I bought my current used Mizuno irons on the basis of reviews (esp. MyGolfSpy), Maltby and hitting with a monitor. Interesting that all three pushed me toward the Mizunos. Good number, high MPF rating that I needed, and good reviews. Best, -Marv
  22. A friend plays driver, 5 wood, 4 hybrid, 5, 7 & 9 irons, SW and putter. He says he can be more proficient with fewer clubs than he can with the full bag. Has anyone else tried this? What was your experience? Thanks, -Marv
  23. This is great @iacas ! I didn't realize what it takes to rise in the PGA until I met a friend who is a Life Member of the PGA. I think it is quite remarkable and little known. Best, Marv
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