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  1. Can't remember who told me this but here it is. Playing golf is like owning a cat, it'll only give you enough love to keep you coming back for more.
  2. Thank you for the information, I doubt it'll ever happen to me but at least I'll know how to handle it if it does.
  3. So I'm up late watching the Open, can't remember which players this happened to but their balls were very close to each other in the rough. From the TV view it didn't look like either could've made a shot without contacting the other players ball. I had to go to the little boys room while this played out and don't have a DVR, what is the ruling on a situation like this? Does one of the players need to mark his ball and hit after? Just curious, haven't seen this before.
  4. So today went well and I didn't have any major disaster while chipping. I decided to change my focus, I literally only thought about keeping my head down while chipping, no other swing thoughts. Thanks @iacas for the idea. I also am going start trying the putting/chipping idea that was mentioned in the post. It definitely seems like an easier way to go about it.
  5. Yeah I was definitely trying to laugh it off at first as just a thing that happens when golfing. But the continuation of the problem has been hard to ignore. I'm definitely not a person who gets angry on the course but it is disappointing when something that should be relatively easy becomes impossible.
  6. Thanks for all the advice guys. I'm off to the course tomorrow and will definitely start trying to sort this out with the advice given. I'm going to start with changing my focus as I believe this might be mental, if that doesn't work I'll keep plugging away at it.
  7. So the last three rounds I have played I've had the chipping Yips. The ball will either roll across the turf or shoot 90 degrees from my intended target or I'll sail one 30 yards past the hole. I am beyond frustrated as this has been killing all the great shots and drives I've had. I'm sure someone in this great community has had this issue and overcome it. Any advice is more than welcome. Please Help!!!
  8. To answer the actual question in the post, I'd probably need unlimited mulligans to get to -4. However there is no way I could do it in 5 hours. It would probably take me four days to complete that one round.
  9. 84 today, a personal best. Could've been better, I tripled the 18th which is a fairly easy par four. Overall I'm pretty damn happy about the round.
  10. Awesome, thanks for the clarification guys. I actually asked my playing partners about this and they were not aware of any rule that would let me drop. I think I need to spend some time studying the rule book. @iacas Thank you for the link.
  11. So I hit a shot on a par 3 today from about 165. Long story short, the ball plugged into the fringe, literally there was only a 1/4 of the ball showing. It took me 3 swings to get it out. What type of swing and what club do you use for a shot like this? All advice is welcome, I appreciate it.
  12. I voted medium and too hard. I generally play on cheap Muni courses in Northern Nevada. The general consensus about the "sand traps" on these courses is that they are dead pan, not sand. That being said I don't have much experience with legitimate sand traps, so I'd be happy with anything that is actually sand.
  13. Thanks for the insight guys. I appreciate it
  14. I was just wondering because my playing partners ball advanced mine. Thank you sir, the ball will be saved!!!
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