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  1. Caution taken. If it does not apply, no need to reply. Thanks
  2. Wow, everyone gettin their feelings hurt on a T.Woods conversation. Whats the point really in gettin worked up about it. Lets all just watch and see what happens. Who cares about the outcome. His glory or downfall effects non of us. Even if he makes a comeback it would be years before he even made it to the top 10, and we all know there aint that much time left. Also he doesn't strike me as the instructor type. LSS, he might win an event, but it wouldnt be one where all the big dogs showed up.
  3. I voted "a couple top 10" but was leaning more toward "couple top 20". I believe he's too hard on himself, takes himself out of the game too early, and is too hopeful that something great will happen. Tiger's biggest critic is himself, and strongest ability is his imagination. When he starts having fun again, and quits treating every tournament like he's supposed to win it he will eventually get back to what he was. Until then at best he "MAY" get a couple top 10 finishes.
  4. I completely understand what you're saying. I just feel like the weight added to the head made the shaft softer, which makes me swing way softer and also leads to fat shots. The shaft just feels bowie. I could try butt weighting it like someone said a couple of posts ago and reduce the lead tape to 5oz to counter the larger grip. I just dont have all the time to keep messin with these wedges.
  5. So I went out today an played 9. I'll admit, even tho the feel was there, I honestly had to change my tempo to hit the shot that I normally hit. Long story short, the added head weight wasnt enough, I should get another shaft and start over but instead I bought a Mack Daddy 2 (58*) used off ebay. I've learned my lesson. Lol! And I'm leaving this new wedge completely stock! I honestly feel like i had more control over the wedges with a standard grip anyway. Probably because thats all I've ever used on wedges.
  6. Sorry about that. I should have wrote that a lil more clearly. Sometimes I get ahead of myself when I try to explain things.
  7. Ok so I got the lead tape today and reweighted and balanced everything and what i realized is that having a short wedge with about 10g added to the head had the feel of a D2 full size iron. So i guess in a since I was right about the feel between the letter designations are different when there are shaft length variations. All I have left to do now is go test everything on the range to see if "feel is not real". By the way, after the shaft was cut down and the larger grip was put on, it supposedly went from D2/3 to B7/8. Now it's @ C4 or 6. And just for comparison purposes my Driver thru GW ar
  8. What ive learned about swing weights is that they arent as true as posted. Putting 14" pivot point for weight reference has no real clout in an actual golfers hands. The pivot point should be somewhere closer to the grip. Explain this. How does a d2 sand wedge cut down 1" feel the same when regripped with a heavier grip, and shorter shaft and only weigh C2.5? I'm starting to believe that there are without a doubt differences in what clubs weight vs how they actually feel. I have a 6i thats D1/2 and it feels great but the 7i weighs the same and it feels lighter and is mildly harder to control.
  9. I guess the thing i noticed with regripping all my irons, wedges and driver, moving from standard to midsize dropped the swing weight by at least 1-1.5 points. Some say only a few pros would notice that drop but that is not true. The fact is if you've gotten accustomed to swinging at a certain weight (ie: D2 "most common") and you put a different grip or change irons or anything for that matter, then your results are going to change. With that being said i did think my jpx 850 forged were a little cumbersome but not anymore. I believe what ive learned from this is that once you get use to some
  10. Great insight on hosel vs head weighting. I fully intend on reshafting it now along with my other wedges so they all match. I weighed my sand wedge and it came out to c5/6 and im thinkin about making that c8 while also matchin the 58 which is currently b7/8. For some reason these shorter shafts feel easily heavier with lighter sw. I might not be that far off after all.
  11. Lol i noticed that. I thought you were trying to politely hint that i needed to start over. Which i probably do.
  12. Yeah hopefully everything works out. If not I will gladly get new shafts, thats what i really wanted anyway.
  13. Im using a small scale, not postal, but it reads grams and oz. Wouldnt i have to take the club apart. If so i dont have anything that can do that.
  14. Im not too sure about the head or shaft weight. Mainly because i have a club mizuno doesnt carry any more (mp-t4) and the shaft because i cut it...
  15. Ok so i did some searchin and i found that shaft piece and the grip i cut. I shoved the shaft piece in the grip and cut the grip down to match the shaft length, representing the counterbalance i once had of 32g. I know the old grip totaled 46g and this one is i believe 8g heavier(std to midsize weights). Even thou the grip is evenly distributed under my hands taking away the counter balance the shaft piece itself weighed 8g, ideally making the grip end for the most part even with what the shaft weight was, but taking the length and the old grip also took the whole weight down. I dont remeber t
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