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  1. I like the head so maybe a new shaft would be better than buying a new club. What are some good shafts that you would recommend?
  2. I swing hard and have a pretty quick swing speed and whenever I hit a straight drive it goes farther than anyone I've ever played with, the problem is it doesn't seem to happen very often. On some simulators like the one that gave me those numbers, it had a relatively straight ball flight but after playing a few rounds it's been the opposite on the course. Especially within the last couple weeks it's gotten so bad I don't even have my driver in the bag. I really do wish I could hit it as good as my 3 wood and other clubs, but before spending $300+ on a new driver I wanted to see what yalls thoughts were on how much effect shaft weight and flex could actually be making.
  3. I'm not sure what the ideal launch angle should be but I know mine is around 13-14 and I also have high spin as well.
  4. Thanks for all of the advice. My problem is that my launch is too high and all my shots with my driver ballon and go to the right. I can hit draws with my hybrid and 3 wood that have x flex shafts but with my driver it always goes high and right and I can't seem to figure it out. I don't know how much of an impact flex or shaft weight really has, but I don't think it's too big of a swing issue or not hitting the center of the club face, since I've checked with impact tape. I have Nike vapor fly pro irons with project x 6.5 shafts, a taylormade m2 hybrid and 3 wood with the stock x flex shafts and the driver that I can't seem to figure out. I do use the same tempo with all my clubs and it seems to work fine with all but the driver.
  5. Today I shot my best round ever, a 77, without using my driver a single time. I can hit my 3 wood plenty far and shape it how I want off the tee, but being able to hit my driver as consistent definitely would help take off 20-30 yards off every approach shot. I know the only way to know for sure is to get fit but I've never actually gotten fit for a driver and currently have a stiff flex 60g shaft. I can hit every other club in my bag but I can't hit my driver to save my life. I know I have a pretty high swing speed and a fast tempo/transition, and my driver is the only stiff flex club I have. Could this have any effect on why I can't seem to hit it at all. Could an x flex with a heavier shaft really help give me some sort of consistency?
  6. What do you mean arms are slow to come down on the downswing
  7. Heres a side view of a driver seing from a couple weeks ago.
  8. I used the mizuno DNA 6 iron to help find shafts and got these results. Needless to say I will definitely be buying x shafts in my next set.
  9. I finally went and got fit for clubs to see what I actually need and one of the problems was I had the wrong shafts for all of my clubs based off my swing speed, tempo and other things. I'm now confident that I can work on my swing and fix some of the faults I have now with the right fit for my swing.
  10. The simulator at Dicks was different than the one that gave me these numbers and it seemed to be a little more accurate to me. Although it gave me some distances that don't seem possible, it had my swing speed in the low 120's and a max of 125. I know I have a pretty fast ss, I've never played with anyone who consistently outdrives me, but this gave me some better results. The launch angle was around 13 and the spin was under 3000. Thanks everyone for the replies!
  11. The first simulator didn't tell me a smash factor and I honestly don't remember what the other on said. The ball speed ranges were in the upper 160's to low 170's.
  12. Thanks everyone for the replies. This was my highest swing speed, but my range was anywhere from 123-127. I went to dicks and hit some shots with the new epic and m2 drivers. My swing speed was down averaging anywhere from 119-124 but the launch and spin rates were back in the normal range and the distance was substantially farther. I'll definitely look into my swing a bit more and try to see what I need to do in order to get some better results!
  13. The tee was pretty low so I could have been hitting down on the ball and high on the club face. I've never gotten fit for a driver but I have a stiff shaft in my current one so maybe stiffer wouldn't be a bad thing to look into!
  14. I went to the PGA Superstore near my house and hit some balls with my driver on the practice simulators they have. I've always been skeptical about how accurate they are. I usually hit it farther than this during my rounds, but if these numbers are accurate, what should I do to get more distance with my driver. I feel like I should be able to hit it farther than this.
  15. Thanks, I have noticed that I seem to be sort of bent over instead of keeping my back straight. I'll take a side view of my swing next time I go to the range or the course!
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