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  1. The quest for 50

    Overwhelming myself is normal. Lol. That much said I appreciate what you have to say and agree fully. I'm planning on following the Moe Norman swing.
  2. The quest for 50

    Last night of my official golf season last night. Year ending stats: 34.7 GG HANDICAP 111.1 AVG SCORE 11% F'WAY ACCURACY 18% GIR 2.7 PUTTS PER HOLE 1% SCRAMBLING Avg Drive 192. Now to review: I bought a new putter from BioMech sports that I am now just finally getting used too, but things are improving. Established an official golf handicap of 37 (Unofficially about 33). Played about 25 rounds and had about 20 practice sessions. Tracked my club lengths so I know how far I hit Played Golf in MB, BC and Onatario. Attended the LPGA Canadian Open, watched a bunch of Tournaments on the golf channel. Ran a Golf League and watched everyone improve over the summer. I committed to the Single Plane Swing and bought five dvds and three training aids, plus a club fitting from Graves Golf Academy. Had great lessons from both Darren McMillan (chipping with a hybrid, who knew) and Frank Corby. Thanks both. Volunteered with Golf Manitoba as a rules official and did enough hours to qualify for Level 2 once I do the exam. Read the books: Tour Tempo, Tommy's Honour, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Moe & Me by Lorne Rubenstein, Zen Golf, The Ultimate Golf Mental Game Guide, The Art of Extraordinary Golf, Axys Golf, A Biography of Homer Kelly's Golf Machine, The Practice Manual by Adam Young, Precision Putting, and five books by Bob Rotella. Also have watched hours and hours of video. Listened to Podcasts by Golf Science Lab, Mindshift, Golf Performance and Fehrety Amazing season and amazing year. Winter now begins as a time to try and nail down the Single Plane.
  3. Older clubs to fit

    @dbuck hey here are the clubs I have atm http://greenskeeper.org/productreviews/clubs/full_sets/tiger_shark_2009_hammerhead_full_set/
  4. Older clubs to fit

    Hi folks, I'm on a budget of about 1000 dollars to upgrade driver irons and hybrids. I have looked at most new club markups and they come out at about double that. If I were to get clubs that were used how old is too old. My thought being I can get them adjusted. Any suggestions what direction to go wish this would be great.
  5. My Swing (TheMightyOz)

    @iacas I will use it as a diary. I am always open to hear what people advise as well. I am no expert to say the least. In particular if anybody has advice on putting that would be awesome. It just freaks me out overall.
  6. Mirrors

    Hi folks, How wide of a mirror do you think is required to practice golf swing. Ian
  7. NHL 2017-2018

    I'm hoping my Jets can make the playoffs this year.
  8. My Swing (TheMightyOz)

    First Putting video. Made for one of pros I get advice from sometimes. Enjoy. Videos:
  9. NHL 2017-2018

    Post all your NHL, AHL, NCAA or other hockey thoughts here.
  10. My Swing (TheMightyOz)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 3 years seriously My current handicap index or average score is: 37 My typical ball flight is: right to left or a heavy hook The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Anything with a hybrid I am trying to copy Moe Norman's swing within reason. I have a lot of physical limitations in the area of coordination, balance and flexibility. My hands shake in a fairly small way, but still 24-7. The reason I have chosen the Moe swing is because based on everything I have read, watched and studied the swing appears to have less moving parts and is based around what would appear to be good biomechanics. I have with an Instructor from the Graves Golf Academy who I have worked with and have several of their DVD's and training aids. I now just need to put the pieces together. I also use a Biomech Acculock Putter in order to control my hand shakes on the green. I am hoping to use both these tools to make my game both more repeatable and more consistent. My stats are available here: https://www.gamegolf.com/player/wpgstriker I will try and post a video tomorrow and other videos as I go through the learning process for this swing. I understand that many people don't care for Moe's swing and that's fine, but that is the one I am going for. For at least the next 12 months I am committing to it. If you want to join me on this journey please be welcome. If you have questions about the swing or Moe please throw them at me. I would love to discuss. Videos:
  11. Please evaluate my winter training plan

    I did some thinking last night and I might be extrapolating too much from strength periodization. In reality motor skills generally are a three phase process of cognitive, associative and autonomus skating. In reality learning a new swing will improve only with enough practice to detect errors automomously. I ordered Adam Young tThe Practice Manual. Hopefully that helps.
  12. Please evaluate my winter training plan

    Another awesome piece that really breaks down how this can be applied to sport is below. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/310612785_Development_of_a_Skill_Acquisition_Periodisation_Framework_for_High-Performance_Sport
  13. Please evaluate my winter training plan

    Hey thanks for your comment. This site might help you understand better why I chose block periodization. https://academy.sportlyzer.com/wiki/block-periodization/ What I am planning the program around is the idea of residual effect. Essentially how long will the improvement last before it starts to dwindle again. That's why you'll notice by the end I start turning the swing back on to get it back on par because the residual effect of the putting block will still be there. One site that puts it well puts it like this (http://iyca.org/periodization-for-young-athletes/) The idea being that by the time competition comes which for me is July-August as I would like to get into some provincial flighted tournaments all the skills have reached their peak and been maintained through the off season. In a nutshell here is the logic behind each phase. The decrease in volume and increase in intensity both keeps it fresh and lets me focus on game strategy a bit more. Granted if I go to the range 2 times a week most of the winter I'll be hitting into snow. Characteristics Accumulation phase Transmutation phase Realization phase Targeted motor and technical abilities Basic abilities: Aerobic endurance Basic coordination General strength Sport-specific abilities: Strength endurance Power Special endurance Anaerobic threshold …… Tapering: Modeled performance Speed Tactics Mental preparation Recovery Periods of recovery needed for adaptation. No accumulation of fatigue Full recovery is not possible, fatigue accumulates Decrease in training load to ensure full recovery at the end of the cycle Training load Average High volume, reduced intensity. High Reduced volume, increased intensity Low/average Low volume, intensity high I'll definitely check out the daily training page. Also to everyone, I'm loving all the discussion. Awesome!
  14. Please evaluate my winter training plan

    Hi folks, I had some time today to try and boil down a v 3.0 of the plan using the ratio above. I still found a way to peak swing, chipping, and putting at different times. Let me know what you think. WInter Training v 3.0.xlsx
  15. Please evaluate my winter training plan

    Great ingishts. Jogging my memory here the guy who wrote the book and invented strokes gained proved that long game ecclipses short game when it comes to scoring contrary to popular opinion. In terms of the putting stats they are a bit out of whack because I tend to forget to tag them. Distance control is my biggest challenge. I switched to an armlock putter last years because I have tremors in my hands 24/7 so my putting was spraying everywhere . The putting is way better this year. When I can lock in the distance I've been able to drop a few 20 and 35 footers. I'll definitely consider everything you've mentioned for v3.0.