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  1. I have to say that I'm very surprised by the number of positive reviews on this book, particularly by members of this site. First I'll say that I'm sure Harvey was a great guy and probably a really good instructor. But this book? There is nothing to it. It's got tons of outdated conventional wisdom that goes against most of the principles of TST/LSW. The modern writers (Erik, Broadie, etc) actually have real data on these things whereas folks in Harvey's day relied on feels and guesswork for things like course strategy, relative importance of the short game, and even swing mechanics. That's fine - Harvey was doing the best he could with the tools at his disposal, but we have better data, better tools, and frankly better books now. For 10 bucks and the hour it took me to scan through it, the book didn't cause me much harm. Some of the anecdotes and homespun style can be amusing. His tales of golf from 30's were interesting to me, as that's not a topic that gets a lot of coverage. But as a golf improvement book? I think it's almost a complete waste. "Take dead aim." Sure, but that's more of a bumper sticker than a book.
  2. Hi - I had some free time today and I read through a bunch of this thread to get some inspiration for my own improvement and to see what people are working on. I just wanted to say that you've made a ton of progress and your swing looks really good. It seems like you can be hard on yourself at times, which definitely has helped you improve, but I think you should also balance it out by appreciating your progress and enjoying how you can swing the club now. It's very impressive.
  3. Thanks for the encouraging words. I definitely noticed things not functioning properly when I focus on something new, particularly when I'm limiting the practice to one section of the swing. Common examples for me while working on this move are 1) not shifting my weight properly (likely leading to chunks) and 2) for some reason leaning toward the ball (possibly causing the shanks). I will get this one figured out - then the thing I'm really curious about is how easily this new move will integrate into the full swing. [Hopefully easily, but I'm not counting on it...]
  4. Great thread here - this is something that a lot of high cappers, myself included, likely have issues with. I've written down about 10 things to try next time I go to the range. I used to have the retracted trail elbow on the backswing that Erik demonstrated in the 5SK video. My eVolver instructor made that a priority for me last year, and I think I worked it out reasonably well. Since then I've been working to shallow out my swing and it's tough - my body just doesn't want to do these things... Based on this thread, I've realized that I think I'm keeping my lead arm too close to my body in the downswing (going straight down, as that dude in the twitter video said). I think for slicers, we want to keep everything away from the ball to stop coming OTT, but it can be the wrong thing to do sometimes. I had huge issues in my backswing because of this before I started lessons. I also really relate to the guys who have said that making contact from the proper A6 position is tough. I'm pretty coordinated, but it feels like an entirely new way of swinging. I'll shank a bunch of balls just starting from A6, which seems absurd to me. Just have to keep working though. Hopefully it's warm enough to hit the range tomorrow.