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  1. I have two extra full sets of Mizuno forged MX-200 (GI) irons and cast MX-100 (SGI) irons and hybrid-irons that I bought on eBay, the MX-200's during an ice storm that kept us in for days. BUT I then added to my monetary injurious behavior by, in essence, rebuilding the clubs with new shafts and grips. It was a crazy spending frenzy! Sheesh! -Marv

  2. I won't be able to send a video for about 6 weeks or so, but now I'm wondering...I was taught to play almost every shot with the ball forward in my stance. I was told to look at Harmon, Nicklaus and others. I do "feel" as if my weight is "back" as I swing. I know my weight favors the left only slightly at set-up.  

    I have seen my swing on video and it is not like the ones pictured. I believe I have more "drive" into the ball in the downswing, and I'm not so upright. But now I wonder: Is the instruction I received considered "wrong" as well? Thanks, -Marv

  3. Heal up! I had a real bad flare up of carpal in both hand and wrists last week after playing two beautiful courses in SC. Haven't touched my clubs in 10 days. Waiting on pre-surgery tests. I DO share your thoughts. And I really like what Patch said...I'll give leg exercise a whirl! Best wishes for your recovery, -Marv

    9 hours ago, Patch said:

    Heal as fast as you can. I have been in your shoes. Not much fun. 

    So you can't use your arm in a golfing way. There are other body parts just as essential to the golf swing as the arms are. 

    As an example, do what you can to to keep your legs as strong as possible. Get some walking mileage in. Maybe some stationary bike exercising. 

    Thanks, Patch! Good reminder!

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  4. Good bounces, bad bounces...Just like the rest of my life stuff that happens without warning. Probably a perfectly rational, natural, scientific-type explanation. But I think I prefer to ascribe mystery to it that I cannot control or explain. -Marv (in my Shivas Irons guise)

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  5. 1 hour ago, gregsandiego said:

    Third, it is probably hard for an instructor to separate their honest desire to help, from their need to maximize income for themselves.

    Yes, as it turned out the coach..highly experienced, etc....was struggling financially and to stay in his position. So he "pushed" a bit. But the fault was all mine, I think. I had unrealistic expectations of what we could achieve and of my own capabilities. I thought I could return quickly to past glory!  -Marv

  6. 11 hours ago, gregsandiego said:

    Why ?

    Not that I disagree. But I'm wondering about your reasons.

    Right...Sorry to be cryptic.  Probably my bruised ego talking when I recalled my experience.

    When I came back to golf after a long time and as an oldster, I paired with a coach for two series of 5-6 lessons. He wanted at least 1 per week, sometimes 2 and I wanted to progress as fast as possible.

    It was a big mistake. I learned a lot in my head but never internalized more than a few. Plus I found his communication skills lacking, and I was too proud to say "Hey, this isn't working for me."  It was an expensive lesson to learn.  So now it is my goal to work only with a coach who respects and understands the limitations of the senior golfer...1 lesson at a time, 1 thing at a time to work on. Thanks, Marv

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