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  1. Hi folks, I have been trying to learn golf online for the last few years. I first tried Paul Wilson then Graves Golf and now am trying Learninggolf.tv I would love to hear some success stories about learning golf online and what tips and tricks you can share.
  2. Just figured out my hitting averages for my best 20 rounds out of 46. We've come a long way but we have a long way to go. Good gaps though. Thanks for the advice. And yes I am a 37 right now but hoping to get that down this year since I have finally settled into a swing that I can repeat. I've been swing shopping for a while but after reading Adam Youngs book and choosing a coach that works well for me I'm hoping I can get better this year. Driver 180Y 2I 168 4I 156 5I 141 6I 131 7I 118, 8I 97 9I 101 PW 68, 52W 80 56W 68, 60W 42
  3. Lol. Good advice. And yes I'm channeling my inner Bryson Dechambeau.
  4. I have hybrids and driving irons. Both with similar carry and the same loft. Driving irons peak about 5y lower than hybrids. What wind speed should I consider swapping out the hybrids for the driving irons.
  5. It's my right ankle. Outside of the ankle.
  6. Hi folks, I sprained my ankle playing hockey the other day and don't want to lose my winter practice. Could I practice short game without much stress on the ankle?
  7. Hi folks, In 2021 the world masters games will be hosted in Japan. I'm planning on heading there. The courses look amazing. Would love to hear from anyone who have gone to these things. https://www.wmg2021.jp/en/
  8. I love golf because it is individual, outdoors in beautiful places and I don't have to worry about balance and dynamic hand eye coordination as much as I do in hockey. That much said whenever I play on my hockey team I really feel that I want to get better at that game too. So that is my dilemma how much energy should I place on either activity in order to still move forward in golf. How much hockey is worth doing to be considered cross training for golf. A little background. I am 35 this year and have only gotten deep into golf in the last three years. I learnt how to skate when I was 23. I also have very slight cerebral palsy which affects my balance and muscle tension such that I get tight very easily. This is probably why I have suffered a lot of soft tissue injuries since picking up sports including a level 2 MCL sprain and a shoulder injury. Needless to say I was much more brains than athletic ability growing up so I have a lot of catching up to do. I am extremely proud of how far I've come from being terrified of going to the gym to where I am now, but I want to keep improving. So here are the options as I see them: 1. Keep playing on my team but focus all my other time on getting better at golf 2. Play on my team and do once or twice weekly on ice practice early mornings during the winter to develop hockey skills. Practice my golf in the evenings one hour a night at the Golf Dome 3x week throughout the winter and as my sole sport in summer. 3. Hang up the clubs in November and pick them up again after playoffs end in March so as to not do two sports at once. 4. Do both all year alternating day to day which one I practice.
  9. I appreciate the honesty. I'm mostly just trying to be competitive and plan on sticking to playing in tournaments that have flights so I can play at a level I can be competive at my skill level. My overall goal is to play in the World Masters Games in 2021. What would be reasonable goals do you think given that I do work full time. Would it be better to just focus on golf? I could always do a few early am hockey practices in place of cardio workouts and do the winter range work in the evenings.
  10. Hello everyone, I am an avid golfer and I also play hockey in the winter. I would really like to improve my golf to the point where I can compete at a high level in amateur events if possible. I also would like to keep improving my hockey skills so that I can contribute to my team. I am wondering how much of an offseason I should have from golf every year to still move forward. Adult hockey practices run from November to the end of March so I was thinking maybe I could focus on golf from April to October and then hockey from November to March. That way I am dedicating 32 weeks a year to golf and 20 weeks to hockey. That appears to be the minimum practice required for kids who are in their early teens to be comepetetive. I'm less concerned about getting better at hockey because I know that it will be very hard to catch people who have been skating since they were kids. For those who have played at high levels do you think 5 months away from golf is too long? Would it be worth going with a shorter golf offseason where I'm not swinging clubs? What would be the effect of training both at the same time lets say golf Mon/wed/Fri and hockey Tue/Thu. During the golf off season? Would I just end up confusing myself? My local golf dome sells a winter pass for Nov 1-Mar 31. As a bit of context I have been playing for 2 years and have yet to break a hundred. Have probably played 50 rounds in that time. Love the team aspect of hockey and the battle aspect. Love the golf for its analytical nature and being outside.
  11. Good morning I got a job at a golf course! Pro shop staff, part time. One of the perks is unlimited golf. As I am going to only be working half time. What would be a reasonable amount of time to play the course? As much as I can? On standby? Off times?
  12. @iacas For sure. Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to take the best things from Moe and go from there. Everybody's body is going to let them do different things. If I can land somewhere between Moe and Bryson I'll be happy.
  13. Hi folks, Thanks for the feedback. Right now I'm working on the posture to make it so like @iacas said bring the hands down so I am bending more from the waist. I also agree that their was no vertical drop in this swing at all. It was my first crack at a full swing a la Moe on a simulator. Too many things going on in my head :D Love the conversation. Keep it coming.
  14. I was at the game this week. I guess breaking your stick on the goalies face is legal now. Good job protecting goalies NHL...
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