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  1. Hello guys! Anyone who know about how to improve the health. Kindly share your views.
  2. I do walk at daily basis. Loosing weight is not an easy task for me. It is a big challange for me. But, I regularly doing some easy workout and playing Golf. At start it was not easy for me but now I love both things in my daily routine. It happens due to online training course I took from Dawn Grant.
  3. It is really very interested in listening and honoured feeling for those who makes this record.
  4. I did my second shot on a Par3 with a raised front edge.
  5. I am also a golfer and facing all these issues.
  6. If you hit the flag stick with your ball its will against rule of golf because it probably make game confusing.
  7. I love to walk that’s why I love to play golf, also Golf is a good game to keeps body become healthy and fit.
  8. I am thirty year old and I have started to play golf in last month. At start I was afraid if I can play that or not, but now I found it very interesting. Hope to play it for long term. Any tips from you?
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