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  1. I think both of them will contend and win many majors in the future. Neither of them are that far off their A game at the moment. All this talk about Rory's percieved lack of hunger,I have a theory that it stems from his openess with the media.He does expose himself a bit more than many golfers,express's interests in other sports,off the cuff remarks about courses,a lot of which is probably not well thought out.When compared to other pros who only talk stoicly of the game,rory can appear as though he does'nt care as much.Which I doubt,the hunger will always be there.
  2. I found a ping karsten Ti si in a golf bag a friend asked me to dump.It was so retro and cool I had to take it for a round.All I can say is it did'nt suit me.
  3. Many times,I hit the ball very high so on a wet course in winter the ball could go a couple of inches into the turf,if you dont see exactly where the ball lands its lost more often than not.
  4. I would be in the "can't hit a hybrid to save my life" category.I have tried quite a few without success. Is there a definitive way to hit them,I see some suggest hitting down,others sweeping like a wood. Also I don't understand the rescue/play from a bad lie thing,to me they are like woods and can only b played from the best lie.Although hybrid irons might be different in this respect.
  5. Yep....with a name like that you better be able to put on a show.
  6. I like Johnathon Vegas,mainly because he has ability to score super low on a good day.
  7. I do like a rusty wedge,they just appeal to me visually.I suppose it's the patina,old school look I like. Anyone else out there have a similar view?
  8. Good week so far for me,might even move a step up the board from 2nd last to 3rd last (counting my chickens before the eggs have hatched).
  9. Drink Smithwicks most of the time,I like to try all the craft beers as well.I do like a good brandy or a hot whiskey when I'm feeling under the weather.
  10. Hello everyone,I was late to this party,forgot to introduce myself.Finding this fantasy golf very frustrating and enjoyable.
  11. I went with four,there are players like Harrington with three majors and multiple tour wins,I'd class as very good not great.
  12. People are funny,I was at the range the other day and there were three guys in the stall beside me,they were having a bit of fun seeing who could drive the farthest.Each one proclaimed their drives to have reached the back fence,which is 250 metres . So I started payin close attention.Too my eye none of their drives made it half way to the fence,but they left in high spirits patting each others backs estimating their drives at about 280/290 yards.(Sad to admit they were driving farther and straighter than me,but at least I'm not deluded).
  13. First I've heard of a big four,but predictably I'll go for Rory. When he is on form you cant take your eyes off him.
  14. At the moment just getting out on a course and playing would be perfect.
  15. Hello everyone,I've been working my way through this thread for a couple of days now,gotta say it's excellent. It's great to read of golfers similar to myself,there faults and strengths,and how many have improved.Just what I needed to motivate me to keep practicing,(it's winter here). Personally what I feel I need to work on to improve my game is remaining focused for a full round,and also start playin smarter.
  16. I always walk,never used a cart.I enjoy walking,just a great way to relax .Still manage to get around in 3 1/2 hrs most days.
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