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  1. made some swing changes over the winter really struggled out of the gate and was as high as a 6 index there was a point where breaking 80 was tough for me then I had a turning point (honestly I think it was switching from blades....uuhhgg again) and dropping the 4i for a 23º hybrid once i put the S56's in the bag and the A12 hybrid, i was having some incredible scores my low of the year was a 71 on a decent track here last year held a 2 index basically on one course, this year i held a 2.4 on like 10 courses (no membership this yr) but i played ONE tournament
  2. as mentioned above, U/A is pretty much the best of the best little pricey, but 100% worth it i workout in it, and seriously have over 20 shirts also use it as a base layer in the winter for snowmobiling great great product
  3. choosing rain gear, is like choosing the right winter gear after working in a sporting good store for years and back country snowmobiling for years as well.....i know a thing or 2 about good gear buying the right gear to keep you WARM and ALIVE in the back country is essential couple KEY things to look for: 1. taped seams - an ABSOLUTE MUST. Remember the sh*tty rain gear a few years ago that the US Ryder Cup team had....um yea...no taped seams. Open stitch means water leaky ;) 2. breathability - it must be made of a material that will allow moisture (that is body h
  4. didnt think much of Mallory until i watched the last episode shes super cute...like Sara Brown cute.....
  5. do it ALL THE TIME there are a few courses that have decent practice facilities, but only two have a practice bunker, chipping green and putting green i frequent both spots every week and dont pay
  6. not to offend any of the higher cappers, but getting custom fit for new clubs should be the furthest thing from your mind spend the gnote on lessons it will make the game more enjoyable knowing your spending money on something that WILL improve your game for the record - i have never custom ordered anything i have purchased OTR clubs (95% from ebay) and play them at standard length , i am also 6'1" i have had a few sets bent to a flatter or more upright lie, but not all of them today i am a low single digit index w OTR Ping S56 irons black dot...which sit about .2
  7. Also have this club Really like it altho im not a fan of the PJX shaft Maybe put a fubuki or something like that in there Head is hot for sure I have mine cranked down to 14.25 loft and its great! Goes forever and really forgiving Really the whole 910 line is a homerun :-D
  8. wow, opened this up and was wondering if i got drunk and wrote it myself!! LOL! dude, I feel your pain check this sh*t out.... started the year as a 1.9 index, currently a 6...yes A SIX!!!!!!! breaking 80 has become what used to be "the norm" and shanking? yesterday i hit a mint 3w up the guts on a hole that is only 385yds, but maybe 75yds wide, treelined, elevated bunker protected green (hole index is a 1) im 130 in and flat out shank it right in the bush....really now?????!!!!!!! uugghhh.... played the front 8 at 2 over, double 9, bogey 10, double 12
  9. Erik's review is great read up best line Titleist has put out since the 905 series
  10. really enjoyed the show tonight i liked LT's comment about putting it all on the line (every dollar you have) and seeing if you can come through....no bigger pressure lookin forward to future shows
  11. lazy more than anything...... whatever mods can move it or delete the post
  12. agreed..... i just about peed when i heard this!! hahah! sad to see Russell gone already, I think he's got more skill than he portrayed on the show ol cross handed dude and the Jamaican guy (sorry bad w names) i think will be long time contendors liking the season so far....but miss Sara Brown ;)
  13. not sure if this was posted somewhere already fricken HILARIOUS!!!! other than crane, these are 3 guys i try to follow on tour a lot
  14. very nice putter something i would game fo sho
  15. good putting makes me say WOW I seen some amazing putts after some terrible holes, and others are like "wow that was so lucky".....no it wasnt some of the guys i play with are just plain great putters - it's sick big drives and long pured 3irons are neat, but I absolutely LOVE watching good putters (cause frankly i blow!! LOL!)
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