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  1. his year my goal was to get a better sense of what impact is and to work with my new coach to get more consistent strikes. I think I've done both of those things and my scores have come down quite a bit and I have dropped 4 shots off my hcp. Here are my winter goals: 1. Nutrition, time to take control of what I eat to get in the best possible shape 2. Fitness. Need to get stronger so that I have more endurance and better coor
  2. Everyone is going to be different, but the way I think about it is on the downswing I push away from the ball. It's a feeling .
  3. Well it's been quite a year. I am not improving as quickly as I would like, but in the last four years my average score has dropped from 126 to 105. It's a slow process. I feel my control of the ball has gotten a lot better and I feel hat I can take more risks. I can cut corners on dog legs and am starting to be able to shape the ball left and right on command. I think if I can get my short game under control I am on th edge of regularly hitting in the mid nineties to high eighties.
  4. Hi folks, I have been going through the math of the PGA tour study and the SwingTru study as it relates to hip turn. I am okay with my lead hip, but my rail hip doesn't turn very well, not becuase of flexibility but mototor control. Tour players have an average of 55 degrees of turn in the backswing and 36 open when they hit the ball. Now I don't know if I can even come close to thsoe numbers but I am trying to adapt my wing to get closer. If I stand square to the ball I find I can get about 30 degrees of backswing turn. and about another 35 on the through swing. WHat I
  5. Very good points Chet. I try and keep my wedges pretty clean and wipe everything down before every round. Because I have joint problems in my hands I am starting to lean towards the Wilson Duo Soft. Played it last night and it gave me the least reverb of any ball I have ever played. As I improve and as they become easier to get used I might move to the Wilson Duo Pro. RIght now that is the direction I'm heading.
  6. @Vinsk and @NZ Golfer thanks for your comments and getting to sub ten is the dream. I am down to about 29 so far and have been losing a stroke a week so far this season. What I find challenging with the ProV1 is on mishits, which for me happen quite a bit. I find that the Pro V1 flys sideways more if I toe it or heel it for example where the Noodle is more self correcting. I also prefer a ball with colour and so bright green or the red side of the spectrum are what my eye leans towards. I have horrendous depth perception and so hate losing pro v1s due to their cost.
  7. For the longest time I have used golf balls that I could find in the bush or if I was really lucky used ones that I could find on Kijiji. That much said I have a deep Abiding Love for the TaylorMade noodle. I also love the stopping power of my Pro-V ones and tp5. I know that with the noodle I don't have to swing hard and it's going to go barreling down the Fairway straight as an arrow with good distance. The only issue I have with them is around the greens where if you hit a 50 yard pitch shot or 100 yard pitch shot you have to account for the fact that this ball is extremely low spin so when
  8. What are some proven strategies to recover if you have to play 18 holes of tournament golf each day for 2, 3 or even 4 days.? Right now my weekly practice is as follows Monday Off Tuesda Par 3 course focusing on distance control with irons and 40 minute putting session Wed Range Day focusing on odd numbered irons and driver. Experimental shots, hooking, slicing on purpose. Thursday 9 holes for score, maybe a short game range session Friday Another short game session (putting chipping, pitching) Saturday AM 9 holes for score, Afternoon Range
  9. Thanks both. Makes sense that it will be individual. Once pools open again i will be in better shape for recovery as that is my main relaxation activity.
  10. Just wondering if this schedule provides enough recovery in your opinion. Also general feedback appreciated. Monday: Active Recovery Tuesday: Long Game Practice/Strength Wednesday Short Game Practice Thursday 9 holes Friday Active Recovery & Short Game Practice Saturday 9 Holes and Range Day Sunday 18 holes/Strength
  11. Does anybody know of any bluetooth enabled golf ball that are available so that they would be easier to find. Thanks, Ian
  12. I am struggling to see where the ball lands, especially on tee shots. I have started to using neon orange and red balls as those are the easiest for me to see, but still lost 2 or 3 in plain site yesterday that went horribly off line. Any tips on how to quickly find your ball wold be helpful.
  13. If I took foam and put it on the club such that the only space on the club was the sweet spot would it work. Anybody ever tried this before?
  14. Awesome thanks for the tip. Just so I am not so shocked and devestated when shafts break, is it common for them to fail eventually like this? If I practiced with a similar 7 iron with a steel shaft as a practice club would it throw off my play once I moved back to my graphite clubs?
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