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  1. That's so funny and so true, its hard to hate the system when it has worked for you. But the music does remind me of the younger years. There just isn't any rebel without a cause left.
  2. I'm listening to some punk right now. Specifically Anti-Flag Die for the government. I don't have the same outlook in life anymore, but I love punk rock.
  3. I guess by serious I mean how the game affects you. Does a bad round put you in a sour mood? I once went from a 84 to 106 on the same course, played in consecutive days. Yes I was stoked by the 84 but I wasn't in a bad mood after the 106. Maybe that's what I mean by taking it seriously. My performance doesn't change the joy of golfing for me.
  4. I started a different thread, same concept.
  5. Please only reply to the question. For me, I concentrate on every shot and try to play to the best of my abilities. In that sense I take this game seriously. However I really don't care what I shoot, I'm not good at golf and it definitely doesn't affect my mood at all. So I would say I'm not serious about this game. Getting out and playing 18 is reward enough for me. What are your thoughts?
  6. This could have been such a great thread. But the OP obviously had a weird troll agenda. If someone else posts the same question I would love to respond with a honest answer.
  7. Well I'm not a good golfer and have never had an eagle, but I've had 3 birdie hole outs from the sand. I'd rather of had an eagle.
  8. I was on point. But it really does show you how amazing scratch is.
  9. Anyone with a club membership and amateur status should be allowed. If they aren't making money playing golf than they're in the same boat as us. Although some are in a better boat.
  10. Maybe this is it. Golf as a sport is in a unique spot, there are times with this sport where you do something that not even a pro could do better. It just makes you feel better than you are. But as a hacker it's what makes me love this game so much.
  11. Yep. Still sad to see it, and to hear it from good golfers. I'm a shifty golfer but the people I play with are good. Relatively speaking
  12. I played ball with a kid who went on to play college ball, Saint Mary's. When I asked him how he hit curveballs so well he just told me to look at the stitches you can see the spin. Yeah, like my favorite podcaster says, there's different levels to this shit folks. No that guy didn't get to the pros.
  13. Reminds me of a joke some friends and I used to say. If I could surf, I'd best the best surfer in the world. It was always in response to people who couldn't do something but called it easy.
  14. A few years? Shit it only took me a few swings 😆
  15. I really don't think its about improvement, it's a sense that they even have the ability. Some people can't comprehend what it takes to be a pro.
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