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  1. I am 5'8", old and a slow swinger. I have two drivers that came stock 46+ inches, advertised as adding yardage for us amateurs. My fitter cut down to 44 and adjusted swingweight accordingly. I hit them much better, straighter, longer. That's always a perennial discussion, but I think the adage that longer is better is just hype for most especially us high caps. Best, -Marv
  2. Basic and AIT at Ft. Polk, LA. 😉 Otherwise I was a mediocre baseball player. Best to all you jocks, -Marv
  3. At a nice country course near Abilene, Texas...Over a period of about 3 hours, we had rain and wind, then hail, then absolutely beautiful sunny blue skies. Strange. Best, -Marv
  4. Agree and appreciate @iacasand @Vinsk comments. I have read much and have had many lessons over my golfing life. At 73, with physical restrictions, still recovering from 2017 injuries and never being a great golfer anyway, I just try to emulate the commonalities of the golf swing. And I find I absolutely must simplify swing thoughts and "feels" so that unnecessary tension doesn't creep in. When I do that, the mechanical golfer stays in the background. Hope springs eternal and I believe I will get my HC back down this year. Good topic. Best, Marv
  5. Find the low point of the swing and make the ball is positioned there? I found I was playing the ball a little too far forward for my swing. Don't know if that is what might help you, but I hope so. Best, -Marv
  6. UPDATE: Physically much better now. Have adjusted swing to the needs of my body...standing a little taller, more upright swing, more arms...and now striking the ball well. In addition to gratitude, I am focusing on keeping negative thinking out of mt way (such as "Something's wrong! Something must be fixed!) and enjoying the ups and downs of golf being golf. Best, -Marv
  7. Wonderful! Went through a time from October '17 to about April '18 when I couldn't play golf; then the injury flared up again a couple of times since then. I haven't fully recovered my HC, but the courses are so much more beautiful when you go back after an enforced absence. Wonderful! Thanks for reminding me! Best, -Marv
  8. Generally agree, except that the shaft flex and weight also makes a huge difference. I am old with a slow swing speed and need forgiving clubs. I hit my higher-lofted older senior flex lighter shaft Cleveland clubs as well or better than the lower-lofted newer regular flex Mizuno clubs, both in graphite. Good topic. Best, -Marv
  9. Thanks for this. Sometimes, I get into "something must be fixed!" mode and I get defeated. PLAY golf! Best, -Marv
  10. I took up golf in the early 80's. My first set was like those. Knocked down a flag stick or two. I have no idea where I got them. The faces were rusted in the groove area, and my good golfer friends said that was a good thing. Thanks @GAA for bringing back the memories. Best, -Marv
  11. New technology is great but I played my best golf using Cleveland TA5 irons in graphite stocks from circa 2000. Then I stopped playing regularly for several years. When I came back, I went on a club binge...various hybrids, wedges, a couple of drivers, and 3 sets of great Mizunos (still have one set). Then my coach said it was probably time for senior shafts at age 72. I found a set of TA6s in stock Cleveland graphite senior shafts. They are like magic for me. The overall weight and the weaker lofts are just right. I now have a pristine set of TA5 senior series irons as well. For me, these ol
  12. Recently had both sets checked for someting to do while the weather is bad. One an older set of Clevelands , the other newer (but still a few years old) Mizunos. Both were in spec and the lies were as I like. As others said, the pro told me forged are more likely to get "off" a little, cast are less so, and more likely a manufacturing issue in any event. However, I think a golfer who plays better with lies that are a little flatter or a little more upright can tell the difference. The pro said hitting a bunch on a lie board while video taping would tell the tale. Good topic. Let's hope rain, s
  13. Yeah, well, I'm coming back again from injuries that have plagued me for nearly 2 years AND resulted in my balloon HCI. Distance to the hole from off the green has been a problem, even using my best wedge. SO I am going to get a chipper today not so I can get to your skill level (though I can hope), but so I can return to consistent, bogey golf. Great topic; always new, though old. Best, -Marv
  14. Ball flight tells the story. My issue was 1) alignment and 2) ball to far forward at address. I also may come over the top every once in awhile, esp. when I swing hard, out of tempo or when I am too close too the ball, for me. Best, -Marv.
  15. Not sure how to block it (though Google settings detail might work). BUT do NOT respond to that ad. I did, on my phone...It takes you through questions. Next you know, you are having many, many junk calls. Best, -Marv
  16. I am about to purchase a compact recumbent dual exercise bike (the kind that also has an upper arm-shoulder workout with rotating handles). At 73 and arthritic in hands, shoulders, hips and knees, I MUST exercise and build strength and flexibility. I already do resistance band rows 3 x day. I have found the increased hand-arm-shoulder strength and flexibility really help my golf. But legs and hips get little exercise. I tried resistance bands there, but it caused pain. I really liked the super duper recumbent dual exerciser when I had physical therapy. I have found a home version tha
  17. I have pondered why I am so hard on myself during and after a round. At first, I thought, "I think I am so much better than I am." That is only part of it; it is an even deeper ego problem. More than just not admitting it, I FEAR admitting how poor a player I am. My self-centered, competitve nature says I have to protect my ego, I think. The other day, I kind of looked up top pro's percentages of wins compared to tournaments entered. Most LOSE more that 90% of the time (Nicklaus was slightly less and Tiger is off the charts). Golf is seldom beaten by anyone, especially by me. Anyway,
  18. Agree on importance of grip size. Years ago, I had oversized grips which the pro said would help with a hook. More recently, Mr. Arthritis seemed to dictate Jumbo's that I used for awhile. Got another (even older) set of irons and re-gripped those with Midsize, no wrap. Great for me, arthritis and all. Best, -Marv
  19. Yes...But maybe the paths of two men who love golf converged for the purpose of turning the old clubs into a force for good. Happy New Year! -Marv
  20. 2019 GOAL IS JUST TO MAINTAIN AND BE GRATEFUL. After coming back to golf, taking instruction, practice and play, 2017 was shaping up. Then Sept. 2017 after two great rounds in S Carolina, RA attacked with a vengeance...knee, both hands/wrists, both rotator cuffs. After two minor hand surgeries, various injections and much physical therapy, I began to play again in mid-March 2018 and had some good rounds breaking 90 but I had lost strength. As I exercised and some strength returned, I was very hopeful all had stabilized. But yesterday, Friday, it hit my left hip...apparently bone on bone. So he
  21. @Duffythis is correct. I'm 73 and I do play senior or soft-stepped regular. But more due to the effects of the onset of RA than age. A friend plays stiff and does well...says he doesn't have to worry so much with tempo. Best, -Marv
  22. @yankee777 if you wear glasses take a look at Eagle Eyes Fit-On on Google and Amazon. I have those and another pair for glare-free night driving. They work! Best, -Marv
  23. Wonderful old course! Glad you reminded me. Best, -Marv
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