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  1. Yesterday at the range I had to move away from a guy who wiggled and waggled all around the ball, then short back, then wiggle waggle, etc. again for a full minute. Then hit the ball and look out there (short) for about 15 seconds. I was mesmerized! Best, -Marv
  2. Sorry but I really do not understand this question or the 11 HCP and scores. I usually shoot better than my high handicap in tournament golf...89-95...I guess because I concentrate more on course management. So something seems "off" to me in OP's statements? Best, -Marv
  3. Yes...A rehearsed swing that is free-flowing and without fear is my setup. Without fear means I have my target focus but I am not so worried and tense about it that I try to guide the club. Best, -Marv
  4. These are very good GI clubs; I presume you have the MX Fli-Hi's made for the set, kind of iron-hybrids. I did replace mine with JPX 800 HD's full set, graphite shafts incl. the JPX Fli Hi's. Even better SGI clubs. Bought both set used after researching what I needed/wanted. BUT I have put my MUCH OLDER TA6's in the bag because I need a lighter, more flexible shaft and hit the irons even better. Also OLDER hybrids. Don't carry a fairway wood. Do carry wedges (see below). POINT: I believe you can put together a set that really works best for you from older clubs and get the gaps right. Lot
  5. Yay! It has been said out loud in the open. I feel the same way about the hirsute adornment in other sports. The old lady-starter at one of our courses said to our group, "It's so good to see clean-shaven men!" But I am prejudiced b/c the best I could do is a scraggly, wispy little fuzzy thing on my chin. 😏Best, -Marv
  6. When I'm able/loose enough to have a better shoulder turn; his is very big. Best, -Marv
  7. Yeah...Night ambush in the pouring rain in a beautiful Asian nation. A surreal paradox for a kid from semi-arid West Texas. But all is well now...They have golf courses! Best, -Marv
  8. YES! He deserves ALL the accolades. I can't help but think, though, that DeChambeau really lost the tournament in the third round. We'll never know. Best, -Marv
  9. Not so exhausted, but, boy, do my joints get stiff about an hour or so after the round. Then, I take Aleve or ? and seem to get tired a couple of hours later and have to take a nap. As far as concentration...I played fairly well (for me) on Saturday, 6 under my HCP. My concentration/intent was to play with no fear, let the ball go where it will, and to play with a really long (for me) tension-free swing. Those were my only "swing thoughts". Worked for me. Best, -Marv
  10. @dennyjones, Marysville/Port Huron Golf? Denny, my military unit will have its annual reunion in the Marysville/Port Huron area in August. Do you have a couple of courses you recommend? (Sorry to hijack this thread; tried a PM but it said you couldn't receive it.) Thanks much, -Marv
  11. Others may disagree, but I suggest searching Internet on reviews of super forgiving irons. Try to find a store that will let you swing those of other clubs with soft, regular and stiff flexes, paying attention to shaft weight...Even better if they can measure your normal swing speed. Then try to find the clubs with appropriate flex and weight. Best of luck in your search, -Marv
  12. Yes Matrix Radix SV in my Cleveland driver is lightweight, per Cleveland's philosophy that lighter weight equates to more speed for slow swingers like me. Best, -Marv
  13. Yes, I will often wear New Balance walking shoes. Light, great foot support and the lugs help keep me planted in the swing. Best, -Marv
  14. Sorry to disagree with this quote and your topic title. My GHIN is now the highest it has ever been...old age and injuries. But my love for the game, its history, and the friendships it cements has not diminished. I recently played in a 2-day tournament. I shot some really good golf gross scores for me and some bad golf scores. My red numbers allowed me to compete and have fun in the "net" contest, but I didn't come close to winning: Those with low or lower GHIN and who played well both days won, as they should. And those with the low GHIN competed for low gross so they had fun too. I don't "p
  15. @@Matthew62 this is great advice. I did the same thing, plus I visualized a pro player's swing I really like, eyes closed and slowly swing like that in my "feel". You can't do it if you are tense. Tension kills! Best, -Marv
  16. If you do decide to buy the TA5's, they are very forgiving in the Ultra Game Improvement class , bested only by the TA6 and then the (original model) Launcher. I have and have played the TA5s and the TA6s. Pay attention to your swing speed though and get the proper weight and flex shaft. Good luck on your adventure! Best, -Marv
  17. Yes, I read it the test narrative after I had been playing the balls I mentioned. It said ProVIx was best for slow swings. And being a bit firmer, much better than the Chrome Soft (or I would presume, Supersoft) for my slow swing speed. Thanks for pointing this out. Best, -Marv
  18. Callaway SuperSoft yellow or ProV1x. These are best for my slow swing speed, are soft enough, give me good distance and feel good to hit. Love the Titleist spin of a full wedge. Best, Marv
  19. No...But just had to say: Good on you! Continue to be strong and of good courage! Best, -Marv
  20. Agree..."assuming no continuing physical limitations". We spend way too much time worrying about the distance thing. Am 73 and in the same boat as @kmgreensman except I don't remember coming that close in a club championship! Anyway I just decided the joy of golf was worth what I had to do to get back to some measure of good play. I addition to what theses others have said, I moved to lighter clubs...light senior-flex shafts including (recently) a lightweight Cleveland driver. I practice setting up in my practice sessions so my overall swing is somewhat normal. AND I bought a recumbent
  21. @MallardDrakeI hope a podiatrist will answer your question because it may be helpful to many. But some may find the solution in paying a bit more for quality shoes like TrueLinks or ECCO. I had similar issues to yours and tried various insoles, both very supportive in the arch and the flat kind that have little nubbies to massage your feet. Then I discovered TrueLinks shoes that may be what @iacas was referring to; my two pairs are a little older but extremely durable and comfortable with no need for inserts. Best, -Marv
  22. After I warm up, if I feel a little tense, I try to hit a few big hooks and slices just to feel the shot and the clubhead and just for fun. Stops me from looking at myself and what others are doing. But truthfully...Unless I'm there wearing a Speedo, no one cares about what I'm doing; they are only interested in what they are doing. Best, -Marv
  23. Yes to this...I wear two because of RA in hands. I first tried the Bionics that are specifically for arthritics, but they seemed too bulky. Anyway the relaxed grip Bionics are just right. Also, the MG gloves seem to last a bit longer than regular gloves and are VERY inexpensive. Best, -Marv
  24. Same in North Texas. Only a few playable Saturdays. -Marv
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