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  1. JPitts


  2. It has been quite a while since I last logged onto this forum. Just wanted to check in and see what is going on. I have since moved from Dallas to the Phoenix area and was curious if there are any get togethers with the Phoenix group.
  3. I'll download and let you know. Thanks! Sounds great. You'll haves to state at the Directed Force all day though. :)
  4. Looking for a game. Anyone else in here from the Dallas area? I live on the West Side between Fort Worth and Dallas. Up in the Keller area if anybody lives in this area wants to play, hit me up.
  5. Let's not forget Odyssey with the toe up. Closest anyone has come to duplicating lie angle balancing.
  6. I believe they are a sponsor over at golfwrx, so it looks like they are going through that forum for testing and golfer review. So far the response over there has been very positive. They were also included in last year's golf digest hot list. Got 5 stars for innovation. Maybe they didn't want any part of this forum because of the tone in this thread?
  7. As is the directed force for me and several others. There certainly is more than one way to skin a cat. I like to have an open mind. I've always agreed with the saying that great men are great because they know the one thing all great men know... that they don't know everything.
  8. I wasn't saying it did. Just asked a question regarding his testing.
  9. How many putters have you tested where the entire top line was visible at address and not obscured at all by the shaft or hosel? Serious question, not trying to be a jerk. It makes a huge difference for me with alignment. I can't align the spider putters or the odyssey #7. I'm always a few degrees off with those. I'm dead on with this one though.
  10. That's why its easier to aim left. (J/K)
  11. I can agree with you there. I love the science, the looks, well I got past them. Thats why i stared I'd love to see this Tec in a smaller stainless steel head.
  12. Here is the study I read that led me to Directed Force. Sorry, it's long. Mississippi State study on Directed Force Lie Angle Balancing (LAB) vs Odyssey V Line HOW DOES A PUTTER’S CENTER OF MASS AFFECT MUSCLE ACTIVATION OF THE FOREARMS DURING THE PUTTING STROKE. The Neuromechanics Lab at Mississippi State University in the Department of Kinesiology took a different approach to analyzing putters. Our mission was to see how putters affected the golfer during the putting stroke. Two different putters were selected, Odyssey V-Line and the Reno from Directed Force Putters. We measured EEG (electroencephalography, brain activity) and EMG (electromyography, muscle activity) of a PGA Professional and researcher using both putters, with the Odyssey being his current putter. Five practice putts from each putter was used during the warm up to familiarize the speed of the putting surface. Static baselines were established for both EEG and EMG. EMG electrodes were placed on the pronators and supinators of both arms, to establish how much work was being placed on the muscular system to control the putter. Here are the results: EEG alpha waves showed more activity in the Reno putter compared to the current player’s putter (Odyssey). Generally, the higher the alpha waves indicate the more conscious thinking is occurring which may impact performance. Due to the player’s familiarity with his putter, the alpha waves were more synchronized and the player wasn’t thinking about the putter, which is good if you want to make putts. A reason why the player was thinking more may be due to the lack of familiarity to a “new” putter. It looks and feels different than his current putter and with only 5 practice attempts, there is more conscious awareness prior to the stroke. Odyssey Putter Directed Force Putter However, the EMG showed a surprising result, even though the player was not familiar with the putter to establish a repeatable motor pattern (habit), EMG showed less muscle activation during the stroke compared to the player’s personal putter. This means that the player using a Directed Force putter is using less muscular effort to keep the putter square to the intended target at impact. This may allow the player to develop a better sense of distance control through an increase in proprioception. The higher muscle activation with the face-balanced putter is required to apply torque to the putter to keep it from rotating open during the swing. This additional muscular effort now must be applied to each stroke throughout the round and may not be dependable during stressful situations. The player may over relax and lighten their grip pressure in attempt to calm down which may result in a change in their muscle activation pattern allowing the putter to rotate slightly due to its center of mass position right before impact resulting in a missed putt. Or the player may over rotate the putter in attempt not miss it right Sample of a single putt made with both an Odyssey compared to the Directed Force Putter. (right handed golfer). In both situations, the player is working harder to maintain control of the face without regards to distance control. Generally, this additional muscle activation could lead to an increase in missed putts. Future studies will need to dig deeper into the variables involved with putting that may affect outcome and changes in motor control and learning. (Tony Luczak was the subject during the test) 2016, Tony Luczak, Research Elevated Performance Systems, LLC, All Rights Reserved.
  13. Nope, only 1 God. But he is/ was kind of relevent in the putter industry.
  14. I believe Karsten Solheim would disagree with that statement.
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