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  1. Without a doubt, the frozen water bottles is one of the best pieces of advice I ever received for PF. Relief is almost instant. The other was to use a firm elastic wrap/support/brace for the arch of the foot. When I found that band, I never went back to inserts. Within a week or so of wearing, my PF was gone. I’ve only had one or two brief recurrences. But within a day or so of wearing the band again, it’s gone.
  2. Yep, heel slip. I ended up with the Puma PWRADAPT. It fits really well and is very comfortable. I'm curious to see how the traction is when the course has had some rain. I tried the FJ DNA (I was told it was the narrowest FJ) but it was still a little wide in the heel. I could've made it work with thick socks but it wasn't all that comfortable walking around in them. I tried a Nike Lunar whatever and the fit was okay but the guy at Dick's said it was at best a one year shoe. He said the TW71 was a great shoe but I couldn't find it in a 13 that wasn't black. I'll wear black dre
  3. I need a little help. I've worn FJs for as long as I can remember. 13D. I've never had a problem with fit until I bought the ProSL last week. The shoes felt good on carpet in the pro shop. On the course was another story. The fit on my heel never felt right as I hit a few balls on the range. Add a bit of slope and it was10 times worse. I tried lacing the shoes differently and tying them tighter. I couldn't get the shoes tight enough. A B width isn't an option because I need the wider toe box. The toe box on these shoes was great. Any suggestions? I picked the ProSL because of the rev
  4. Also, if you can, play the Hogan course at Trophy Club. It is the only course he ever designed. The clubhouse was to house Hogan's trophies and be his retirement club. Indeed, Hogan was the centerpiece of the development but he backed out when he and others couldn't get the financing for the clubhouse he wanted. He then stayed at Shady Oaks in FW. Viewing the course from greens back toward the tees reveals a lot of subtlety that influences the play of each hole. It's a ClubCorp course so memberships aren't cheap.
  5. Hey Ron, I used to live in Arlington and work in Bedford. I played a lot of golf all over the the NE Tarrant area where you are looking to be. Check out Sky Creek Ranch for really decent course (it's been several years since I played it) with a good senior green fee. I don't remember seeing many walkers at all so I don't know how courses out there handle that. You might also check Diamond Oaks in NE Ft. Worth. It was a decent track back when and memberships were reasonable. Iron Horse in that area might also be an option.
  6. We always stay east of Destin on 30A. My wife loves Seaside (for just us) and WaterSound for the big family shindig. I Once in a while I'll have a conference at Sandestin and stay there but that is as far west as I've stayed in 20+ years. The closest golf course to Sundestin is Indian Bayou and Kelly Plantation is just east of it. There are condos on or very near Kelly.
  7. Any word on Santa Rosa? Holiday over in PCB? Those are the two courses closest to Watersound where we are staying. We rented through VRBO, not St. Joe, so I don't have access to Camp Creek like I thought I would. I'll pick one of Emerald and Regatta, Raven and either Santa Rosa or Holiday, if they are in good shape.
  8. I'm headed down in a couple of weeks. Anyone have updates on the conditions of the courses discussed in the thread, that will be aerated soon, that have green troubles or are undergoing renovation? Thanks.
  9. Work on my flexibility and core strength, practice at least 3-4 hours a week and play at least twice a week. I've never been much of a "practicer." I get bored and haven't really found a way to stay engaged for an hour or so putting and working on my short game. I would really like to get back to a single digit handicap. To do that I have to get better around and on the greens. I can't give away an average 10-15 shots a round on poor chips and pitches that sometimes leave me with 10-20 footers or more for par. Or worse, if I haven't hit it fairly decently tee to green.
  10. Spieth. Assuming his health would hold out for a few tournaments, Couples on the Champions Tour.
  11. Kelly and Emerald Bay are really nice courses and fun to play. I haven't played Windswept or Regatta Bay but will add both to my list for this summer. Indian Bayou near the Destin airport is fun track. I saw the biggest water moccasin I have ever seen on #4 of IB's Creek nine. Raven at Sandestin is a good test. Camp Creek near Seacrest and Alys Beach on 30A is an awesome course. It's worth the drive.
  12. Thanks, guys. I'm biding my time until the weather gets decent enough to hit a few buckets. In the meantime, this site has a wealth of information.
  13. I found the site looking for information on the recent derivations of Cleveland and Vokey wedges. That led to rabbit hole after rabbit hole of great golf stuff. I haven't played much in the last 6-7 years because of back problems and then a knee issue. Both of those have been surgically repaired and I'm hoping I can begin the climb from shooting anything from the high 80s and up to something reasonably and consistently close to my old 8 handicap.
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