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  1. really hoping to see a good run from Brooks. He looked dialed in yesterday. High ceiling with this guy, hopefully he can keep it going
  2. 3/2: 15 minutes, worked on backswing in mirror. Focusing on lower body control. I tend to move the left knee too much (usually when I try to kill the ball).
  3. First time doing this, but I'm excited for the challenge. 3/1: Exercised back and core, Chipped around the back yard for ~30 minutes. Then practiced full swings, focusing on not coming over the top on my drives. Also just ordered a swing net so I can hit after work.
  4. I have also heard that the greens are rolling quick in Mexico City. I like a short-game master to come out on top this week, Spieth being the obvious choice in my mind.
  5. Play suspended for the rest of the day. GOOD GREAT GRAND
  6. Pretty cool that Sam Saunders had the 18 hole lead.. Grandson of Arnie--who 50 years ago went back to back at the same tournament. Just a little story line to make it interesting
  7. What an unbelievable experience. Definite bucket list item fulfilled. Also, I don't know if they had this televised or anything but I witnessed Wayne Gretzky blade a wedge shot across the green and nail a lady in the face. He was very apologetic, and she was fine.
  8. Can we start the big 5 talk? DJ, Spieth, JDay, Rory, Rahm. 6 Straight birdies
  9. hit the nail on the head here, in my mind. Due to the depth of field, winning a major is a monumental accomplishment. However, that's not to say an average (or let's say "2nd tier") player cannot go off on a given weekend and pull out the upset (see: Danny Willet). Is Danny Willet "better" than Sergio? HA
  10. Working things out, my buddy has an "in" so keeping my fingers crossed. Skeptical, as I should be, but I'll accept Spy Glass too
  11. At the driving range, using 56* wedge, hit the 50 yd stick, pull out SW and 3 shots later I hit the 100 yd stick. If only that accuracy would transfer to live play...
  12. Looks like rain in the forecast until Friday. Saturday and Sunday show 60 & sunny
  13. I'll take Rory too. Although, when Spieth had his putter rolling in 2015, that was must-watch tv.
  14. Heading down to Monterey early Saturday morning for the weekend action. Could not be more excited. All my golfing life, I've heard Augusta National, St Andrews, and Pebble Beach over and over. Finally get to see the prestigious grounds in person. My pick to win is J Rose Also plan on playing it within the next few months :)
  15. True, especially if it is not the direction Topgolf is trying to go. Maybe just have a % decrease of shot power like in golden tee when you are in the rough..