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  1. Welcome! Cruise around the forums and topics...Bet you find something to interest you. Best, -Marv
  2. hEY @Nave ! Sorry for not responding. I am in West Fort Worth. I am trying to heal from shoulder/knee injuries (AGAIN!) so I haven't been to the range or course for over a month. Have a feeling it will be later this month, weather permitting. Let's keep it going! Best, -Marv
  3. Welcome to TST! Best of the forums! Take time to explore. Best, -Marv
  4. Both ideas...buy used and get on a launch monitor...are good. I needed to know what shaft, loft, and other dynamics were best for me as an old, slow-swinging, high HCP golfer. So I worked with a friend at Dick's. Ultimately I settled on my older Cleveland driver that I bought used online after research and comparisons. Best, -Marv
  5. Several years ago, one of the oldest courses in our town planted legumes and fescue in several bunkers that grew a few inches high. These were genuine hazards to avoid. Very difficult to play out of. But "grass bunkers" were in the original course plans from early 1900's. Best, -Marv
  6. I use Golf Pad GPS Tags. Concerned that they MIGHT come off, I looked and looked for a product that says it is for plastic and rubber. Then a user recommended using electrical tape around the edges of the tags and top of grip. Appears to work and hardly noticeable. BTW...The only PURE grip I use is on my putter. Love it. The hole in the butt end seems a little larger than my other grips, but not sure. Best, -Marv
  7. Hire a lawyer in a cheap suit! Obviously manufacturer liability for a defective product that attracts ex-jock docs! Seriously, rest...get well. Best, -Marv
  8. YES...Working on that myself...Ball striking and flight now good...HCP will fall. Very uplifting. Best, -Marv
  9. Interested in what you do and find. In my case, as a 74-year-old, I thought light senior shafts would be for me. That is true in my drivers. BUT interestingly, I found slightly heavier regular shafts are best in my irons as opposed to lighter senior shafts in my other set of irons. Not sure why. Keep us posted. Best, -Marv
  10. GOLF VLOGS UK GOLFMATES on YouTube...Kind of a quirky fun golf vlog. Best, -Marv
  11. And in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, etc. On the other hand, some of the same shops that turn out OEM products do make their own designed lines of golf clubs (not clones or fakes), some of which look pretty nice and at a very favorable price point. But as an amateur, why would I trust my eyes rather than trust the engineering and quality control of say, Mizuno or Srixon, and pay the price for that? So I steered clear. Best, -Marv
  12. Thank you both. Over the last 3 months, after noticing tension in my forearms and wrists, I have been working on setup and a relaxed, easy back and forward swing...and I am now more sensitive to the clubhead. Not trying to control it. Just a loose practice swing with focus on the target, step in and swing it through. These are all "feels" for me so I don't get ball-bound trying to hit at the ball. Best, -Marv
  13. And now we now DL3 has been added...How EXCITING! Best, -Marv
  14. HCP - Forward tees HCB (OLD) - "I don't want to play golf with coffin-dodgers who always ask where did it go?"
  15. I really tried to care one way or the other. But I don't. Maybe why they are out is a lot of people feel the same way. Best, -Marv
  17. I play at least 4 each year, spring-summer-fall. My scores are almost always better when I compete. Love it. Best, -Marv
  18. Age does not determine the tee(s) you play.👴 USGA "Play It Forward" charts give the yardage of the course you should play based on your average driver distance. You can mix and match tee boxes to arrive at your suggested course distance. @iacas posted more thorough charts of various yardages, but I can't find it. Some courses have holes where I play whites, and others where I play reds, all marked on the scorecard. But I always check to see if the ultimate course yardage is at or a little more than my suggested yardage. Best, -Marv
  19. I have broken 90 several times. Based on my driver distance average and USGA suggestions (and others on this site), I play appropriate tees. I have found that knowing the distances I can comfortably hit each club, especially 100 yards in, and keeping away from trouble are keys for me. AND no three putts! Best, -Marv
  20. In denial that it's his own damn fault...Self-centered behavior. Justanopinion. Best, -Marv
  21. Norwegians say, "No bad golf weather, just bad golf clothes." I adhere to that rule, up to a point, and maintain various kinds of light thermal layering and cart gloves. But wind chill rules for me. We get the Blue Norther here (thank you, Minnesota!)...Generally begins with a cold damp or wet wind that cuts me like a knife. So I watch for the temperature swings but pay attention to wind speed, direction and chill factor. Don't like 40's anymore, 50's may be OK. Best, -Marv
  22. Great to be back on topic! Thank you. This style of play, I've found, really requires patience, paying attention to distances I actually CAN hit...playing within myself, not the other guy's game. Fortunately, I hit my driver in the fairway, though not particularly long. Then I try to own the 2nd shot. I try to see each shot not only for needed distance to set up the next shot to the green from my preferred distance, but to see every shot as a green light, yellow light or red light in terms of risk. Now that injuries are not hampering me, the HCP will fall IF I have the mental toughness to do this. Best, -Marv
  23. My nemesis...when it's back, I start opening my stance to try to find a straight shot. Crazy! Glad you found that which was lost. Best, -Marv
  24. I watch Golf VLOGS UK on YouTube. Set in and around Bolton. They often play in rain and some cold...and they WALK. Even 80-year-old The Dad. I wondered if I could do that. Best, -Marv (Co. D, 2nd Bn./16th Inf. Reg., 1st Inf Div BRO)
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