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  1. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    Jmdmbike-- Newbie here but 50 years playing. I responded to the request for info on the GX7. Frankly, what you're a fan of, doesn't affect my game. Order one up and draw your own conclusion. You've got 60 days to decide. Thanks for the warm welcome. Carry on.
  2. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    Ordered my GX7 and it was in my hands within 2 weeks. Took to the simulator today It's too windy and cold in PA to play the course :-(...... Took the Taylormade Burner to compare. If you can believe the sim., I hit the GX7 10-20 yards further. 70 yrs. old and swing speed average 75 - 80 mph. Most hit in the 200 to 220 range. A little pull with this club compared to the burner which I tend to fade. Adjusting the setup and ball height may fix the pull. Well balanced with the senior shaft. On course trial will be the true test....... Looks like it will help my game. We'll see!