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  1. Last year, I hit my 3H coming up an uphill par 5. The course driveway crosses perpendicular about 100 yards in front of the green, which is where my nice long hybrid shot was heading, but I was too far downhill to see exactly where it landed. Got in the cart all smug and cruised on up, about 50 yards from the driveway I notice a golf ball heading down the driveway, look on my hole and see absolutely nothing. It stopped rolling 200 yards or so down and 2 holes over. So my shot traveled about 180 yards and rolled another 200 for 380 yards. Longest and worst 3h yardage I've ever had, haha
  2. My golf goals for this year: 1) Break 90 2) Focus on keeping tee shot playable 3) Quit chipping short I really need to focus on 2 and 3 to get 1 off the list. Last year recover shots back to the fairway added a lot to my game, I need to focus on getting my hips around smoothly to make better contact. My follow through is always short, so my chips are too. Those 2 problems really add up quick. And that should do it, right? All clear to move onto 2018? Just kidding, that would skip a whole year of golf!
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