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  1. And what symbols of "black power" do you see? I'll wait........ Because there are none that are used for hate. Some idiot, no talent reporter with a chip on his shoulder about being gay couldn't sue his employers for that type of discrimination. He fell back on the race card because he had no case. He decides to find an excuse to take revenge on one of the employers he felt did him wrong by using the SC shooting. A coward kills 2 people......and it has NOTHING to do with race. It is more about him not being comfortable in his skin.........
  2. A win is a win. Especially if you have been struggling. Confidence. It is not easy to win on the PGA tour. For all the talk about Jordan Spieth....u win would have thought he has won 10 times in 2015......it's only 4. 4 used to be a below avg. season for Tiger.
  3. Jordan Speith will have a good career...but he is not in Tiger or Jack's class for one simple reason. Tiger and Jack never missed from within 5 feet in their primes in big moments.
  4. Does he run away.....or does he lose the lead?
  5. As it plays AGAIN!. I want to destroy the Omega watch company......not buy one.
  6. The ratings will say otherwise......
  7. No Tiger or Phil. It just didn't have the buzz.
  8. Um....Tiger happened to be a little older when he turned PRO. His Amateur record blows away Spieth...and that was before his 21st birthday. Tiger won 2 of his 3 tournaments he played. He won his first Major by 12 strokes in his like 9th event ever on tour. Like many other good players.....they are trying to push him as the "next Tiger". He is not. He will not drive TV ratings and Golf "needle".
  9. I'm talking about his game. There are major champions who played very well, but their game did WOW people.
  10. They are TRYING HARD to build up Spieth. He doesn't have Rory's talent. He may win a few majors, but he is not spectacular.
  11. I mean....if Rory was doing something....or if Freddie was able to hang in there. The guys at the top really don't have that much Personality.
  12. No Tiger-Phil Missing the cut. Where is the buzz and the excitement in the crowd? WOW......this is boring.
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