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  1. proto

    Clip towels

    i don't like how they get caught up in the legs of my stand bag, i use a longer towel for a while and jus have it around my alignment sticks. idk do what you want im not going to laugh or judge. thats why i don't use club towels at all.. only ones who would judge and laugh would be high school or spoiled brat college kids who think they are already tour players. those are the only ones who ive seen judge and laugh at people
  2. well my NIKE LCV has lasted me good since december of 2016 and I've sprayed them with dirt and water repallent. each time off the course ill while my shoes off and they look new just like i bought them. its been 10months of wearing them and they are still bright white. had them thru mud and sand and even red clay dirt and they are still very white and new looking. my nike LC4 i didn't spray and they aren't to bad but wish i sprayed them now. ive never had FJ and prob won't ever buy any so i can't speak about those. oh even my shoe laces on my LCV shoes are still bright white also. water just slides right off and the dirt just shakes right off and the bottoms are still very new looking for after 10months of golf
  3. proto

    Damage to Top of My Epic Driver

    if its not hurting the distance you should be fine, I've bought a brand mew driver and dropped it on the ground and it worked fine. the sound you hear is prob from where air flows on the downswing and sounds weird cause the spot isn't smooth like it was before. thats one reason i don't like hitting in those small pods. rather be in a open space off some grass
  4. pw that comes with a set of irons is going to be easier to hit with vs then buying a vokey 46º wedge. the face is going to be bigger and the sole is more likely going to be wider and more forgiving club overall. i never buy the matching wedge sets that you can get with a iron set. i want more spin and control so i always just buy 9-3 or 9-4. makes it lil cheaper also. now days you can get a shaft in your wedges to match your irons for free. but for me, id say just keep leave it alone. not worth the extra money to reshaft a stock pw unless you buy a vokey or MG wedges or a wedge company.
  5. proto

    Nike logo stamped on a Miura

    you know a lot of companies has used Miura to forged there irons, look at the titleist mb and look at the Miura MB001.you know Ping also bought a lot of Nike blue prints after they pulled out of the club makings. so 2018 clubs might have some nike tech built into it. lot of people didn't like nike stuff and lot of them would never touch Nike product. had one guy i used to golf with hated nike and he wanted to try my driver out and the next time we played he had the new nike vapor driver in his bag. TM has used Miura also, they forged the irons for rory's and rose's and dj's new proto MB. jus like how scotty took the answer putter designs and made them better then what the original creator did. i don't mind it at all. if someone can take a design and make the same exact looking design but performs 10x better then the original one, id take the design that performed 10x better then the original one
  6. proto

    Was I fitted incorrectly?

    i had the same issues at first when i got my Apex Cf16. got fitted for em and played the end of Feb. and went out everyday and now I'm feeling lot better with them and spin them like i was with my Nike VR Pro. They told me i was spinning my irons way too much because i was coming steep, so next swing i flatten out my downswing and picked up 25-30ys. now i can spin my irons jus from playing them a bunch and getting used to them. honestly when i first got my new irons i was so mad because i could not hit my 6-3 long irons in the air at all. went back and filmed my self and figured out what i was doing wrong and now I'm smoking the ball better then ever. don't give up just keep working with them and it will come around. find a good ball that is soft and will spin enough for ya. your shafts are prob fine because they are what gave you the best numbers at the time you were getting fitted. make sure you catching the ball clean and that your launching your irons high enough. Don't go changing your lofts on your irons either, if the place where you got fitted didn't change your lofts they are good then. My Apex CF16 doesn't spin like my Blades do but enough where i can stop the ball if needed. honestly its prob the way your swinging your irons, it could from your not catching the ball clean enough. maybe try and come a lil steep then you are and hit down on the ball and try and trap ball but make sure you hit the ball first then the ground. it took me almost 5months to get my clubs figured out between distance control and spinning the ball. you also could be delofting the club at impact where you need loft for spin. if i was you id just go back to where you got fitted at and ask them to check your spin rate. idk bout playing Vice balls first and last time i picked one up they were like a bounce ball feel. which JPX900 did you get also? Tour, Forged, Hotmetal?
  7. SC Newport M1 took my red day spider putter back after the second day of having it. the black face started to chip so i took it back and ended up ordering a scotty m1. love the M1, the feel and the roll right off the face is so good. this is my first scotty and the ball does hold its line off the face so damn good. been wanting a newport style blade but had the stability that a mallet has to offer. with the M1 being a blend together with a blade and mallet. this mid mallet is like putting with a blade but stays so stable in the putting stroke. if your wanting a good mid mallet. SC Newport M1 is the way to go
  8. do you know what kind of bounce works the best for you? i like low bounce in my 46° 50° 54° high bounce in 58°-60° for bunkers. if it was me and i can get the bounce lower in a 54° then a 56° then i’d go get a 54 bent to a 55. full shots i went lower bounce, half shots and open face shots i’ll go with higher. rather have lower bounce overall
  9. proto

    Nice Stand Bags

    broken zippers or legs is one thing i haven’t had with the Nike stand bags. only bag i have had troubles with was a ping stand bag. but that was way back in the day so their bags prob a whole lot better now. i paid 80bucks for my 2017 nike sport bag. it’s way better then my 130$ bag. i’m not a fan of the 14way bags. always jus like the 4-6way bags the best
  10. proto

    Poll: Custom Fitted Shafts?

    if your hitting the ball good with what your setup is now and you think its right and know your lie and loft and shafts correct then i wouldn't get fitted. before i got new clubs, i knew i was 2º flat and half inch off the shafts and had px rifles shafts in my clubs. the fitter was like why you have these shafts, and then we start to get into the fitting and after looking at the numbers he realized that i spin the ball was too much and the rpm are way way high that i needed a shaft that will lower the spin rate and he said no i understand why you have those shafts. ended up being 2º half inch off the shaft and ended up with the projectX rifles shafts. so pretty much I've already knew what my settings needed to be at and wat shafts i should be leaning more towards to. most of the time if your buying new clubs fitting will be free, but if not depends where you go it could be like 60-100 for a fitting if your able to, try and get fitted off the grass, you will get better testing done and will know how the club is working or the ball off the grass vs mats
  11. i went over the weekend to get fitted for a new putter, didn't want a blade since i have 3 already and wanted a mallet putter. they handed me 15 different putters and i kept coming back to the Red Day putter. platinum is face balance and the loft is 2.5 and can't change out the weights on it and is for more straight back putter, DJ is real good jus like the Red Day but lil heavier and the face is firmer but comes off so fast, feels good also. Red Day softer feel and easy to line up. i use the center body of the putter to aim since theres no line on top "no biggy" first 5/5 putts with the Day putter right then i knew ill walk out of the store with it. only thing i wish they would sell DJ's black grip since it's a mid size grip and the Day's is slim. almost got them to switch out the grips for me but they almost bought into it lol. ended up cutting it down from 34" to 32" "yes I'm short" lie stayed the same and loft also 3.5º came from a 4º but .5º not a big change. i did order the weights for it and wanna take out the two 2g weights for 2 4g and see if it makes it a lil more heavier since i cut it 2inches. since they couldn't switch out the grips for me i got them to add 3wraps on the grip and that actually made it feel lil better. went out sunday to the practice greens and set up 4balls around the hole at 4ft drained em, went to 10ft drained them no problem at all. started to putt at 30ft no joke at all made 3/4 putts, I'm like ok this putter working good. took it out for 18holes ended up with a 83. week before shot a 93 "had a few blow up holes on the greens" after that day looking at it, took 10 strokes off my card so i'll def be keeping this in the bag. I've seen where some people's Day putter has been chipping near the bottom of the face of the black insert. yes mine has chips of black paint come off it that sunday and i called TM about it and they said 2year warranty is on all there stuff and i can get it replaced for a new one since mine chipped the 2nd of having it. no it doesn't take any of the performance away from it and isn't really that big of deal i guess but jus sucks spending that much for it and this happens. I'm going to send it back to get it replace but makes me wonder since where they were on back order so long and they had to rush the production that this must be a common error in a lot of the Red Day putters cause I've seen forums about it and pics. other then that it's still one or the best putter I've every used -EnjoyTheChase-
  12. proto

    Senior or regular shaft

    did you get fitted? if your new id get some lessons and get your swing down where you don't have to make adjustments to hit the ball. and when you feel comfortable then id go get fitted for the clubs you are wanting. they might need to add a inch on your shafts to make it feel more comfortable for ya. but reg shaft is lil heaver of a shaft vs senior. if your not swinging fast at all you can stay with a senior flex thats no issues at all. don't let the S,R,S,X letters make you think i need a big boy X100 shafts jus cause someone else is. stick with something that fits your swing speed. and go get fitted so you can get the correct shafts in jus incase you might need a shaft that can lower your spin rate and low spin shaft will help or you might need a shaft that can help you get more spin, mid-high spin shaft will help out also. where i swing steep on my downswing i tend to spin the ball way way way too much and i got setup with project x rifles, they are a low spin shafts but loves the way they look. no tapper at all jus smooth straight shaft lol -Good Luck-
  13. proto

    Nice Stand Bags

    i like my 2017 nike stand bag its real nice and very lite. got the 2017 Nike catalog and man if they dropped the 17 bags id gone for the all black staff bag with the red lip on top. 2017 nike stuff looks real good shame they didn't release em before dipping out. idk i will always use a nike bag for the rest of my life. new TM bags do look good tho. never been a fan of the titleist bags or the callaway bags. bags a bag, if it holds your stuff and is a lite feeling bag, then thats all i need

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