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  1. 51 minutes ago, Hatchman said:

    Morning Andy,

    Generally, a bad miss might be more of a swing path issue.  A slight miss might warrant a fitting for a minor weight distribution.  Just my thought on tweeking clubs.


    Thanks for your reply, I should have really said my normal drive is a slight fade or straight. I will play for a fade 9/10 down the left side most times with enough room if it stays straight. 

    I played an i25 for 2 years which a was a consistant/controlable fade. 





  2. Morning guys,

    Well... Firstly, I nipped into American Golf.......... 

    I was in for a PING G driver, had a chat with the guy told him my bad miss was a bad slice so he pointed me towards the new LS tec, so I hit a few balls maybe 30-40 and everything was either a good straight ball or a slice. He gave me a few "swing pointers" and straightened it up a bit. 

    Anyway the point is, the LS tec "promotes" a fade or in my case helps me slice, I cant really justify buying a SF tec head soooo, would i get away with some lead tape towards the heel on the sole? Or would this cause more issues with swing weight, shaft flex etc? 

    Thank you in advance :) 



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