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  1. Looking at May 13-18 now. Covid restriction's killed my golf trip and I still have the time off.
  2. Life got in the way, but still plan on doing it at some point.
  3. Thinking of running a small ten person net golf league using a fed ex point type system. What would be your recommendation for bet golf software to sue to amange it.
  4. 29 s very accurate. I'll take a look thanks.
  5. What I'm working on right now is short game. My power game is decent and my driving is great. For mental game I plan on rereading Zen Golf and Golf State of Mind. I also plan on doing tons of short putts and driver shots with pressure so that I can get over my fear of the first shot of the round and leaving putts short. Getting the ball 12" past the hole in putting instead of dieing them at the hole. Angle of attack is also a big part of my work right now.
  6. Next weekend I have four consecutive days off. What I would like to do is a personal 4 day golf school and work on all aspects of my game for about 6 hours a day for four days. If you could design the schedule what would you include, For me it's probably going to be 30% short game, 30% putting, 30% full swing, 5% course management and 5% mental game.
  7. Thanks folks. I need to shorten my routine as well, as well no doubt about it. Cheers.
  8. As I usually have the longest drive in my group I am moving down the side of the hole long before everybody else catches up that is a great idea.
  9. I would hang on to player A very tight. You and him run the show. I run a golf group for 300 people and he is the one who has the biggest influence over what we do. Then player C then the others. Player A is a rare breed and if you are like that player then stay with that person first and foremost.
  10. Just played my first round where I had a range finder and precise distances for each club for chips and pitches. Needless to say my short game was great, better than its ever been. For those of you who like to get yardages before you hit your shot how do you shoot your target and still keep up the pace. Suggestions welcome, just play the game and don't use the range finder is not welcome. I like golf for its precision.
  11. his year my goal was to get a better sense of what impact is and to work with my new coach to get more consistent strikes. I think I've done both of those things and my scores have come down quite a bit and I have dropped 4 shots off my hcp. Here are my winter goals: 1. Nutrition, time to take control of what I eat to get in the best possible shape 2. Fitness. Need to get stronger so that I have more endurance and better coor
  12. Everyone is going to be different, but the way I think about it is on the downswing I push away from the ball. It's a feeling .
  13. Well it's been quite a year. I am not improving as quickly as I would like, but in the last four years my average score has dropped from 126 to 105. It's a slow process. I feel my control of the ball has gotten a lot better and I feel hat I can take more risks. I can cut corners on dog legs and am starting to be able to shape the ball left and right on command. I think if I can get my short game under control I am on th edge of regularly hitting in the mid nineties to high eighties.
  14. Hi folks, I have been going through the math of the PGA tour study and the SwingTru study as it relates to hip turn. I am okay with my lead hip, but my rail hip doesn't turn very well, not becuase of flexibility but mototor control. Tour players have an average of 55 degrees of turn in the backswing and 36 open when they hit the ball. Now I don't know if I can even come close to thsoe numbers but I am trying to adapt my wing to get closer. If I stand square to the ball I find I can get about 30 degrees of backswing turn. and about another 35 on the through swing. WHat I
  15. Very good points Chet. I try and keep my wedges pretty clean and wipe everything down before every round. Because I have joint problems in my hands I am starting to lean towards the Wilson Duo Soft. Played it last night and it gave me the least reverb of any ball I have ever played. As I improve and as they become easier to get used I might move to the Wilson Duo Pro. RIght now that is the direction I'm heading.
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