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  1. My Edel Putter Fitting

    Thanks for the reply! I've seen some different things - the script type of Edel on the heel changing (seen at least 3 different types of font/logo), dollar signs, etc. I was just wondering if there was a place to view it all similar to Scotty's site. That's okay, the pics people post are helpful and I'll create a general mock-up to work from using what I've seen. I'm going to see Matt Mora at UGP, hoping for a classic fitting as opposed to torque balanced, but I'll let him help me find what works best.
  2. My Edel Putter Fitting

    I just read through 21 pages and all it did was make me more excited for my Edel putter fitting next week. Is there a place I can check out all the customization options in advance? I'd like to have an idea of what I want when I go in, so I don't have to make choices on the spot. Thanks!