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  1. Thanks both. Makes sense that it will be individual. Once pools open again i will be in better shape for recovery as that is my main relaxation activity.
  2. Just wondering if this schedule provides enough recovery in your opinion. Also general feedback appreciated. Monday: Active Recovery Tuesday: Long Game Practice/Strength Wednesday Short Game Practice Thursday 9 holes Friday Active Recovery & Short Game Practice Saturday 9 Holes and Range Day Sunday 18 holes/Strength
  3. Does anybody know of any bluetooth enabled golf ball that are available so that they would be easier to find. Thanks, Ian
  4. I am struggling to see where the ball lands, especially on tee shots. I have started to using neon orange and red balls as those are the easiest for me to see, but still lost 2 or 3 in plain site yesterday that went horribly off line. Any tips on how to quickly find your ball wold be helpful.
  5. If I took foam and put it on the club such that the only space on the club was the sweet spot would it work. Anybody ever tried this before?
  6. Awesome thanks for the tip. Just so I am not so shocked and devestated when shafts break, is it common for them to fail eventually like this? If I practiced with a similar 7 iron with a steel shaft as a practice club would it throw off my play once I moved back to my graphite clubs?
  7. First of all the Garmin Truswing is an amazing tool that gives very accurate swing metrics. So this is not a dig on the device. That much said this is a consumer warning. I have sr flex shafts that are graphite. I put the truswing on my 7 iron and left it in place thinking I would spend the winter focusing on perfecting my swing with that club and move on in the spring to others given that I have single length hybrids to wedges. My fourth time out I take a swing and the shaft snaps right below the garmin. So friends my advice is if you are going to use one of these make sure you don't tighten it too much or it might result in some surprises.
  8. Hi folks, I have been trying to learn golf online for the last few years. I first tried Paul Wilson then Graves Golf and now am trying Learninggolf.tv I would love to hear some success stories about learning golf online and what tips and tricks you can share.
  9. Just figured out my hitting averages for my best 20 rounds out of 46. We've come a long way but we have a long way to go. Good gaps though. Thanks for the advice. And yes I am a 37 right now but hoping to get that down this year since I have finally settled into a swing that I can repeat. I've been swing shopping for a while but after reading Adam Youngs book and choosing a coach that works well for me I'm hoping I can get better this year. Driver 180Y 2I 168 4I 156 5I 141 6I 131 7I 118, 8I 97 9I 101 PW 68, 52W 80 56W 68, 60W 42
  10. Lol. Good advice. And yes I'm channeling my inner Bryson Dechambeau.
  11. I have hybrids and driving irons. Both with similar carry and the same loft. Driving irons peak about 5y lower than hybrids. What wind speed should I consider swapping out the hybrids for the driving irons.
  12. Hi folks, I sprained my ankle playing hockey the other day and don't want to lose my winter practice. Could I practice short game without much stress on the ankle?
  13. Hi folks, In 2021 the world masters games will be hosted in Japan. I'm planning on heading there. The courses look amazing. Would love to hear from anyone who have gone to these things. https://www.wmg2021.jp/en/
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