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  1. What'd You Shoot Today?

    84 today, a personal best. Could've been better, I tripled the 18th which is a fairly easy par four. Overall I'm pretty damn happy about the round.
  2. Plugged ball

    Awesome, thanks for the clarification guys. I actually asked my playing partners about this and they were not aware of any rule that would let me drop. I think I need to spend some time studying the rule book. @iacas Thank you for the link.
  3. Plugged ball

    So I hit a shot on a par 3 today from about 165. Long story short, the ball plugged into the fringe, literally there was only a 1/4 of the ball showing. It took me 3 swings to get it out. What type of swing and what club do you use for a shot like this? All advice is welcome, I appreciate it.
  4. Bunker Sand - Firm or Soft?

    I voted medium and too hard. I generally play on cheap Muni courses in Northern Nevada. The general consensus about the "sand traps" on these courses is that they are dead pan, not sand. That being said I don't have much experience with legitimate sand traps, so I'd be happy with anything that is actually sand.
  5. Was this a legal eagle

    Thanks for the insight guys. I appreciate it
  6. Was this a legal eagle

    I was just wondering because my playing partners ball advanced mine. Thank you sir, the ball will be saved!!!
  7. Was this a legal eagle

    I don't post much, but I've been pondering this one for two weeks. On a dog leg right par four I smoked a drive over the hazard and my ball landed on the Fringe of the green, quite possibly the best drive I've ever hit. I went to see if my ball had made it and saw that it was on the fringe. I waived my playing partner on so he could hit his shot and his pitch hit my ball knocking to about three feet from the hole. I was able to sink the putt for my first eagle, woohoo!!! Was this a legitimate eagle?
  8. Where should I start

    Awesome, thanks for all the info.
  9. Tiger Woods 2017 Season Predictions

    Father time always wins, he can't turn back the clock. Tiger was the best us younger guys ever saw. I'm into MMA and Rousey was the best woman fighter anyone had ever seen, but the game evolves and the forefathers get left behind. Tiger is unfortunately a figure of the past still holding on, the younger guys have caught up to and surpassed his CURRENT skill level. 0 wins this year if he even makes it thru healthy.
  10. Where should I start

    Yeah that actually makes a lot of sense lol, I tend to over think things sometimes. Thanks @piz
  11. Tiger Woods 2017 Season Predictions

    I voted so so. Even though he is one of the greatest ever it is hard to just compete at his age. I'm new to golf but in the professional sports world how many 40+ year olds have you seen even be competitive?
  12. I'm only in my first year playing and I've basically just used online instruction to learn. So far distance is not a problem for me(I'm a big dude 6'2 250) I'm going to do lessons soon, I spray it all over the place. Should I tell my new/first instructor to help me build my swing from the ground up or work on whatever it is that I have. My best score this year was a 91, but I want to get better as long as I'm still having fun.
  13. What are Your 2017 Golf Goals?

    This last season was my first playing actual golf (went to a driving range a few times before). So my goals are. 1 I really want to break 90, I got close this year on an easy course(shot 91). 2 Get a HC index so I know where I really stand. I'll accomplish breaking 90 by getting lessons which I have already got set up and actually practicing instead of just mindlessly swinging at that little bastard of a ball.

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