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  1. It's actually was ribs on my right side, not back. They have been great all season long ... until about two weeks ago ... same exact issue but this time on my left side. I went crazy on Ibuprofen, ice and mild stretching and it has improved, but not totally gone. This injury just lingers forever, threatening to become serious at any moment. Going back to Orthopedic doctor as I am not going to mess around with this again without a proper diagnosis. My guess is that last year I at first didn't have stress fractures, but first had muscle issues around the ribs. Then I just kept playing and it resulted in the stress fractures. Not good, ordeal lasted damn near five months. Not going to let that happen this time. I also believe the issue may be that I have a net and mat in my garage and just go at it too much, so backing off of that big time.
  2. i'm doing some research online about golf and rib fractures and quickly found this assertion: Upper back and shoulder pain is a common presentation at sports medicine offices. While lower extremity stress fractures predominate, upper extremity and, in particular, rib stress fractures often are overlooked and underdiagnosed. This is not an insignificant concern, as one study of 169 stress fractures found the ribs to be the third most common location, with golf being the fifth most frequent sport involved (10). This case report provides an overview of rib stress fractures, including the clinical presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of this condition.
  3. just returned from an orthopedic appointment. X-rays showed two fractured ribs that have already healed. Doctor believes the muscles around the area are inflammed and stressed. Recommends a month of physical therapy. What a relief to know what the hell is going on! Doctors was seemed quite surprised golfing could do this, said this injury normally comes from blunt force. So interesting. I thought for sure I had intercostal muscle strain, but if I am understanding this correctly, the origin of the issue is a stress fracture ... guess I need to swing a little easier???
  4. thanks guys, thoughtful of you to reply so quickly. i did see my family doctor two months ago and he prescribed ibuprofen. He obviously believes their is inflammation involved and it does help, no doubt about it. But I believe the chiropractor had a better diagnosis and helped me just as much if not more. The idea of seeing an orthopedic doctor seems like a solid next step.
  5. Hello folks, I've been prone to straining/pulling muscles in the mid to upper back, especially the right side around my shoulder blade. I'm right handed. They go ahead after a couple days of rest. But over the past six months i've had a re-occurring injury that is similar and takes a LONG time to go away. Same pain in the region of the back I mentioned, but now it wraps around to right under my pec muscle. I can push on my ribs under the right pec and it's sore/painful. From what I've read it could be intercostal muscle strain. I've seen a chiropractor and he thinks it might be costochodritis. There's no way I can "play through it" and as mentioned, it's taking a long time to heal. After about a 3 week rest I thought it had magically gone away ... but about 3 weeks after returning to golf it came back again. Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated.
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